"Ambulance 51. Rescue Team. Fighters 61. School on fire at northridge hike and south street" The PMA monitor sounded outlowd. Everyone ran to their stations. Mills was still directed to Ambulance and Paramedic job because Shay was still out.

Mills and Dawson hopped in to the ambulance putting on the lights and sirens as they faced off to trouble. Casey and his crew dropped their off as switching in to their gear most immediatley, as Kelly's team doing the same. They all put on the sirens and lights honking occasioanlly for drivers to move as they followed the ambulance.

They all saw police cars go spped up and in front of the ambulance but towards the side so you can still see them when they started to honk. Then there was bulliets going through the air hitting the police car before one of them crashed to the side as the other flipped over on its back.

"Dawson"Casey whispered as he began honking at the ambulance but it was to late. Before they knew it a car slammed in to the side of the ambulance causing it to do mulitiple flips. Casey slammed on his breaks as so did the rescue team. Still the ambulance was flipping until it finally laid and stayed still on its back.

Casey starred at the ambulance in shock as a bulliet when through the fire truck as they all ducked and hopped in the back taking cover. They all fell down as they laid there with their hands over their heads remaining down and still until they were told other wise.

Casey still trying to get out to go help his other two team mates. They all heard sirens some and saw a slight glimpse of police cars coming past them. Got to be like 30 of them. They all heard gun shots as they heard one of the guys yell in the fire truck. "All clear. You guys okay?" He asked as everyone exited.

They all got out looking at the ambulance. Even the cops stayed still and just looked. All the fire fighters then ran to their teammates in the ambulance.

"Dawson" Mills moaned looking around. He saw two police cars down as he saw some people laying on the floor. "What the" He asked himself squinting trying to take it in at once. He then saw something blue.

"Dawson" He practically yelled which hurt his body. He reached over nearly screaming in pain as he grabbed her arm and brought her close. He lifted her heard looking at him. He started to panick. Glass was broke on her side and it looked like what ever hit them hit her side where she was as glass went in to her head.

He stared to cry as he brought her lips to his kissing her. He loved her. He couldn't lose her. She was the person that made life worth living. The heart of the team. He broke the kiss as he heard yells. It sounded like Kelly and Casey and the team.

" In Here"He moaned as he tryed to yell to for help. Casey went to the window seeing Mills looking at him." We'll get you out of here Mills. Just hold on. Any part of your body hurt?" Casey asked looking at Mills body.

"Ummm... I don't think so. But Casey, Dawson is hurt she is not responding and her head is bleeding. Please help her" Mills said worried looking over to Dawson.

Casey knew that Mills had feelings for Dawson. Casey also had feelings for her but Mills had the feelings stronger so he would let Mills try with Dawson. The young candiate was smart and Casey would hurt him if he broke Dawson's heart ever.

"Sure thing Mills. We'll have you out in a second" Casey said backing away from the window. Mouch and Herrman came with a jaws of life for the door. It was stuck.

Mills moaned in pain as he looked at Dawson he grabbed her hand and kissed it before shutting his eyes with Dawson's hand wrapped with his.