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Marmalade boy Fanfic by pandabear234

College Days

Chapter 1: A Relaxing College Day

"Oh my God!  You look so kawaii in that dress!" Cries Miki-chan.

Meiko smiles and nods, "Oh my, I agree."

Arimi twirls around in the white gown, "Stop, you're embarrassing me, but too bad we can't buy it…"

Miki sighs dreamily, "It was my dream to be married, but now it's definitely to always be with Yuu." 

Arimi smiles, "I know what you mean especially when you two have been dating for so long!  So when are you going to tie the knot?"

Miki turns into the color of a tomato, "I know, it's been so long, but we still want to hold for a little bit longer…  Well, Meiko-chan!  How does it feel to be married with Na-chan?"

Meiko blushes, "Uh… It's feels great, and now that I'm going to the Tokyo University with you two, I'm even happier!  Na-chan is now on the business trip in Kyoto, so he won't be around..."

Miki looks at her and smiles, "Feeling lonely at home?"

Arimi grins, "Ne, Meiko-chan?"

Meiko blushes harder, "Miki!  Arimi!"

Miki sighs and pats Meiko on the shoulder, "It's okay Meiko, I understand and I'm so glad that Yuu has finished that year in America…"

Arimi thinks for a second, and then exclaims, "I got an idea!"

Miki and Meiko look at her strangely.

Arimi smiles, "Why don't you come with us to dinner tonight?  It would suck if you were home alone."

Miki smiles, "Yea!  That is such a good idea!"

Meiko smiles, "Okay sure."

*Ring Ring*

Miki looks into purse and feels for her cell phone, "It's my cell… Where is it?"

*Ring Ring*

Miki finally finds the cell and pulls it out, "Moshi moshi?  Oh hey Yuu…"

Miki looks at her watch, *"Oh sorry, we'll be there soon… k… ja nae…"* and puts her cell back into her purse.  She looks up at the Meiko and Arimi, "Yuu and Ginta are done with tennis and Yuu told me to meet them next to the gate of Tokyo University."

Meiko nods, "Really?  I didn't notice the time pass by so fast."

Arimi whines, " Awww, already? Let me change back into my regular clothes."

~Later at Tokyo, "much later"

"Yuu, Ginta! Here we are!" Yells Miki and the girls as they approach the guys.

Yuu sighs, "Miki, you're late."

Miki says, "Gomen nasi, we got a bit caught up in the shopping center. How was the tennis game?"

Ginta grinned, "We killed Tsutomu again in a little championship with his friend."

Arimi takes his arm, "Nice going Ginta."

Miki giggles, "Was Tsutomu crying again?"

Yuu replies, "Of course, another crazy monk hair cut for him."

Ginta sighs, "He never changes, one challenge after another." The others shake their heads.

Ginta then exclaims, "Well, come on! Everyone, let's go!  I'm hungry, and I know a good place to go."

~ In 'Kappa-chan's Fast Food' note… the 'McDonalds' I didn't want too straight forward about it XD

Everyone walks in, and Yuu turns to Ginta, "Since you paid for last time… It's my turn…"

Ginta nods, "Yea, you guys ate a lot out of my last paycheck."

Miki, Yuu, Meiko, and Arimi glare at him.

Ginta smiles weakly, "Sorry. But really!"

Arimi sighs as she puts her hand on his mouth, "I don't want to hear anymore of it."

Miki looks up at the Menu, "Yuu, I want a cheeseburger, fries, and a milkshake for dessert."

Arimi smiles at Ginta, "Ginta, I want chicken nuggets, fries, and a milkshake also!"

Yuu sighs, Yuu asks as he faces Meiko, "What do you want Akizuki?"

Meiko answers with a smile, " Oh, if you don't mind, I would like a Caesar salad, and a watermelon shake.  Thanks."

Yuu nods.

Miki points at the area upstairs located next to the window, "We'll meet you up there, ok?"

Yuu nods again.

The blue-haired guy behind the counter asks, "May I help you?"

Yuu answers, "I would like two cheeseburgers, 2 chicken nugget platters, 1 Caesar salad, 1 watermelon shake, 2 vanilla milkshakes, and 1 giant plate of the Famous French Fries."

The guy types everything into the register, "Okay, is that all?"

Yuu nods.

The guy answers, "That will be 1100 yen."

Yuu takes out his wallet and hands the money to him.

The guy then hands Yuu his change, "Here is your change sir."

Yuu takes his change, "Thank you."

The guy walks toward the kitchen and walks back with the food on trays.


Yuu turns around to see Miki behind him.

Yuu blinks wondering why she is there, "Miki, What is the matter?"

Miki smiles at Yuu and takes one of the 2 trays from the guy, "Just thought that you might need some help."

