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MY version of Pitch Perfect.

This fic takes place DURING the movie. Only it's from the perspective of Chloe Beale. A little different. But oh well.

I hope you all enjoy!

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Chloe Beale looked at herself in the mirror, smiling softly. Her pink lips and perfectly mascaraed eyes made her look absolutely stunning. But combined with her wavy ginger hair and her blue plaid dress, she felt like she was the epitome of beautiful. Chloe knew how good-looking she was, and had a lot of confidence in her body.

Combined with her super bubbly, happy go-lucky attitude. She was pretty much bound to be friends with anyone. Although she preferred the company of her best friend Aubrey Posen. The two of them had become best friends through her a cappella group, The Barden Bellas. Their previous group leaders had been very hot young ladies but each one was obsessed with winning and had turned into mega-bitch. Aubrey had the shot this year for being the leader of the Bellas. And She was praying that Aubrey wouldn't keep tradition and turn into one of those 'mega-bitches'.

Today was an important day for the Bellas. Today was the day of the Activities fair. Which allowed all previous Barden club members to show off their club to incoming freshmen to try and win over the younger college students. Chloe's and Aubrey's goal today was simple.

Try and get 8 super hot, bikini-ready girls, who can all match pitch perfectly, recruited to the Bellas to attempt to win the ICCA's this year.

Although it might be tougher than it sounds due to Aubrey's….accident…during the Bellas performance last year. Chloe put on an optimistic smile, and turned to look at Aubrey. She had just walked through her bedroom door look just as hot as Chloe did.

Chloe smiled at the blonde, "You ready to go?"

Aubrey looked tense, due to her nerves. She sighed and nodded, "As I'll ever be, I guess."

The two of them had set out to the yard, where other clubs were already setting up tables for the incoming freshmen. Chloe and Aubrey had pretty much everything ready to go for them because the prepared ahead of time. They quickly set up their table, but a cloth on top of the table, to make it look better. They hung up the sign and had a sign-up list along with fliers. They both felt prepared. Their table looked really good. Lady-like, and poppy. It doesn't help that they both looked really good.

To add the final touch, Chloe put a little bowl full of suckers and candy in it. She smiled as the first incomers walked into the quad. She looked at Aubrey and smiled at her.

"This is it! This is our first day as group leaders. We won't let them down."

Aubrey nodded her head vigorously, a smile played at her lips. "Of course! No matter what the cost, we will return to the ICCA's and finish was we started." She said with a smile towards her best friend.

Everything was going well for a while, until the two Bellas heard a noise that sent a shiver down their spine. It was the Treblemakers. They turned and watch Bumper and his crew sing to "Let It Whip" by Dazz Band. They continued to watch them. Chloe felt nerves ride up inside her watching them. She bit her lip. The Treblemakers were even better than last year.

After a minute Chloe looked up at the tall blonde. She had a pure look of determination. Chloe smiled to herself. Aubrey always had a way of calming her nerves. Aubrey looked at freshmen walking by and said allowed.

"I will stop at nothing to take those Ding-a-lings down."

Chloe eased up again and looked around for people who were potential candidates. Her eyes lightened up as she saw someone she recognized.

"Hey Barb!" She said with a smile, "Are you going to audition this year? We have openings!" She smiled at her. Chloe knew that the other years, the Bellas were… a bit harsh toward her. But this year, Aubrey and Chloe knew they were desperate.

Barb stopped and gave them a 'are you kidding me?' look. "Oh now that you puked your way to the bottom, you're actually considering me?"

Chloe knew she was right. Her smiled faded and she looked down, slightly ashamed of herself. Also, she now knew that it was going to be MUCH harder for them to recruit girls into the Bellas.

Barb continued, "I auditioned for you guys three times and I never got in because you said my boobs look like baloney."

As she said this she put her hands on her hips, showing to the Bella girls that she was, in fact, not wearing a bra. And was wearing a white shirt. Her giant dark nipples clearly shown through her shirt. Chloe looked down at them, and then away.

She felt nervousness creep up again. If they couldn't even get Barb….then what were they going to do?

Barb kept going, "The words out. Bellas is the laughing stock of a cappella." She put a fake smile on her face, "Good luck auditioning this year." Her smile dropped instantly as she walked away and glared at them. "Douche-b's."

Chloe took a deep breath trying to calm herself. It didn't work. She felt her hands start playing with her clipboard. "Oh my god, this is a travesty. God, If we can't even recruit Baloney Barb, then we can't get anybody."

Aubrey looked at her with a smile, "Just take the dramatics down a notch, okay?"

Aubrey walked out in front of their booth, Chloe immediately followed her best friend. She felt a twinge of annoyance as Aubrey started to talk to another girl, which she obviously ignored her.

