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Marmalade Boy- Fanfic by Kyokosakuras a.k.a. Dora Ng/Fujimiya Mitsuki (ふじみや 三冃)

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Miki smiles and then she suddenly feels weak at the knees… Toya holds her arms, "Are you okay?" Miyu holds on her hand, "Oneechan?"

"I'm sorry… but I'm just a bit anemic… I guess I did a tat bit too much dancing last night…"

Toya holds her up, "You really should be back to your cabin… I'll help you."

Miki pushes him away and Miyu also lets go, "No… it's okay… it has happened before, but I don't need help…"

Toya lets go of her knowing her independence, "Uh… okay then… I'm going to get my doctor's kit from my cabin so… just stay here…"

Miki nods knowing that she might actually need medicine, Miyu helps to get over to a chair; Miki just watches him go back when her eyes suddenly faze out… she, barely standing straight falls sideways into the pool… A scream flies through the ship, "ONEECHAN!"

Toya hears the scream and then skyrockets back to see Miyu looking over the edge while Yuki is in the pool trying to hold on to Miki. Toya shouts, "Miki!" Ginta and Arimi fly up from their sunbathing activities… Kei, Suzu, and Meiko run down from the upper deck taking off their sunglasses, "Miki!" Yayoi and Tsutomu stop their routine, "Koishikawa!"

The lifeguard runs over and is about to dive in when Toya dives in before he does… He pulls her to the side and lifts the weak Miki onto the platform… The lifeguard pushes a button on his walkie-talkie, "Code blue…" Toya pounces out of the pool and says aggressively as he waves his Id, "I'm a licensed doctor. I'll help you with CPR."

The lifeguard nods and places his hand in the position over Miki's chest, Toya closes his eyes for a second and then takes a deep breath and onto Miki's lips… "1,2,3…"

Everyone crowds them… Meiko watches with disbelief in her eyes, No… this can't be happening… Arimi's eyes tear up watching the scene with Ginta shaking from anger… Suzu shakes with fear while holding Kei's hand tightly, "Kei-kun…" Kei just bites his lower lip… Satoshi and Lita watch from the upper deck with widen eyes; Satoshi says in a low voice, "This is not good…" Lita glances at his eyes and then nods sadly facing Miki again… Brian, Doris, Jenny, and Bill watch next to them with shocked faces knowing the glooming atmosphere…


Yuu barges through and stops seeing Toya on her lips…

Marmalade boy Fanfic by Kyokosakuras

College Days

Chapter 9: Losing the fight

: My world is falling… watching this makes me sick… I'm losing her…:


:I've failed in protecting her… Matsurra was her guard, and yet this guy has broken through it…:


The lifeguard raises his head to see a female running down from the upper deck with a white box, "Rika! I've got help from a certified doctor!" He continues to push down on Miki's chest and pauses every couple of seconds… Rika comes to their side and opens her kit; she winces noticing a bump on the side of Miki's head, "aiya… she's been hit in the head."

Toya breathes into Miki one more time and then she chokes gasping for air, "Mi-chan!" He supports her head and pulls her up into a sitting position.

The lifeguard wipes his forehead and nods, "Thank God…"

Rika pulls out a ice-pack from the box and hands it to Toya…

Toya, with Miki's head on his lap places it on the bump…

Miki's eyes flutter open, "Ugh… Toya-kun? Oh thank God, I thought I'd never see you again…"

Toya blinks when Miki smiles at him while holding his hand tightly, "Mi-chan?"


Miki blinks when she looks up to a familiar face and yet she can't quite place him, "Hm?"

Yuu pulls her from Toya and hugs her tightly, "I can't believe I almost lost you again…"

Miki, with confused eyes pulls from him, "Um… you are?"

Yuu looks at her with surprised and feels a dagger poke at his chest, "What?"

Meiko runs down from the deck pushing through the crowd with Suzu and Kei following closely behind her, "Miki!"

Miki turns to answer her name being called, "Meiko!"