Yuu smiles.

They both take the food up the stairs, when Yuu realizes that one of the cheeseburgers were missing, "Miki, your cheeseburger is missing."

Miki glances down at the two trays, "Oh?  Give me the receipt and I'll go and get it.  You go up to them."

Yuu hands her the receipt, "Here it is" and takes the other tray from her "I got it."

Miki smiles, and heads back down towards the cashier.

She reaches the cashier, and the blue-haired guy asks, "May I help you?"

Miki points to the receipt in her hand, "Um… you forgot to give us another cheeseburger."

The guy takes the receipt and looks, "Oh, I'm sorry, I'll go and get another for you."

Miki nods, "Thank you."

The guy goes into the kitchen for a couple of seconds, comes out with a cheeseburger for her; and smiles as he hands it to her, "Sorry that I made that mistake."

Miki smiles as she takes the cheeseburger, "It's okay, thank you."


"The food was so good!  Now dessert!"

Ginta grins at Miki, "Of course, I always come to this place to eat."

Yuu smirks, "Yea, I remember the time you dragged me here after another tennis match against Rokutanda."

Ginta smiles, "Yea, that time I was so hungry… because of all the energy that I used for the match."

Arimi drinks from her milkshake, "I see that fact… so how many times have you beaten Rokutanda?"

Yuu and Ginta think for a minute or two, Yuu answers, "Let's see, I think the today's was the 15th and forgot to count the other ones for last year… so about 30 times."

Everyone starts to laugh.

Ginta looks at his watch, "Wow, it's nine and we still have that summer festival tomorrow…"

Yuu sighs, "Yeah… I have to go home and prepare for that concert that I have…"

Ginta smirks, "So they got you stuck huh?"

Yuu glares, "Well, there were rumors that I sung really good, and they probably have to do with Miwa… because of the concert that I gave in our junior year of high school…"

Miki smiles, "You sang so good then!"

Meiko smiles, "Of course, with all the girls that went to the concert just to see you…"

Arimi grins, "Yea, the girls were practically screaming before you guys were singing, and at the end…" Arimi suddenly stops.

Miki's smile turns into a frown, and looks down onto her lap.

Meiko puts her hand on Miki's hand, and Ginta looks up into the lights, while Yuu sees Miki's unhappiness, "Don't go there…"

Arimi says apologetically, "I'm sorry Miki-chan…"

Miki's frown turns into smile, "It's ok Arimi… it's in the past… just that I don't want to be remembered about that time when I was feeling so unsure about Yuu."

Yuu puts his arm around Miki, "Don't worry about it, you're right; it's in the past."

Miki smiles and nods at Yuu, then looks towards all her great friends that she has made in the years since high school.

Yuu stands up from his seat and takes Miki's hand, "Come one let's go.  We're staying at moms' and dads'."

Miki nods and stands, and the others also get up from their seats.

Ginta takes Arimi's hand, "Yea, I got to walk Arimi to her place."

Meiko smiles, "Uh huh, I got to get back to my apartment."

Miki glances at Meiko then to Yuu, "Can we walk Meiko home?"

Yuu smiles and nods, "Of course we can baka..."


Arimi smiles, "Miki-chan, Yuu, Meiko, we'll see you tomorrow, right?"

Miki, Yuu, and Meiko nod.

Miki waves, "I'll call you Arimi."

Arimi nods.  Then Ginta pulls on her hand, "It's time to go, you promised your parents…"

Arimi pouts, "Ginta… I'm not a child…"

Ginta smirks, "You are mine…"

Arimi giggles and gives a little wave at them, "I think it's the exact opposite…  Well bye!"

Ginta and Arimi start walking towards their destination, as Miki, Yuu, and Meiko go towards the opposite direction.  Meiko sighs, "Life seems so different ever since we started College at Tokyo University…"

Miki takes Yuu's arm and says agreeing, "Meiko, you're right…"

Yuu looks down at Miki and smiles "Don't worry about it, as long as you are doing good in your classes."

Miki look up at him, "Of course I am, with your help, I can do doing great in my English class; and with Meiko helping me with my math problems."

Meiko looks up into the sky full of stars, and then points, "Miki, Yuu-kun, Stars!"

Miki gazes up and smiles in excitement, "Wow!  It's beautiful!"

Yuu also looks up and smiles, "It's the perfect night for this…'

As Meiko and Yuu look up into the sky, Miki thinks, =It's perfect but how come I have this strange feeling that something wrong is going to happen tomorrow…=

Author's Note:

Hello, konnichiwa it's me again.  What do you guys think??  Onegai (Please), I want to continue… and I've been constantly revising this fanfic for about a year…  Please R+R! Sayanora peoples! Ciao.