Chloe felt herself speak, "You're the one who got us into this hot mess."

Aubrey sighed, and turned to Chloe, "Oh, we'll be fine! I am confident that we will find 8 super-hot girls, with bikini-ready bodies who can harmonize and have perfect pitch, okay?"

Aubrey smiled at her, but Chloe didn't feel anymore relaxed, she felt her worried eyes wander to in front of her. To her right she could hear Aubrey try and recruit some girls, who completely shot her down. She lifted her eyes to across the yard to see a brown haired girl wander around. The girls face turned in her direction, but wasn't looking at her.

Chloe raised an eyebrow, she's super hot, and has a bikini ready body…

As the girls continued to walk by, Chloe looked back at Aubrey and shot her a look that said 'See? What are we going to do?'

Aubrey, for once let her annoyance show. She aggressively handed Chloe some more fliers.

"Just keep flyering, okay? We have tradition to uphold."

Chloe almost rolled her eyes, again with tradition? She knew that it was a very important part for the Bellas but sometimes it was hard to keep it going. She looked back at Aubrey and shrugged her shoulders a little bit.

"How about we just…get good singers?"

Aubrey was about to say something when they both heard an accented voice break through their conversation. "What? Good singers? What?"

Immediately Chloe turned towards the voice and smiled brightly, she looked at the girl "Hi!" She took a quick second to check her out.

Definitely not a bikini ready body… but her face was pretty. Blonde-hair, blue eyes. White teeth. Lip gloss. She wore a baggy green shirt on, but it looked good on the girl.

Chloe continued smiling at the girl, "Can you sing?"

The girl looked at her like she was crazy, "Yeah."

Chloe could tell Aubrey was looking at her too, but she kept going, "Can you read music?"

The girl smiled a little, "Ya."

Chloe took her leap of faith and added, "Can you match pitch?"

The girl did the hand shooting motion and smirked at them, "Try me." A full blown smile came on her face as you could see excitement.

Chloe looked at Aubrey and their eyes met, they both sent each other a look that said, 'why not?'

Chloe looked back at the girl and sang a note, which the girl match perfectly. She went up a half-step, which again the girl match perfectly. Chloe finalized it by going a full octave higher to see what this girl can do.

She went perfectly in tune with her ginger counter singer and continued to hold the note for a very long time, fading her voice out then coming back in. She was doing some hand motions.

Chloe nodded at her, her excitement building. She saw Aubrey hold up her hands a few times and say "Yeah." But she kept her eyes on the girl. She smiled. She was good.

"That was a really good start!" She laughed, along with Aubrey.

The girl smiled at them, "I'm the best singer in Tasmania…with teeth."

She flashed them her full set of white teeth and Aubrey nodded, "Love it." She said.

Chloe got out a pen and was about to write down on her paper, she looked up at the blonde haired girl. "What's your name?"

Instantly the girl says, "Fat Amy"

Chloe felt confusion inside of her, but nodded and kept smiling at her. The ginger heard Aubrey go "um" beside her, so she turned to look at Aubrey, who had confusion written all over her face.

Aubrey spoke, "You call yourself…Fat Amy?"

Chloe was glad that Aubrey asked the question. Fat Amy looked at them and smiled awkwardly, "Yeah, so twig bitches like you don't do it behind my back." She said at Aubrey.

Aubrey turned towards Chloe and gave her a look that said 'interesting' Chloe gave her a 'Not bad' look. To Chloe, Fat Amy's reasoning's were pretty sound. They made sense.

Chloe turned back to Fat Amy and smiled, Aubrey grabbed a flyer and handed to Fat Amy, "I will…see you at auditions…Fat Amy." Aubrey tested the word out on her lips, and looked to see if Fat Amy took any offense to it. Which she didn't.

Fat Amy looked at the sheet with a small grin. Chloe's head turned to Aubrey, she had an excited look on her face. Amy's voice caught their attention again as she spoke to the small Bellas.

"I can sing, but I'm also good at modern dance."

Aubrey's smiled increased, this girl kept getting more interesting by the minute. Chloe kept her dazzling smile, she knew she was going to like Fat Amy. But then again. She found the good in everybody.

Fat Amy continued, "Olden dance, and uhhh, mermaid dancing."

Chloe felt her smile slowly fade in confusion, mermaid dancing? She watched as Fat Amy got on the ground and started doing this very awkward looking….dance. She couldn't help but giggle slightly at the ridiculousness of the dance, but immediately she liked Amy.

She knew Aubrey like her too, based off her "Ooh" and her "I see that"

Chloe looked around again. She saw the brown haired girl from before. Somehow this girl seemed to interest her. She got a better look at her now, She had black boots on, her hair was half pulled back, which she found pretty, and she had a red tank top on with a no sleeve grey cardigan over top. For pants she just had jeans. Chloe watched as the girl walked over to a group of seniors playing Quidditch from the nerd books 'Harry Potter'.

