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Blood flowed from the walls like water. It dripped onto the floor in the empty house. The hallow echo of drip, drip, drip could hardly disguise the strangled screams vibrating the house in the eerie night. A hand trailed blood in a smeared resemblance to a print. He brought his hand to his lips and sucked the blood of of his finger before addressing the screaming. He raced from one end of the house to the other. Her heartbeat was like the sound of drums weaving its way through the small building. Staining footprints crammed all through the hovel from the chase the pursued before the she tried to hide in the hallway closet. It didn't last long. His ultra sensitive hearing heard her shallow breathing and her heartbeat long before she thought she was safe. One last scream captured the air waves in the house before it was silenced by the vital stab of his weapon.


I pulled the police tape over my head and ducked under. My partner was already to the house with his long trench coat and black oversized hat. I trudged all the way up the hill and the blaring Texas sun baked my back the whole way. My suit stuck to my body by the time I had arrived.

"Good to see you could make it, Danvers." The snide remark of the chief inspector cut through the heat with an icy chill. "Thought maybe the sunlight would keep you and your partner from the scene." I lifted off my hat and swiped my forehead.

"How hard could it have been if you managed to get here as well?" I gave a fake sweet tone to my voice. His face fell, back to stone. "What have we got?" I asked a nearby deputy.

"Body in the bed upstairs. Blood covering the house. Looks like some sick horror movie." I nodded and made my way up ignoring the bloody handprints and footsteps.

"It's Morganville after all." He nodded and I looked around at the top of the stairs. My partner's leggy silhouette stood in the doorway of a nearby room. Not to be mistaken. He was one of the toughest people I had ever had the experience to meet. I guess that's what you get with his abilities. I gripped the tool box harder and walked into the room. I saw the body and a sense of unease washed over me making me stop. Despite the horrific scene outside she lay there on the plush duvet like she had just been laid to sleep. Another thing that stopped me was the sight of flesh. "Why was I called?" I looked over at my partner. His shoulder length hair covered most of his face from my angle. "There is still flesh on the corpse. I deal with bones." I noticed the coroner stood beside the girl taking notes. "Eve." I said expectantly.

"You might want to check the closet." I nodded and moved to let one of the officers by. I walked past my partner and nodded to my friend. I looked into the closet and saw what she meant. It was a mandible, a sternum, and a femur. I crouched down and opened up the tool box. I picked up the mandible inspecting the teeth and the small notches engraved into the lower portion.

"Male. Caucasian." I studied some more. "Maybe eighteen to twenty two." I pulled out a magnifying glass and tried to get a clearer look at the nicks in the bone. I decided to wait to strain my eyes and grabbed the femur. I had the same notches on the top segment of it. A hairline fracture wiggled its way up through the side of the bone. One helluva hit to damage this bone. I set it down and looked at the sternum.

"Looks like vampire over here." Eve called from behind me. In this town you had two killers. Human and vampire. It was a fifty-fifty chance you got either. I looked back at her over my shoulder.

"Awfully messy for a snack." I looked at my partner. To normal people he looked like he was just moody, but only to the trained eye would you notice he was listening and smelling for any signs that stood out. "Myrnin." He took a minute then snapped out of it and looked over at me.

"You're right. Doesn't mean he only wanted a snack." He looked at the body. "He wants attention." He stuffed his hands in his pockets and hid under his hat once again. I looked back at the sternum. Again the niches branded the bone. These ones were more visible and I thought I could make out letters.

"Eve, she got a name?"I didn't look up from the bone in my hand.

"Yea, a Savannah Lane." I looked carefully at the bones. "Not a robbery, money, ID, keys, car everything still here."

"I think we may have a double homicide." I heard Eve walk over to me.

"What makes you say that?" She looked over my shoulder. I rearranged the bones in front of me and stood up. The mandible first, femur second, and finally the sternum sat horizontally. The niches matched up perfectly. Eve stared for a long moment then looked at me not understanding. "What?" I stepped back to let in the light. Eve looked back at the bones.

"The victim's name is carved into these bones."

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