AN: Hey everyone I'm back for round two with Elliot! So this story can be read as a stand alone story or can be the sequel to A Week to Live. Also if you haven't seen the movie yet I would advise you to see it before reading this story so that I don't spoil it for you. Also please review! Again, my first time writing with the characters (Or everyone besides Elliot) so please be gentle until I get the hang of them! So anywho please enjoy!

This story is dedicated to my Nana Joann and Grandpa Steve. The perfect couple and an amazing example. Nana died last night and Grandpa Steve died within 12 hours of Nana's death. They were holding hands the entire time. I hope that you two are partying it up in Heaven right now. I love you both so much. Rest in peace.

- Prologue -

I saw the bullets come at me one at a time. It was almost as if it was in slow motion. They tore through me in three places. One through my right shoulder, one through the left side of my torso, and one through my left thigh.

Then there was hot white pain. I had never experienced anything like it before. It seemed that everywhere that a bullet had hit was on fire. My legs gave out from the pain and I went down to the porch floor. With every passing moment it was getting harder and harder to breath.

I could still hear the sounds of bullets coming from both sides of the fight. I could also hear screaming and swearing.

I heard the faint sound of someone running away and then there was more yelling. It sounded like someone was yelling my name but I couldn't be sure. Everything was getting farther and farther away from me.

Darkness blurred the edges of my vision and I was having a hard time keeping my eyes opened.

"No!" It was that single sound that pushed me back into the real world. It was that one word that pushed me to keep a hold on the world and my life. It was pain and agony in that one word that made me want to keep fighting.

I pushed my eyes opened but it was too much. They closed. Blackness surrounded me. I could see anything. I couldn't hear anything.

That's when I knew that my time as the Saints' angel was over.

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