She felt herself lift a delicate eyebrow and couldn't help but think, "She can't be into that kind of stuff…can she?"

She almost breathed a sigh of relief when she stopped at the Deaf Jews booth. She didn't look deaf. Maybe she thought it was the other kind of DJ… Chloe instantly brightened up as a surprised look came from the brown haired girl, obviously mistaking the booth for something else.

Chloe perked up, so this girl was interested in DJ-ing…which had music in it. She peeked a glance over at Aubrey who was smiling at passerby's and attempting to get them to at least take the flyer. Chloe looked back, hoping that the girl would stop over here. She had a feeling that Aubrey wouldn't like her as a choice, though.

Chloe raised an eyebrow as she saw Fat Amy go over to the Deaf Jew's booth and start talking to the brown haired girl. The brown haired girl gave her a small bit of her interest. Obviously loosing it the more Fat Amy talked. She walked away from Fat Amy and Chloe kept staring. She hoped she would come this way.

Which her wish was granted as the brown haired girl wander closer. Chloe smiled and pointed at her "Oh! What about her?"

Aubrey looked at the girl and raised an eyebrow at Chloe, "Oh I dunno. She looks a little too 'alternative' for us."

Chloe ignored her and turned back to the brown haired girl who was now directly in front of their booth.

She gave the girl her best smile, and handed her a flyer, "Hi! Any interest in joining our a cappella group?"

Chloe gave her a quick check out while she got the closer look. The girl was short…very short. She had what looked to be a rose tattoo on her right shoulder. She had many…interesting ear piercings that she adorned in her ears. She had on a leather bracelet. Her make up was done absolutely perfect for her face however. She had lip gloss on, eye liner, mascara and some eye shadow. Perfect skin complexion. Over all, despite the way she dressed. The girl was in fact. Attractive.

Chloe smiled at her, her interest in the 'Alt Girl' had spiked nearly tenfold. The girl looked up at her and stared into Chloe's eyes. Which Chloe noticed was a very very dark shade of blue. Almost so dark that it blended in with the black of her pupils. Chloe blinked in surprise. Not expecting that.

The girl smiled, "Oh right, this is like…a thing now."

Sarcasm literally dripped from her voice and Chloe bit her lip. This girl just screamed 'Bad-ass' and she could honestly say…She found it super cool.

She nodded, and kept her smile. "Totes. We sing covers of songs, but we do it without any instruments." She smiled and pointed her pen at her mouth, "It's all from our mouths."

The girl raised both eyebrows and smiled slightly, looking surprised. "Yikes." Was the only thing she said to that.

Chloe ignored it and kept talking, "There's four groups on campus. The Bellas. That's us, we're the tits." She gave a small wink to the girl, who smirked slightly. She still had that 'yikes' face on. Chloe continued, "The BU Harmonics." She pointed at a group of stuffy looking seniors, all massaging each others shoulders. She smiled at them, they looked ridiculous.

"They sing a LOT of Madonna." She looked around for the constant stoners. She found them and felt the Alt Girl's eyes follow her too. She smiled, "Um, The High Notes…They're not particularly motivated." She said with a smile.

She then turned towards the Treblemakers. Who were finishing their song for about the third time that day.

"And then there's…" She turned back around at smiled at Aubrey. Aubrey smiled at her, they both didn't finish Chloe's sentence, but smiled at the short brown haired girl. Chloe stared at her, like she was trying to get her to look at her instead of Aubrey.

"So," She started, her smile EVER present. "Are you interested?"

The girl turned her dark eyes towards her, she smiled, "Sorry! It's just…It's pretty lame."

Chloe felt whatever hope she had for the year come crashing down when she said that. A cappella? Lame? Chloe didn't know what to say. She instead stopped smiling and looked down. She heard Aubrey speak up for the first time.

"A-ca-scuse me?" Chloe composed herself a little bit and looked at Aubrey, the only one of the two that could come up with something to say. Aubrey looked highly offended but was trying to keep it light with the girl.

"Synchronized lady dancing to a Mariah Carey chart topper is not lame." She laughed a little bit.

Chloe felt the need to jump in now, noticing the short girl's look get even worse. Now her face practically screamed 'are you kidding? You're making it worse.'

"We sing all over the world and we compete in national championships." She ended with a smile, once again. Trying to win this girl over. Something about her interested Chloe to no end, and she knew that with or without her joining the Bellas…She wanted to get to know her.

The girl's eyebrows raised to yet, another new level of shocked. "On purpose?" she said quietly. Chloe almost laughed. This girls sarcasm was much higher than anyone else's that she has ever met. And she's only known her for a full five minutes now!

