I hope you enjoy this new story of mine. I own nothing from the Supernatural or Hobbit universe. I made my OCs to be a sort of real people inserted into the Hobbit universe (but not, because they're Hunters) it gives them a background in fighting without being too cliche. This will not be a complete crossover, only the monsters and myths are from Supernatural. That is all~

Lillian smirked as she swung her machete, it was not the most elegant weapon, but it always did get the job done when dealing with vampires. She watched as the head rolled from the vamp's shoulders.

"I think that's the last of them," a gruff voice grumbled, and a large hand descended on the blonde-haired woman's long curly locks, his way of displaying affection.

"I hope so, I'm beat," her voice was deep too, the smoldering kind of voice that could leave your knees weak, either with affection or fear.

The two hunters picked up their dropped weapons, a gun and a flask of holy water, and shoved them into their respective duffle bag.

"Next time, don't let one sneak up on you, what if I wasn't here to take him?" Jake meant well, he just always sounded condescending.

"Yeah, I know," Lillian rolled her honey colored eyes, tired of her brother's patronizing. They walked over the bodies strewn across the warehouse floor; there were five in total, not a bad day's work at all.

"I just don't want to burn another sibling is all," Jake, heaved his duffle so he could better hold it.

"I know," Lillian repeated, her voice softened, "I'll be more careful," the girl said for the umpteenth time. Jake sighed as he watched his sister put her life on the line time after time and hated it. Already she was a master at killing and torturing. He let the subject drop, knowing his baby sister would never stop her reckless streak for him.

The two grew up in a family of Hunters; it was common knowledge that most hunters married others. Their parents were some of the best; cut of the same blood-stained cloth, the two raised their four kids to carry on the good fight. Jake was the first born, and easily the strongest, growing taller and more muscular than their father, and more dark featured than their mother. Then came Emily, she was a wicked girl, more clever than any monster she was up against, she also had the dark hair and eyes of their mother. Gregory, or affectionately known as Greg, was easily the kindest of the siblings, always fair and always fast, he was the first child to take after their father, being blonde and blue eyed. Lastly came little Lillian, she was fairly well rounded, stronger than Emily and faster than Jake, with wits to help. She was also a perfect blend of her parents, her father's blonde hair and her mother's honey eyes.

The family was well known for their closeness and their strengths. There was an almost military quality to their fighting style. Everyone knew their job and how to best help each other. However, as with all Hunting families, tragedy would strike. First with their parents and Emily, they were in an elevator when a ghost decided to snap the strong wires holding it up. The three siblings left were closer than ever, protecting each other twice as hard since half of their family was gone and could not be there for them. That was what made Greg's death all the worse. Lillian and he were always close, he wasn't as protective as Jake, being closer to the same age, they grew up with an understanding. He was shred to pieces by a Were, right in front of his two living siblings. They killed the werewolf that did the act brutally.

All their pain and tragedy led them to their destinies. What is a life but giving to receive? This would include pain and happiness. The two hopped into a little Mustang, inconspicuous in case the law started sniffing around. Jake, the driver, cranked up the music, the sound of the classic rock they grew up on filling the air, and Lillian was lulled to sleep by Sweet Child of Mine.

"Hey, wake up, we're stopping for gas," the voice of Jake woke her and she squinted against the lights from the BP.

"Kay, I'll be back," Lillian stretched as she walked to the bathroom, she knew from all the driving she did in her life, that you always take a bathroom break at every stop. Approaching the cashier, she put her loot on the counter, beef jerky, various granola bars, cookies, and candies. She paid with one of her many credit cards, under the name Felicity Heart. Trekking back to the car, she opened the big bag of peppered beef jerky and offered some to her brother, as he took off down the road in search of another case. As if on cue, the phone meant for only their Hunter friends rang.

"Ello?" Lillian chirped, her usual greeting, "yes-of course- about a day away- it'll be no problem," she jotted down details as she listened attentively to the person on the other end. With a wild grin, she hung up and glanced at her brother, knowing he was always impatient.

"Well?" Jake grumbled as his dark amber eyes bore into her lighter honey ones.

"There seems to be a mystery spot or ghost or something that's acting up," Lillian responded at her brother, "just get on the interstate towards 75E and keep going, we get off on exit 13."

"Okey dokey," Jake said, turning the music back on, "I'll wake you up for your shift." And it didn't take long for her to fall back to sleep, thinking on the details she was given. For every 13 years people would go missing on the long stretch of road, the passengers never to be seen again, probably another ghost or maybe a witch, it didn't seem like a demon's doing. Her thoughts faded into a dream of her family. Lily started when her brother shook her. They were at another gas station, a Marathon this time, so she and Jake went in to freshen up and get more snack foods that would last them the next day and a half, before going to the diner next door and eating their fill.

"Better get your rest, Jakey," Lillian smiled at her brother, "we'll get there just around 1." Jake rolled his eyes at his younger sister, before reclining his seat and falling asleep. It was only 6 in the morning, so she occupied her time by plugging up her ipod and listening to her favorite rock ballads and the pop she kept on there, humming gently along. Only stopping once more for lunch, the two finally arrived at their exit, Lilly deciding to let her brother sleep a bit more.

'Wonder whenwe'll see something?' Lilly mused quietly to herself, driving till the end of the road one way then turning to drive until she reached the end going the other way. There didn't seem to be anything built on the road but the odd house, it wasn't long before the road turned to gravel, then to a dirt road.

"Did you get us lost, again?" she heard Jake groan, waking up.

"No, I just wanted to follow the road both ways, I'll just turn around the next driveway," she smiled reassuringly at her brother before watching the road. They came upon what looked like a junk yard; Lilly heard a loud warning ding before the car suddenly died.

"Motherfuck," Jake groaned as Lilly tried to start the car back up, but it wouldn't even turn over. Sighing she opened her door.

"Well come on, let's grab what we can carry and keep going, there's probably a junk man down further in," Lilly muttered, grabbing her gun and stuffing it in a holster that she kept under her black leather jacket, strapped a knife to each leg and pouring several other weapons into her backpack along with her snacks. Jake followed her lead, grabbing the rest of the weapons and alcohol. He knew she was probably right; it would be quicker to get to a house going forward than trek back down the creepy ass road. Admiring the cars, it did not take long to realize that the further down they walked, the older the cars got, until they were walking past rows of carriages.

"Lil, where are we?" Jake looked confused, they had reached the end of the clearing of vehicles, ahead only hills upon hills with mountains in the distance.

"I guess we're where all those people went missing, but I'm not sure where that is, the road isn't there anymore," Lilly frowned, pulling out her gun while her brother had his large iron axe on hand.

"So if we can't go back, then there's only going forward. Should we search the cars?" Jake asked; turning back the way they came to see everything had disappeared, even their own little Mustang.

"Damn it," Lilly grumbled, she only had another pair of clothes with her, and very little food, "now what?"

"We just have to stick together and keep moving forward," Jake frowned. This wasn't a situation he wanted to get into. Ever since Greg's death, he was sure to only take cases the two could handle. This was well out of his comfort zone. But he was a Hunter, and so was Lillian, and if anyone could figure this out, it was them. So the two ventured on, ready for anything, or so they thought.