Meiko grabs her hands, "Daijoubu?"

Miki nods and continues to press the ice pack on her head, "Slight headache though…"

Meiko shakes her head and hugs her, "That was way too close…"

Then they part and the lifeguards come to her side, Rika takes her by the shoulders, "Miss, I think we definitely need to take you to the nurse's ward."

Miki blinks and nods understandingly, "I think that might be a good idea."

Suzu pulls on the female's uniform, "Can we follow you?"

Rika shakes her head, "We have to run her under some tests first and then you can visit the recovery room. I need only one person to come along…" she eyes Toya, Takashi makes a gesture at him, "You too…" Toya just nods while dabbing himself with a towel from Meiko.

Suzu swallows hard and nodding at Meiko, "Wakarimashita."

Meiko follows them down the deck towards the nurse's ward…


Yuu looks up at Satoshi, "Satoshi… she…"

Satoshi glances at Miki and then back down at him, "Doshita?"

Yuu clenches his fist, "She asked me…"

Satoshi kneels down confused, "Huh?"

Yuu bites his lower lip, "When you get hit in the head, there's a possibility you can get Amnesia right?"

Satoshi looks at him wide-eyed, "What? You can't be serious!"

Yuu nods while Satoshi sees him shaking, "She asked me, 'you are'?"

Satoshi gives him an unbelieving look, "are you sure that she said that to you?"

"You think I'm deaf? The last thing I wanted to hear from her lips was something along the lines of that. She said it." Said Yuu as he continued with trembling hands.

Satoshi places his hand on his shoulder and say closely to his ears, "Don't think anything of it, why didn't you go with her the nurse's ward?"

Yuu says back, "When the lifeguard and his helper say they wanted only one other person to go with her, she didn't even look at me…"

Satoshi saw the pain in Yuu's face and swallowed hard, "Yuu, it's okay, let's go and visit her."

Yuu shakes off his hand, "I'm going to my cabin first…" He then walks in the direction to his cabin as everyone watches him with worried looks…

Satoshi looks at Lita next to her and shakes his head, "This isn't good."

Lita blinks and glances back at Yuu's back, "I heard Miki-san say the same…"

Satoshi bites his lower lip, "If what you heard and what he heard is true; then we have a serious situation on our hands."

Ginta punches the walls next to them, "Yea, I think you mean, if what we all heard come from Miki's lips to Yuu, then we definitely have a serious problem."

Arimi takes a towel from Yayoi's tray and pours ice water onto it and then takes Ginta's hands… she starts to pat it, "Ginta, just because you're mad, don't go around hitting things that hurt yourself. Miki WILL come around."

"It's not fair."

They all eye the blonde American, "Jenny?"

Jenny makes her disagreeable face, "What the hell has been going on?"

Bill pulls her towards him, "Ever since that accident and the meeting of that 'Toya', Miki and Yuu's relationship seems to be in jeopardy."

Kei says with his arms folded up to his chest, "No really. Ever since that day that guy came along, there has been nothing but problems for Miki and Matsurra."

On the other side of the pool

"Daijoubu Miyu…you can stop crying now…"

Miyu continues to sob a bit in Rumi's arms and hiccups while saying, "demo… Nechan was in danger."

"She's fine though!" said Yuki holding a tissue to her.

Miyu glances at him with tearful eyes, "I couldn't help her."

Yuki looks away as Miyu takes the tissue, "Nor could I…"

Chiyako rubs his back, "Yuki, you did your best while Miki-chan was in the pool…"

Jin readjusts his glasses, "and Miyu, you also did scream loud enough for someone to notice was really happening…"

Miyu and Yuki look at him and give little smiles… Miyu rubs her eyes, "Can we go visit her?"


The group raises their heads to the voice, "Saori-chan!"

Saori reaches the group and pants, "I heard the emergency, and just checked up on my medical group. They have Toya-kun in there too. He was the one that pulled Miki out and performed CPR on her."

Youji nods graciously and glances at Mariko and Kazuma, "Thank goodness."

