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"I was there," Paul said with disbelief on his face. "I heard exactly what you said and I don't believe you got me off scot-free. I should be grounded right now and swearing never to make contact with you again by his law." Sarah laughed off her nerves.

"Upstairs, Paul. I'll tell you all about it." They ventured back into Paul's room without the fear of getting in trouble over it. The two sat on Paul's bed. "Ever since I was quite young, even an infant me mum tells me, I've attracted boys like a magnet. They would always come up to me pram and coo me. It was the strangest thing she said. So as I got older…" she hesitated. She had to phrase this right. "I learned how to flirt very quickly. I can pretty much wrap a man around my finger in an instant."

Paul chuckled. "I don't believe you. Like some super power? You can make lads go weak in the knees?"

"Did I make you breathy when we met?" she said with confidence. She wasn't blind; she saw her magic being worked on Paul. He ducked his eyes and reddened a bit. "See? I bet you're the real charmer Paul McCartney. Never had a problem getting a bird in your life. Am I really the first girl that ever made you nervous?"

"Not nervous," Paul said. "Just… jittery."

"You've got the bad case of the butterflies, huh?" Paul nodded, still quite embarrassed. It's not the manliest thing to admit to a girl you're smitten over her. Sarah took this as a chance to try something new: actually let a boy in for the first time. "It's okay. I've got them too." Paul looked up at Sarah. She knew her face was red but she did little to hide it. She fancied Paul more than she would admit, but that was a thought for another time.

Paul broke the silence first. "So… you've got the lads all over you. I bet your old man has a thing or two to say about that," Paul said jokingly. Sarah's face fell. She wasn't amused.

"He's not with us anymore," she said rather monotone. "It's just me and me mum."

"Oh." Paul became grave serious. "I'm so sorry. I know what it's like to lose a parent. Me mum died of cancer." In retrospect, it wasn't the perfect time to burst out laughing, but Sarah couldn't contain herself. Paul was shocked.

"He's not dead! That bastard, I wish he was though!"

"Wait, so he's just gone?"

"Gone, gone for good I hope! It's me and mum for about three years now on our own. Not the best time but anything is better than with him around!"

"What did he do?" Paul asked. Sarah remained quiet for a moment. She remembered she still didn't know Paul all that well. They just met a few hours ago. And to tell a near stranger about your life story isn't something that is considered normal. Still, she wondered to herself, how sweet would it feel to finally tell someone?

"He beat me mum," she said. "He was vicious. The sounds of her screams and his yelling put me to sleep as a child more times than I can count. He hated her, absolutely hated her. Hated being married to her, hated living with her. But the wonderful woman my mother is, she still loved him. She married him for love. He needed a punching bag and a free ride." Paul sat in silence. "There are some pretty wicked people out there, Paul."

"I'm so sorry. I didn't know-"

"And you would have had no reason to know. No one knew. We hide things away very easily. Believe it or not, it's easy to keep people from knowing your demons." That was they can never help you get rid of them.

The two sat in silence, not knowing where to go from here. Paul figured if he asked one intrusive question already…

"Why did he stay then? If he hated your mum so much, why did he stay?" This question Sarah really didn't want to answer.

"He hated my mum…" She felt her throat burn with a tight heat and her eyes begin to sting. She looked Paul right in the eyes so that he would know. She could only say it once. "…but he loved me." Realization slowly dawned on Paul, but it was flooded with disgust and repulsion. He shook his head, convincing himself that he was reading her signs wrong. But as the tears broke over Sarah's eyes Paul pulled her to his chest and let her gently weep. It was the first time Sarah actually spoke and admitted to it. Her mother and her never spoke of it, just let the trauma disappear in the fog of the past. It never did completely. His face would still appear as a shadow in her darkest nightmares. He was long gone now, packed up one day and left leaving his daughter and wife high and dry. It would have been worse if he stayed though.

The relief she felt now that she was sharing her burden with someone else was enough to make her tears sweet. She relaxed with every sob, releasing a tension she didn't knew she had. It might have been there for years.

Paul raised her face cupped in his hands. He wiped away her tears with his thumb. He looked her right in her eyes.

