Chapter 1: My Best Friend

It was the first day at school and 5 year old Carlos Garcia was nervous and holding his teddy bear tight to his heart.

"Mami, I don't want to go to school. I want to stay with you" Carlos said trying to convince his mother of not letting him go.

"Carlitos, you know that I have to go to work and you have to go to school. Besides you will meet a lot of new children and make a lot of new friends."

Carlos sighed and held his teddy bear close. "Mami, what happen if they don't like me"

"Don't be silly honey. You are the most lovable kid ever. They will love you".

Carlos smiled at her but started shaking with fear when he saw the preschool.

Carlos's mom parked the car. They both got out of the car and started walking to Carlos's classroom.

"Mami, I…"

"Carlitos, don't be worry a lot of this kids are afraid on their first day. Here honey" Carlos' mom said handing him her watch. "When the big line is at 12 and the little one is at 3. I'll be here to pick you up. Ok?"

Carlos smiled and said "Ok, mommy." While giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Hi. You must be Carlos." A tall woman said with a smile on her face. "I'm your new teacher, Mrs. Vega. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too." Carlos said with a smile but also holding his teddy bear close.

"I see you are still a little afraid. Don't worry we are all friends here. Come on so you can meet some of the kids here. OK?

Carlos nodded while looking back at his mother.

"Bye Carlitos. Be good ok." Carlos's mom said from the door of the classroom.

Carlos felt tears forming in his eyes but yet he smiled trying to be brave for his mother. His mother threw a kiss at him and wave goodbye.

Carlos sat down in a corner of the classroom to play with his teddy bear alone. He heard someone coming. It was one of the other kids. "Hahaha. Look at the baby with his teddy bear." He said to two other kids that were standing behind him.

Carlos gulped. "Hi. I'm… Hey give that back!" Carlos said when they took his teddy bear away.

"Aaaw if the baby gonna cried?"

Carlos tried to jump to get his teddy bear but was push down. He's eye started to water as he saw them taking paint to put on his teddy bear.

"Hey!" Someone says. It was a blonde kid with green eyes.

"Go away, kid. Don't you see we playing here."

"Give him his teddy back, Richie!" the blonde said.

"Or what?" he said trying to scared the blonde.

The blonde pushed Richie and he fell to the ground. Richie started crying when all the paint that he was holding fell on top of him.

The teacher came and gave them all a time out.

Carlos was sitting on a table with the blonde while Richie and his 2 followers were on another table.

Carlos look at his teddy and sighed.

"Hey. You Ok?" the blonde asked.

Carlos nodded.

"Hi. I'm Kendall." The blonde said.

"Hi. I'm Carlos" Feeling himself smiled.

"Nice to meet you. Hmm… If your teddy ok?"

Carlos looked at him and smiled. "Yeah he is. Thanks for saving him"

Kendall smiled back. "You welcome. Wanna play?"

Carlos nodded but then he remembered what the teacher told them. "We can't move from here, Kendall. The teacher said so."

Then Kendall smirked at Carlos. "Then let's play a game where we can stay here. How about "I spy"?

Carlos smiled. "I love that game!"

Kendall smiled back.

The two of them were lost in their own world, that they didn't even notice the teacher coming in and telling them to go play outside. The rest of the day, the two of them spend it together. Having share Carlos' pudding cup and Kendall's peanut butter jelly sandwich.

When it was time to go, neither of the boys wanted to leave and Carlos' mom had an idea. She asked Jennifer Knight, Kendall's mom, for Kendall to sleepover at their house. She accepted and both boys started cheering. Both of boys were talking of all the thing they gonna do like play with Carlos' super heroes collection, Kendall asking his mom to bring his own toys so he can show Carlos, watching movies and many other stuff.

When Mrs. Knight arrived at Carlos' house, she found Kendall and Carlos watching a movie. The two of them laughing and smiling at each other. She said hi to Carlos' parents and asked if Kendall was being good. The two nodded and said he was an angel.

Kendall saw her and he ran to her. Giving her a hug and taking a backpack, full of clothes and toys, she brought him. Carlos came following him and smiled when Kendall took his favorite Spider Man toy to show him. Kendall's mother told him to be good and that she will see him tomorrow. Kendall nodded and gave her a hug and a kiss goodbye.

The two of them waved her goodbye and they both returned to their movie.

After the movie was over the two came to Carlos' bedroom and started to play with their toys. Kendall using Carlos's favorite superhero toy, The Hulk, and Carlos using Kendall's Spiderman. The two expended their time playing ultimate superheroes battles. Until Carlos's father came.

"Hey boys, having fun?"

"Yeah!" Both of them said.

"Well, is time for you guys to take a bath." Carlos' father said.

"Aaaaw" Both of them said.

"Yeah so come on."

The two of them walked together to the bathroom finding Carlos' mother starting the bath and adding the bubbles.

"Ok so who's going first?"

Both boys shrugged.

"Can we both go?" Carlos asked.

"Sure, but no splashing water to the floor, ok?" She said.

"Ok!" both of them said. The two started playing with the bubbles and making funny faces.

"Hey Carlos! Look I'm Santa. Hohoho." Kendall said with bubbles in his face.

Carlos smiled and splashed water on Kendall.

Kendall splashed water back and the two started a battle between them but also being careful to not splash water on the floor. After they were clean, they got in their PJ and went to Carlos' room.

Carlos grabs his teddy bear with Kendall following him to his bed. When the two of them were in bed Carlos's mom and dad came to give them a kiss good night. When Carlos's father tried to turn the nightlight it didn't work.

"Hmmm. It's seeing that the nightlight is not working."

Carlos gulped.

"I think you guys will have to sleep without it tonight." Carlos's mom said.

Kendall saw Carlos' scared face and whispered: "Don't worry I'm here and teddy is here too."

Carlos nodded and told his parents it was ok.

The two left waving goodbye to both boys. Kendall fell Carlos shaking and gave him a hug.

"Don't worry. I'm here Carlitos."

Carlos smiled and hugged him back.

"Thanks Kenny."

Kendall smiled.

The two fell asleep happy, warm and in each other arms.

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