Chapter 8: Trouble

It was a normal day in Minnesota for Kendall Knight. It was boring school day like no other. As he waited for class to start, he wondered what have happen to the guys. He knew that Logan was talking with the science teacher about his science fair project but he hasn't seen Carlos and James since Lunch.

As class started, Kendall sighed and started to take his book out until Logan appeared.

"Excuse me, Mr. Roberts. Can Kendall and I be excuse from class today?" Kendall heard Logan said to the teacher.

The teacher asked the reason for it and Logan gave one but Kendall wasn't able to hear it. As the teacher called Kendall, he stood up in a flash but still confused.

"Kendall, you are excuse from class. You may follow Mr. Mitchell. I think someone needs you right now."

Kendall nodded before he place everything back in his book bag and follow Logan out of the classroom.

"Thank You, Mr. Roberts." Logan said and the teacher nodded before class started.

Logan started walking with Kendall following behind.

"Hey Logan, where are we going?"

"To the office."

"What? Why? I said I was sorry about the Fart on Me sign at summer camp and about the pants incident at the cafeteria and about…"

"Kendall, calm down."

"Okay so what happened?"

"It seems that Carlos got himself into trouble."


"Yup. James is already with him. According to what I was told."

"So what were you told?"

"That Carlos and James got in argument with the 8th grade and that Carlos took them down."

"WHAT?! Eight grade? The whole eight grade?"

"Yeah I was shock as well. The teacher describe him as little hyper active bomb ready to explode."

"Hahaha. That's Carlos for ya. Don't mess with him or his friends."

"I think we have to thank you for that."

"What? Me? For what?"

"Hahaha. Well according to Mama Garcia, Carlos was a really shy boy when he was little. Always caring a teddy bear and afraid of the dark."

"Yeah he was. He did changed a lot since he was little but he still caring and goofy no matter what. But I still don't understand…"

"Well Mrs. Garcia said that you are the reason that Carlos is more confident. She said that Carlos admired you as a friend and a hero. She called you, Carlos' nightlight."

Kendall blushed at the comment.

"Really? So is that the reason you got me excused from class?"

"Yeah. You guys have been friends since the beginning. It's only normal that he will admire you for always been there for him and I think he needs you right now."

"Yeah but remember you are also his friend and I think he admired you and James as well."

"Yeah but I like the new guy. I don't think Carlos would consider me his best friend."

"Are you kidding? Carlos love you dude. After the whole Wagonny thing and you helping him in math class and his homework, he's super grateful."

"Thanks dude. Hahaha. Carlos is like our lucky charm. He was next to me when Betty asked me for the school dance in 6th grade and when I scored my first pee wee hockey goal. You guys are the best, no matter how many times I get in trouble because of you guys."

"Hahahaha, oh Logie. Carlos, James and you are like my brothers and I would do anything for you guys."

"Same here. So you and Carlos having best friends since little, so when did you met James?"

"I met James in Danny Craven's fifth birthday party but it wasn't until later that we became friends. He was too 'annoying', always talking about becoming famous."

"You know he still hasn't change, right?"

"Yeah I know. Hahahahaha."

As Kendall and Logan made their way to the office, they saw James waiting outside for them.

"There you guys are. What took you guys so long?"

"Well we couldn't run in the halls or we will have ended in more trouble that you guys are now. And we can't add more reasons to get you guys in more trouble." Logan explained and James just sighed but nodded.

"James, where's Carlos?" Kendall asked looking worry.

"What happened?" Logan added.

"Well you see me and Carlos were…" James started and Kendall cut him off.

"James, where's Carlos?" Kendall asked again.

"Carlos is sitting in the office. He's waiting for the principal to come back since they couldn't bring the whole eight grade to a small office."

Kendall nodded and James started ones again to answer Logan's question. As James started to explain what happened, Kendall sneaked in the office leaving James and Logan talking outside.

The secretary saw Kendall enter and told him to go ahead. She knew Carlos and Kendall were best friends and she knew Kendall would have eventually found a way to be there for Carlos.

As Kendall entered, he saw how Carlos tense up thinking it was the principal. Kendall smiled when he noticed Carlos' wearing his helmet.

Kendall stood in the door waiting to see what would Carlos do, and after a few seconds Carlos turned around to see if the principal was there but ones he got a glimpse of green eyes; Kendall was attack by a bone breaking hug.

"Kendall!" Carlos cheered while spinning the blond around until he placed him on the ground.

"Hey Litos, you okay?" Kendall asked while looking for scratches or bruise between the dirty clothes Carlos was wearing.

"Yeah, I'm okay." Carlos said smiling but Kendall still looked at him worry.

"You sure?" Kendall said raising Carlos' shirt looking for any bruise and Carlos blushed as Kendall started to search for bruises.

Kendall smiled when he didn't find any bruise and poke Carlos in his belly button making the smaller teen laughed.

"Well I guess you are okay."

"See, told you, Mr. Doctor" Carlos said with a laughed and Kendall hugged him.

"Don't scare me like that. You don't know how worry and scare I am."

"I'm sorry but the eighth graders were been mean to me and James... Kendall, do you think I may get suspended?"

"I'm not sure. I hope not! I'll defend you and if you get suspended, they have to suspend me too because I don't want to be in school without my best friend."

