Be-beep be-beep
The blaring alarm wakes Loki from his shalow sleep. Barely opening his green eyes, he sees it's five a.m. - time to rise and shine. Although absolutely tired, the man is used to the feeling and wastes no time in getting up. As scheduled by himself, exactly 27 minutes later he is heading to the kitchen; when breakfast is ready, it's time for the kids.

Ten years before no one would say his life would be like this. Freshman on Law school, Loki had met Natasha. At first fuck buddies, the two became best friends (as they were together many hours everyday) and married right out of college.

One year passed, the the second, then three more. Certain day, everything changed because Loki realised he wanted kids more than anything and she wouldn't ever consider the idea. Consequence: the end of a happy marriage.

Even though they continued being friends, he knew he had to do this on his own. Other than Tasha, his family consisted of his father, Odin and brother, Steve. The first never liked his now ex-wife, but disapproved even more of the divorce. Steve was, well, Steve; the man was great with history and battles, but when it came to his older brother he was just helpless.

The adoption process hadn't been easy - what with being a male and single. Other than that, he had wanted to be brave for once in his life and decided to take in a grown child. So off went him to find an orphanage. This step taken, Loki went in to meet the kid that would be his own in no time; he was soooo excited nothing could take the stupid grin out of his face.

The man walked in and seated on a bench next to the doorway, insecurity having crashed on him - what if no child liked him? What if he didn't conect with any of then? What if he wasn't prepared to be a parent after all?

"Hey, mister? Are you all right?" He remembers the soft spoken words as if they had been said just the day before. A beautiful teenager girl came and sat by his side, rubbing circles on his shoulder as if they had known each other for many years. Her skin was remarkably pale, her hair and eyes pitch black; if it wasn't for his bright blue orbs, they would seem like relatives. "You seem distressed. Can I help?" The question was uttered so naively that he had to smile.

"I'm okay, thank you. I came here for visiting, actually." The kind worry in the girl's eyes rapidly melted into what he though was pure hope.

"Oh, do you want me to get Mrs. Hill for you?" She - for he still didn't know the child's name - didn't wait for an answer before getting to her feet and pratically running up the stairs right in front of them.

Now alone, waiting for the woman responsible for organizing the potencial parents visits, Loki suddenly forgot all previous doubts; he had already found his soon-to-be daughter. Her age didn't matter, he had truly liked her and would be her father if she wanted him to.

Ten minutes went by until Maria Hill was ready for him. "Hello, Mr. Odinson! You came by earlier than expected."

"I'm sorry, it's just that I couldn't sit still back home."

"No problem. Would you like to meet some of the children now?"

"There's no need for that." At his, sadness drowned the woman's smile.

"Oh, have you given up then?"

"Not at all. The truth is I already know who I'm going to adopt." Later on the man would swear to be composed - which is far from the truth; he was beaming like a school girl upon meeting her celebrity.

"Really? Are you sure, sir?" Mrs. Hill asked surprised, as she though the man had only talked to Hella (the sweet but difficult child that had just bolted into her office), for who the kind lady was loosing hope.

"A hundred percent sure. I don't know her name though... It's the girl that called you for me. Dark hair and eyes..."

"It's Hella." She stated a bit stunned as, it seemed, the girl had been nice to a stranger for the very first time in five years - when she had been left there along with her five younger brothers. "But there are some complications about adopting her."

"And what are those? I'm sure I can deal with them." Wow, she though, he is really serious about it.

"Hella Demifros has been here since she was nine and she refuses to leave without her sibblings." Oh, that was unexpected to Loki. He had in mind having just one child, but it wouldn't be impossible to handle three children would it? After all, he was dead set on being Hella's (what a lovely name it was) parent by now and surely the other kids would be as great.

"Okay, then. Can I meet the other two now?"

"Sir, Hella has five younger brothers." The woman's voice was utterly serious now, as if sure that the news would drive him off. It didn't have such effect, Loki got frozen instead.

Five brothers. Five. As in six kids total. How on earth would he cope with that? He had to work, and care for the house, and be Hella's father. It must have been destiny that put her on the doorway right after he had came in. In a rare and wonderful moment of pure carelessness, Lok' just nodded. "Let's go then."

The two adults went upstairs to the 'playroom', where Maria indicated for him to take a seat while she assembled the kids. Oh Gods, he though, what am doing? That was before two todlers came running into him, followed by three smiling boys and a conflicted looking Hella. Their names, he learned, were Nathan, Victor, Frederic, Johnathan and Stephan.

For hours he talked and played with them, getting to know and fall in love with the kids. When Mrs. Hill warmly told him he should be going for the day, as it would soon be bedtime for his - from that moment and forever - children. After giving good bye, though, Loki requested a moment to talk to Hella, who had been quiet since bringing her brother's in to meet him.

"Is something wrong, Hella?" Sadness found it's way to his voice, as the first thing thatcrossed his mind was that maybe she didn't want him for a father.

"No, Mr. Odinson. It's just that it'll be hard not to have all of them around anymore." She really though he would separate them or leave her behind? Good thing they had a lot og time to get to know each other.

"Actually, Hella, I intend on having the six of you as my children." The look on her face couldn't have been more surprised. With teary eye, the girl hugged him tighter than anyone had before.

That was it. Tons of paperwork, a new car and a new house later, Loki was bringing his children - Oh gods, how he liked those words! - home.

The first week had been perfect. They spent hours playing, dancing and singing crazy songs, watching movies. That was during his leave from work, of course. As soon as he had to go back, things began to get complicated.

Between preparing meals, tiding up rooms, taking general care of the house, riding them all to and from school, helping in homework and reading many bedtime stories, amongst a world of other tasks, there simply wasn't time left for mortal things as sleeping.

Who had he been kidding? Bringing six kids into his life obviously would be hard, if not impossible, to manage. However, he refused to back down - there was no returning to normal now, he was their father and nothing would change that.

So, one day, Loki sat down and drew a schedule (with much help from Hella and Fred, he might add). It had been two months following it (begining of december) when the man realised he had to save even more time to be able to cope. Then, off went the seven every weekend searching for a new, closer school.

The kids were incredibly supportive (they seemed to really like spending time with him, no matter how), specially the five years olds - Nathan and Victor - who went as far as asking to visit new places everyday.

"Daddy," Loki's heart almost bursted with joy every time he was called that, which was a lot. "Can we visit a 'scool' tomorrow?"

"No, Nate. Tomorrow you'll all go to the old school."

"You'll go with us?"

"I can't, Vic. Dad's got to work. Now, go to sleep you two." After kissing both good night, the now father exited their shared bedroom and headed for each of his boys' and girl's.

One story (about horses, to the eight years old Stephan) and four kisses later, the man fell to his bed, still as a stone. Then, earlier than he'd want, 'be-beep'.

A.n.: Hi people! So welcome to my first true AU. Were all loki's kids recognizable? Anyway, this will be a fluffy thorki (though still somewhat serious), at first Loki centered but they may share the attention later on. This was inicialy the fruit of a bet with a friend (as I don't really like thorki - what with they being brothers and all that), but the plot bunnies have me hostage in their rainbow claws (scary little things!) and this turned into a multichaptered romance.

Hope you liked it and come back for more (which will post as soon as I can, maybe next week...).

Lots of love, R&R