"It's okay," he said softly. "I'm here. I'll never hurt you." She noticed his eyes. They weren't the chocolate brown they were earlier the day. They were a hint darker with a deep blue bordering the iris. How could she overlook such a beautiful color? Her stomach twisted but she allowed it. It felt nice to know there was at least one boy out there that wasn't under her trance. There was a tiny little voice in her mind that asked how much he cared, but Sarah pushed that thought far back. She wasn't getting anymore emotional today than she already did.

"Can I ask one more thing?" Paul asked very unsure of himself or the response. Sarah nodded. "Did he… I mean, are you still a…" His question trailed off when he noticed Sarah's unreadable expression. That was the one question she wouldn't answer.

"In all honesty, I don't think that's much of your business," she said shortly. Paul only nodded in agreement.

"I understand. I respect that." He didn't know if she was either embarrassed or ashamed of either losing her virginity or even still having it, but Paul figured that was one thing that wasn't important to know.

He rose from his bed, a smile placed carefully on his face. "Well, I don't know about you but I feel like this room is far too stuffy. It's still a beautiful day outside." Sarah laughed, knowing exactly what he was doing. He was being a wonderful friend and trying to make her feel better after a good cry. "Come on, I'll treat you to a pop and a burger." He gave her his hand which she took as they exited Paul's house, heading down to the town center.

The rest of their day together was filled with very simple enjoyment. Paul ended up buying Sarah some fish & chips and a chocolate malt instead and Sarah snatched him a bag of candy from a street vender. Laughs and joy was exchanged and they both broke each other's stereotypes; boys can be interested in more than sex and girls are more than a pretty face.

In both their opinions, the sun started to set a bit too early. The ice cream in their hands was melting steadily as they passed the common red gates that opened to an abandoned park. It's funny, they were so familiar of childhood but so old and rotten it gave off an uneasy and slightly disturbing feeling.

"So I guess it's time to take you home?" Paul said with very little excitement of ending the date. …Day, Paul thought to himself

"You'll walk me home too? What a gentleman," Sarah teased. As their journey around town came to an end at the door of Sarah's apartment building, she noticed that she rarely ever let go of Paul's hand. Actually, she did notice and purposefully said nothing in fear of Paul becoming embarrassed and removing it. Not surprisingly, unbeknownst to Sarah Paul was doing the same thing. As if knowing to, they both let go of their hands.

"I had a great time Paul. I'm real happy I met you," Sarah said. She was slightly nervous for the part that came at the end of the date. …Day, Sarah corrected herself. But it seemed that Paul had it all planned out in his clever mind.

"As am I. And you know where I live. Don't be a stranger. Anytime you need anything just come see me." He gave her a sweet and loving smile. He reached for her hand once more and pulled it to his lips. He placed a gentle kiss on the back of her hand, bowing slightly as he did, showing off his wonderful puppy dog eyes staring up at her. They were a soft blue-green-gray, not a trace of brown in them anymore.

Sarah blushed harder than she did the entire day. She tried to hide it but was almost hypnotized by Paul's pure charm. He smiled and released her hand only to pull her into a hug where he whispered in her ear: "I'll see you later." With that, he let her go, turned and began to walk back home. Sarah stood there with her mouth in a small 'o'. She couldn't see but Paul was smirking like he'd just won the most important fight of his life. And he might just have.

Sarah eventually got herself together and entered her dark little home. Her mother wasn't home yet and probably wouldn't be for a couple more hours. She tidied up as much as she could, washed whatever plates were left in the sink and put a few odds and ends away. She really was just restless so she took a Buddy Holly record and marched into her room. She put it on her very small, very cheap turntable and pulled out her canvas and paints. She sat on the edge of her bed and began to draw a person. Then she scrapped her idea and started to draw a face. She scrapped that and started to draw a pair of eyes. She got very frustrated and began to draw only one eye. She tried to focus all her attention on getting the colors right. But no matter how hard she tried she couldn't find the right shading or right mixture of blue and green and brown to create those hazel eyes that were engraved in her mind.

She yawned and looked over to her alarm clock on her bedside. It was 10:30. She didn't realize she spent so much time drawing. She packed her gear up and checked her mother's room. Her bed was occupied. She must have missed her mother's entrance. Either way, Sarah changed out of her day clothes and put on a nightgown and tried to sleep. Her mind was still buzzing about a certain boy with two names. A certain boy that made her cry in the best possible way. A boy that had eyes that changed color. It was magical.

Paul is magical, was Sarah's last thought before she drifted off to sleep.