Jane awoke lying on her stomach. She was surprised to find herself outside. She sat up, looking at the grass around her. She was startled when an oddly yet familiarly dressed person ran past her. She stood up, her gaze wondering the blue sky. It froze on a large green sphere, which she recognized instantly as Planet Fusion. I must be dreaming. She told herself. She easily spotted civilization nearby, and headed towards it. It was then she realized that she was in her Pajamas, which were sweats and a loose tee. She soon stood in front of a shield, which surrounded a large house. She walked around it, pondering. How am I having such a detailed dream about Fusion Fall?

"Hey, are you lost?" a cheery voice asked her. She turned to see she was standing in front of an odd house. Three people stood in front of it. She recognized Dee Dee, Number 5, and Professor Utonium.

"No, I know where I am. Thanks for asking."

"Girl, what are you wearing?" Number 5 asked. Jane looked down at herself, realizing her jacket was tied around her waist, and that she was bare foot.

"A T-shirt and sweats. Wait, why do I have to explain myself in my own dream?" She looked at them for an answer. She saw number 5 make a crazy sign at the side of her head.

"Hey, you should meet Dexter!" Dee Dee exclaimed.

"Are you sure about that?" Number 5 asked. Dee Dee nodded enthusiastically.

"Sure, I'd be glad to meet him." Jane stated.

"Numbah 5 will take her." Number 5 announced. She led Jane around the back of the house.

"I forgot to introduce myself, didn't I?" Jane asked. Number 5 nodded. "I'm Jane."

"Numbah 5." They stopped in front of a robot.

"Two for DexLabs?"

They warped into DexLabs. The ceiling lights were off, but a large screen lights the room. A boy paced the room. Even though Jane couldn't see his face, she could identify him by his red hair and lab coat. Dexter muttered to himself. If she listened hard enough, she could hear him.

"… Fuse's minions could have caused the power surge by ta…"

"Power surge?" Jane asked. He turned towards them, staring. Then he turned to Number 5.

"Who is this?" he asked, gesturing at Jane.

"She's Jane."

"Well, 'Jane', before you so rudely interrupted, I was pondering about recent electrical phenomenon that happened a mere few hours ago. Around the same time an unusual energy was picked up by scanners near a suspected Fusion lair." Jane put on her jacket; it was cold in the dark room.

"So basically, Fusions caused a power surge, which has something to do with this unusual energy?"


"Why?" she shoved her hands in her pockets. Her hand touched a rectangular object, and she pulled it out.

"That is yet to be determined… what are you doing?" she looked up from the device she had been messing with.

"Just using my Smartphone."


"Yah, and oddly enough, I'm not getting any bars. And most of my internet is down, other than one site."

"What are you talking about?" Number 5 asked.

"Let me see that." Dexter said, snatching the device, "Computeress, scan the device for better understanding of it." The robotic female emerged from the shadows.

"Dexter, scanners show the device has a foreign energy signature."

"What do you mean, foreign energy signature!" Dexter's notable accent thickened in his frustration.

"This is one detailed dream." Jane told herself.

"This isn't a dream!"

"Are you saying that I somehow ended up inside a computer game?" she asked, taking back her phone. "The game I had been playing when a power surge shut down my comp…" the sound of a warp pad cut her off. Dexter turned and started repetitively tightening a bolt with a wrench.

"I got the samples you needed, Dexter." Jane turned to see the pink PowerPuff step off the pad, holding a vile.

"Thank you, Blossom," He said, taking the vile in a slower and calmer way than when he took Jane's phone, "I have another assignment for you, maybe you can take Jane with you." He handed her a note.

"Jane?" she turned to said girl, already knowing Number 5. Jane nodded. Dexter paused for a moment and gave Jane a device that looked similar to a stop watch (but more advanced), then returned to his work. She looked at the device, puzzled.

"What's this for?" she asked.

"A Nanocom, you'll need it." Jane nodded. She, blossom, and Number 5 stepped onto a warp pad.

They stood in Genius Grove. Jane's new Nanocom confirmed that. Blossom read the note Dexter gave her, as Jane played around with her Nanocom. She noticed it had no Nanos in it. I can't believe I worked so hard, and now I have to start over again. She thought.

"You guys don't need to join me on the mission, it's mostly data collection." Jane nodded, and the PowerPuff flew away. She pulled out her phone and, not knowing anything better to do, went to the only online site that she could access. Not surprisingly, it was the Cartoon Network site. She logged in. after doing so, electricity began jumping around her phone, causing her to drop it. A large charge of electricity jumped towards her, hitting her Nanocom. Her phone returned to normal. She picked it up and put it in her pocket. She checked to see if her Nanocom was okay, to find it had gained Nanos, much to her surprise. Pressing a button, a Dexter Nano came out.

"Girl, what did you do?" Number 5 asked, having watched the events unfold. The Nano returned to the Nanocom.

"I don't know. Was it just me, or did Dexter act a bit strange when blossom entered?"

"They always act weird around each other."

"Really? I wonder why…"

"An energy signal was picked up in your area..." a voice said. It sounded like Dexter. "Investigate at once!" she realized the sound came from the Nanocom. Oh, right, it can do that! She thought.

"Where in the area?" Jane asked.

"Right where you're standing."

"We've been here for a few minutes, and the strangest thing I've seen is my phone zapping my Nanocom."

"Bring It to me."

"It isn't broken…"

"Bring. It. To. ME." The transmission seemed to end. Jane headed back to the warp pad.

"Are you coming, Number 5?"

"Nah, Numbah 5's got a mission in Candy Cove she's been stalling on…" translation: I'm not getting anywhere near an angry Dexter.

"Could you at least give me some advice?"

"Don't call him short, no matter what."

"Okay…. Goodbye Number 5!"

"Bye, Jane. Good luck!"

"Thanks?" and with that, Jane warped to DexLabs.