Crow isn't sure where he is. He remembers Seto, and saying goodbye to him. That must mean that he's dead. Or at least out of batteries.

He isn't sure of how much time has passed, and the thought of that scares him. Has Seto already found his silver haired girl? Has he already died? Forgotten him? Crow doesn't know. But he hopes that Seto is smiling, because Crow thinks that when he does he's the most beautiful, radiant thing he's ever known. And he knows that when humans smile they're happy, right? It would be great if Seto is.

Crow wishes that he could have had more time with Seto, his first and best friend. It had been hard to let him go, but he doesn't regret it. But if he could have had a little more time, then he thinks that he would have loved to play hide and seek again. Or they could have acted like pirates, looking for treasure.

Seto is his best friend, so doesn't that mean that Seto's also his treasure? If Crow had ever really been a pirate, he's sure that he'd always have found Seto, because aren't pirates really good at finding treasure? No matter how many times Seto would have hidden, he's sure he would have jumped out and surprised him by winning the game. Because last time Seto won, so Crow needs to pick up the slack.

Except…. It's dark, and cold, and he's all alone here. Thinking of Seto just reminds him of that, but really? What else can he think about? It's hard not to think about Seto when all you had ever known of the world before was what you'd read in books. Not to mention, the world itself had been a horrible and lonely place to be in. Really, he should be used to it by now, but after knowing a spark of light that had lit him up so brightly? Seto had shocked him, plain and simple. And Crow doesn't mind that at all, except that now… it somehow hurts more to be alone.

He can't even move in this place, which really irritates him. Crow's so used to flying and flipping and running, swift as the air. It's all he used to do, in fact, when he wasn't reading. And after all, how will he sneak up on Seto now? He won't. Seto will come and see him like this, and he'll laugh at Crow, his beautiful smile lighting up the room so he can see, because what is Crow, if he can't surprise Seto? He'll be boring, that's what. And sooner or later, Seto would tire of him.

Crow wouldn't allow that to happen, no matter how much he's thought about it, and he'll just have to think up something really big to dazzle Seto with. If he really has all the time in the world, then how better to spend it than by thinking of Seto's face when it happens? When it does, Crow knows the exact moment he'll start laughing.

It's when Seto's shiny, glittering eyes widen, and he trips a little on his feet, because for all Seto is a wonderful fighter, he can be very clumsy. And then, then, Seto will turn around, quick as Crow can be, and will screw up his features into what he thinks looks like an angry grimace, but is really something else because Crow will spot the tiny, wonderful smile he's trying to hide. But it won't work, because Crow always wins! (Except for that one time….)

Crow can't see. Crow can't move. Crow doesn't know where he is. But he can speak.

And so he tells Seto of all the fun things they're going to do when they meet again. Crow smiles, and it doesn't matter that it's not even half as brilliant as Seto's, because it's one of the only things he has left of his best friend.

He smiles, but wonders why he's crying.