Mariko smiles lightly while Kazuma nods, "That's our Toya…"

Jin picks up Yuki, "So when can we see her?"

Saori eyes him and smiles, "As soon as the medical team clears her for visiting and I believe that Meiko-san is also in there with her and Toya."


"You look alright here and here…"

Miki looks at Rika and nods with the strip in her mouth, "hm…"

"Let's see your eyes." She shines the light in Miki's eyes and continues checking her vital status. After a couple more minutes, Rika smiles at Miki, "Well, you seem to be pretty healthy but you've just had a accident last week am I correct?"

Miki nods and answers sheepishly, "Uh… yea."

Toya comes forward, "I was the doctor in charge of Koishikawa Miki here."

Rika's eyes suddenly shine, "ah… the brilliant young Fujishima-sama."

Miki and Meiko looks strangely at Toya as Toya blinks at her, "Huh?"

Rika smiles and winks with Takashi just walking in, "Takashi and I have heard of the new young genius by the name of Fujishima Toya. You are pretty known around Japan and America. I never thought I would actually get a chance to meet you."

She offers her hand out and shakes with him, Takashi does the same after her, "Quite the coincidence that we would be on the same cruise ship."

Toya sweatdrops and nod, "Yes, I would think so. So would you let me see the papers on Miki-san here?"

Rika nods and hands him the clipboard the was in her other arm, "Here."

Meiko watches the three continue their conversation: this is quite the predicament… Toya seems to know someone everywhere, and is quite popular…: she glances at Miki who watches them as confused as before…

Toya sighs and then glances back up at Miki, "you're staying in there until we get to island."

Miki give him an annoyed look, "What? I feel fine!"

Toya shakes his head and gives the clipboard back to Rika, "Nope, as your current doctor; I'm sure your parents would also agree with me." Rika then follows Takashi out of the room, "Rika, we should go and fill out the rest of the sheets on her status." They take their leave…

Miki sighs and give a slight nod, "Fine, Toya-kun." She then looks at Meiko, "This really bites, I never got a chance to try the ice skating rink."

Meiko smiles and pats her head, "Well if would be a bitter idea for you get better first."

Miki nods again, "Yea, I guess… after all I'll trust what Toya-kun says."

Toya smiles and then sits on the other side of the bed while reaching for her hand, "Thanks for trusting me."

Miki gives him an smile as he squeezes her hand, Meiko bites her lower lip and gets off the other side, "Excuse me, I'm just going to grab a couple of things from our room for her."

Miki thanks her, "Thanks Meiko!"

Meiko motions her usual no-problem signal and walks out leaving the two of them in the room. She blinks seeing Satoshi, Arimi, Ginta, Kei and Suzu and shakes her head; "I believe we have quite an issue on our hands Miwa-san."

Satoshi unwraps his arms and straightens himself up from leading on the wall, "I was hoping that wasn't the case."

Meiko nods and motions Kei and Suzu, "You two, Miki is well enough to have at least 2 guest. One of us has to stay in there so my cousin won't take advantage of the situation."
Kei clicks his tongue, "Crap."

Suzu makes a move towards the door, "I'll go first."

Yuu's Cabin


Yuu plops down on the bed and rests his face in his hands, "Why…"

He looks up and sees himself in the mirror… his eyes then drift down to the drawer under the mirror… He gets up and pulls open the drawer. Taking out the little velvet black box, he took the same seat he did before on the bed. With the box in his left hand, he opens it with a little creak and makes a weak smile at the shining rock facing him… :Miki…:

Authoress' Note:

Ello minna-san! Eh heh…. I know I took FOREVER to update this time… and it is a bit short compared to all my other chapters… haha… I know each chapter seemed to grow longer and longer, and suddenly… it's like chopped a half since the chapter 8… eh heh… gomen ne… sophomore year in college is hard…. Aiyaaa… it's like senioritis got me here… I'm slowly getting back up thoughs! So I hoped you enjoyed my blab… yes… my story's out of whack… haha.