Aubrey jumped in again, Chloe could hear irritation in her voice, but she still attempted to keep it light hearted. "We played at the Cobb Energy Performance Arts Centre, you bitch."

Aubrey laughed a little at the end, but Chloe knew that she meant it. Chloe saw the girls face, she looked slightly offended, but a smirk was creeping up on her face…almost like she liked it. Chloe jumped in.

"Oh what Aubrey means to say…" she shot Aubrey a look, "was that we are a close knit talented group ladies whose dream is to return to the national finals at the Lincoln Center this year." She said, she gave her the most dazzling smile she could muster and batted her eyes a tiny bit.

She tried to add as much emotion into her next sentence. "Help us turn our dreams into a reality?"

She looked at the short girl, she had hope written all over her face. Her dreams felt like they crashed around her when she saw the apologetic look on the girls face.

"Sorry, I don't even sing." She looked at Chloe, "It was really nice to meet you guys."

Chloe watched her leave and kept her eyes moving. She could almost feel Aubrey's frustration rise up. Chloe looked back at the short haired girl, she still felt very interested in this girl. Her eyes wandered to soak in everything about the back of the 'alt girl's' figure. She felt herself blush just a tad when her brain thought to herself, 'She's even good looking from behind.'

Chloe turned her head to Aubrey, she was grinding her teeth. "What…are we gonna do?!" she muttered through clenched teeth.

Chloe came to a realization, she turned to Aubrey. "We didn't even get her name!"

Aubrey closed her eyes. She wanted to face palm. Chloe looked back at the short girl again. She couldn't keep her eyes off of her. She watched her go up to another booth. Not talking to anyone, not attempting to make any friends. Chloe squinted her eyes to try and read what booth she had gone up too.

'Barden Internships…?'

Chloe was confused. Why would that girl even be interested in some of the internships here? Then a thought hit her. The radio station. She couldn't help but smile.

She knew Luke, the station manager, pretty well. She turned to Aubrey.

"I'm going to go get some water from the vending machine, would you like anything?"

Aubrey turned her head towards Chloe, questioning. "Um, no, thank you."

Chloe turned and walked off in the direction of the internship booth. Aubrey followed her. Then she looked behind her at their table. Which had two water bottles on top of it. Aubrey looked back at the ginger and raised an eyebrow, shrugging.

Chloe waited for the brown haired girl to leave, then approached the booth. Luke was behind it lazily reading a magazine. Chloe walked up, they once had a fling, but it didn't go so well. They both agreed that they were better friends than lovers.

Chloe smiled at him as she walked up, "Hi, Luke!"

Luke looked up, and smiled charmingly at Chloe, "Ah Chloe, good to see you. How goes the recruiting?"

Chloe's smile faltered a little bit. "Um, you know. Difficult, with Aubrey's mishap from last year."

Luke chuckled. "Hope she's doing ok."

Chloe nodded her head, "She's as good as she could be right now I guess."

Luke smirked at her and rested his head on his hand, "So what could I help you with today?"

Chloe beamed at him, "Well actually, a girl just stopped by here to pick up an application. She didn't talk, I don't think. But she had brown hair. Tattoos. And Earrings?"

Luke raised an eyebrow, "Oh, her? Yeah, she was pretty hot. Why are you interested?"

Chloe nodded, "Well we want to recruit her badly. Did she stop by for the radio station internship?"

Luke nodded this time, "Yeah. How'd you know?"

The ginger winked at him, "I just had a feeling. I have just ooooonee tiny favor to ask of you though…?"

Luke smiled at her, "Anything for you darling."

Chloe smiled, "What was her name?"

"Uuum." Luke got off his chair and looked at the applications that were filled out. He picked up the top paper. Chloe waited patiently.

Luke smirks at her, "Beca…Beca Mitchell."

Chloe repeated her name. Testing it on her lips, she couldn't stop her smile after she said her name. Luke gave her a knowing look.

"You said you were interested her or the Bellas were interested in her?"

Without thinking Chloe responded, "I am." She looked at Luke's face and shook her head, "Well…I, as in the Bellas, were interested in her. She could be a great addition to our squad."

Luke half-smiled. "Riiiiiiight. Well, I'll catch you later, okay?"

Chloe felt embarrassed as she gave a small wave and walked away. But her interest in…Beca Mitchell didn't go unnoticed by Luke alone. Chloe also noticed that she had a peculiar interest in the girl. Chloe smiled to herself as she snuck a bottle of water off of a nearby booth table, without the booth leaders noticing.

With, or without the Bellas. Chloe will get to know this Beca.

0101010101010101010101010101 0101010101010101010101010101 010101010

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