Carlos smiled at Kendall as they stay hugging each other for awhile. Kendall smiled at Carlos and gave him a kiss on the cheek. As Kendall pulled away Carlos turn his head making their lips brush slowly before Kendall asked him: "So tell me what happened?"

"Are you going to be my lawyer now?"

"Close, I'm going to be your best friend. So tell me what happened?"

"Well me and James were playing basketball against the eighth graders and we won. But they started to argue and making fun of us and James told them to stop. So one of them tried to hit James and I tackled him. As I try to beat him, more and more of the eighth graders join in and before I knew it I was fighting with all of them."

"Wow." Kendall said looking at Carlos. "And you didn't get a bruise? Impressive."

"Thank you. So do you think I'm going to get in trouble?"

"I don't think so. They started it and I going to be here for you no matter what."

"Thank Kendall."

"And guess what? Ellen asked me out in a double date and we want you to tag along with her friend."

"Ellen? Your 'first' crush. The one with the 'cute' laugh?"


"Congrats dude! See I told she will eventually come around? You are an awesome dude."

"And so are you! So the important thing here is to get you out of trouble."

"So Carlos just fought the whole eighth grade?" Logan asked and James nodded.

"Wow. Did you heard that Kendall? Kendall?" As Logan asked the questions, they noticed Kendall was gone.

"Where did he go?"

"I think he went to see Carlos? Come on which should do the same?"

Logan nodded and both boys made their way into the office. The secretary nodded and told them to go ahead. Both boys looked at each other before nodding at her while making their way to the principal's office.

As James and Logan entered the office; Carlos tense up hiding his face in Kendall's shirt.

"Hey Los, it just James and Logan." Kendall said and Carlos just gave a peek to look at James and Logan before he smiled at them.

"Hey buddy, you okay." Logan asked and Carlos nodded.

"Yeah I am, just a little nervous."

"Don't worry; we will be here for you." James said.

But as those words left James' mouth, the principal walked in and the four boys jumped.

"Oh good, all four of you are here. Please sit down." The Principal said and the boys made their way to the chairs in front of the desk.

Carlos took a sit and Kendall stood behind him with both hands in his shoulder. Showing Carlos that he was here with him no matter what happens next.

James sat down next to Carlos and Logan stood behind him. Logan whispered that everything was going to be okay and James smiled at him.

The principal sat down on his chair and looked at the boys like he was examining them.

"You know why Carlos and James are here, right?"

Kendall and Logan looked at each other before saying yes.

The principal nodded.

"Well Carlos Garcia and James Diamond, you two were involved in a fight. But not only a fight, a fight with the whole eight grade."

"Principal! Carlos and James would never hurt anyone without a reason. Specially Carlos! He's the sweetest, nicest, lovable guy in the school and you know that."

"Mr. Knight…"

"If you punish them, you'll have to punish me as well."

"That's goes double for me." Logan added. "I know these guys and Kendall is right. Carlos is too nice to hurt someone and James as well."

The principal sighed before he looked at Carlos and James. Carlos was holding Kendall's hand as James grabbed Logan's as they looked at the principal.

"You four are like brothers. Where one is, the other three are close behind. I already talked to the eight graders and as a result you two would not be suspended from school."

At that Carlos and James stood and started cheering before they tackle Kendall and Logan in a group hug.

"Principal, how did you know? Did the eighth graders confess that we didn't start the fight?" James asked and all four boys looked at the principal waiting for an answer.

"Actually no. I asked them one by one and their story didn't match at all so I knew they were lying. Besides like Kendall said Carlos and James are too nice to get themselves in trouble without a reason."

"Thank you." Kendall said at the principal before smiling at Carlos. Carlos smiled back before giving Kendall hug.

"You're welcome Mr. Knight. Now as punishment."

"PUNISHMENT?!" All four of them said as they look at the principal in shock.

"Yes punishment."

"But you know that we didn't start it and that the eighth graders were lying and…" James said.

"Yes but you two were involve in a fight and now you four have to get punish."

"Us four?" Logan asked in shock.

"Yes Mr. Mitchell. Like you and Mr. Knight requested if Carlos and James get punish; you two want to be punish as well."

"I have to get new friends." Logan said and everyone started laughing.

"Aaaaw Logie, you do care." James said hugging Logan.

"Don't worry Mr. Mitchell, this punishment would be beneficial for the four of you."

"What is our punishment?" Carlos asked and the principal smiled.

"I want to see that strength and agility in the next hockey game. So as the principal, your punishment would be to practice hockey after school, starting today. How is that?"

The guys smiled and nodded.

"You guys are going to make me proud?"

"Yes principal!" The four of them said and the principal smiled before telling they could go.

As the guys came out of the office, the bell ran signaling the end of school.

"I guess we have to go play Hockey."

"Yup! Oh Kendall, our date!"

"Don't worry the date is at 7pm. We can make it."

"But we have homework."

"Oh that's true" Kendall said before he smiled at Logan.

"What?" Logan asked.

"Can you help us with our homework today?"

"Wow. Wait up. Logan promised he was going to help me with science today." James said.

"Ugh. Guys! I have to do my own homework too."

"Please Logan help us." Kendall and Carlos said and Logan sighed.

"I need to get new friends."

"You are the best Logan! Chump Hug!" Carlos said before he gave Logan hug.

"Hahahaha! Okay, okay come on, we have to go."

"You are right! Let's play some hockey!" Kendall said and James, Logan and Carlos cheer as they ran to play their favorite sport.

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