Stand in the mirror, and

Try to imagine forever

What does it look like,

Facing my greatest endeavor?

Suddenly closing my eyes

Hands up for the very first time;

I'm closing my eyes

Tell me, Don't give up!

Tell me, There's someone out there!

Give me a pure love

Give me a forever that we both can share

-He is We

Chapter 21: Imagine Forever


Tony was trying very hard to not like Steve; it was harder than he had expected it to be since the man wasn't what he had been expecting. The truth was that his father hadn't been the best Dad, hardly a Dad at all in fact and hadn't told him anything about the tesseract. Tony had pieced together that story himself by sneaking glances at his notes and hiding behind corners to listen to his Dad talk with other people. His Dad had never had much time for him, he was always more concerned for his projects or the search for Steve.

It was a funny that Steve thought Howard was his grandfather; the truth of course was that Tony had been an unexpected accident late in Howard's Stark's life. Steve had obviously thought given his age that Howard had to be his grandfather and it was amusing though Tony was trying not to be amused. Tony preferred to not like Steve and it was harder than he had expected.

Tony had always resent Steve for taking his father's attention so fully, and he hadn't understood why. Tony had researched the guy of course, Steve Rogers the world's 'first superhero'. Everyone had glowing things to say about him, no one ever said anything bad when he had called to ask.

It had only made him bitter about it and Tony had been so set on hating the man. Then of course he had contacted Peggy Carter about a year before his father had died. He had been curious about the woman who had served with his father and had been the known love interest of Steve Rogers. What he had found out had been eye opening.

Peggy hadn't sugar coated anything, told him things he had never known about both his father and the mysterious Steve Rogers. The picture she had kept of Steve, the only one Tony had ever seen that showed him as he was before his date with the super soldier formula. Peggy told him about how tiny Steve had been, how he had always gotten beat up because he had never backed down from a fight. Even how Steve had been jealous of his father over his father's perceived closeness with Peggy.

He hadn't known a lot of things, about his father and about Steve. It was his few conversations he had with Peggy before she had died that had made him give Steve a chance. Why he had let Steve in to see him at all. Then Steve went and been this while not 'laid-back' but definitely more easy going guy than Tony had expected. Plus he seemed to be a sucker for a pretty girl, which Tony could respect. He knew the feeling. So here he was trying his best not to like Steve and he was failing miserably.

Steve was funny in his own way, not that he was trying to be funny, but Tony couldn't help being amused by him. The way he reacted to technology was good for a whole afternoon of laughs and part of Tony wanted to show him the ropes. Tony certainly loved his tech and he liked to open people's eyes to the wonders that were tech. Steve's face when he had seen his jet had been priceless. Plus watching his face while Tony interacted with Jarvis was probably going to fuel his giggles for a while.

"How much further?" Steve asked impatiently.

"Not far, Jarvis managed to hack into Shield's data system and they had Bruce monitored pretty closely. We'll get very close." Tony said yelling the new coordinates to the pilot. "So how did you meet this Harry?" Tony asked curious.

"Oh, she tracked me down in this bar," Steve said fiddling with his hands.

"And how did she convince you to help her out?" Tony asked curious and trying to distract Steve at the same time.

"Well, she didn't even bring it up at first. She and her friend Luna just talked to me for a while. Listening to me wallow in self pity for a bit, and then they taught me to dance." Steve said distractingly.

"Wait, Whose Luna?" Tony asked.

Steve looked at him blinking, "Luna is Harry's friend," Steve said.

"So two obviously hot girls approached you in a bar? Yeah, I would have jumped on board too," Tony said chuckling.

"Wait what? What makes you think their hot?" Steve asked before scrambling, "Not that they're not, hot, that is, what I mean is…" Steve fumbled and Tony laughed at him.

"Oh, I can tell, nothing gets a guy talking like a beautiful girl and you sang like a canary my friend," Tony said patting Steve's back laughing.

"Yeah well," Steve started and then stopped embarrassed.

"What?" Tony said.

"Nothing," Steve said blushing.

Tony looked at him in disbelief, "Spill," he commanded.

"It's just they were going to just camp you know, in a tent," Steve sputter rambling, "in New York, and well they are really pretty and I knew I wouldn't sleep if they were out there." Steve continued before Tony laughing.

"Are you trying to say you invited two beautiful women back to your place?" Tony asked with a devilish smile patting his back again, "I gotta say Cap I didn't know you had it in ya." Tony said chuckling.

Steve blinked, then seemed to pause uncertainly and Tony almost started to laugh again the man was just too easy to read. "What now?" Tony asked, "Come on, spill, you know you want to."

"Well, it's just…I'm not too sure Harry is a girl," Steve said uncertainly. To Tony it looked like Steve felt incredibly guilty voicing his suspicions.

"What makes you say that?" Tony asked.

"That's the thing I don't know for sure, I know girls wear men's clothes style now…pants and all," Steve rambled fumbling over his words.

Tony blinked at him, "So you are only not sure because Harry wore pants?" Tony asked.

"That and Luna said she kissed her…him at one point," Steve said shiftily.

"Hate to break it to you Cap but same gender relationships have sort of become the 'in thing' nowadays." Tony said deadpanned. At Steve's lost look Tony had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing.

"Yeah I know, I just it's all so hard to get used to and I'm probably way off base. All this is just so confusing, girls used to wear skirts or dresses, people used to be much more…discreet…about their relationships," Steve said shaking his head that lost look was back and Tony felt a little guilty.

"Well, does Harry look like a boy besides the whole wearing pants thing?" Tony asked throwing Steve a bone.

"No! Harry is probably the prettiest person I have ever seen next to Luna that is," Steve said distractedly.

Tony grinned, "Well, Harry is most likely a guy but I'll give you my personal assessment when I see her. I have experience in this sort of thing." Tony joked.

Steve looked ridiculously relieved and Tony bit his tongue again to keep from laughing. Yeah, this whole not liking Steve was a total bust the guy was just too amusing to not. Tony sighed and resigned himself to liking the guy.


It was odd watching someone be you and yet not you. More than a little disturbing too, Thanos was not having the easiest time using him as a puppet…he was there inside with him of course but it was like watching underwater for Thanos. Loki was a bit smug on that, if he was going to control Loki the god of Mischief than he sure as hell wasn't going to make it easy on him. Still it was disturbing watching as if a third party while his body went about walking around, talking, and being utterly idiotic.


Jane stared at the blonde beauty before her while she talked to Darcy like they were old friends. This small woman might be the key she needed to find Thor and it was too much to tempting to pass up. "So where do we have to go?" Jane asked as she moved to begin packing a suitcase.

"Well, New York I would think unless Harry chooses someplace else," Luna said breezily.

"Wait a minute, so you just go where Harry points?" Darcy asked folding her arms over her ample 'assets'.

"Sure, Harry and I are a team. I go where Harry goes," Luna said smiling.

"Isn't that a little unhealthy?" Darcy asked as she grabbed a suitcase herself.

"Where are you going?" Jane asked.

"No way are you going to New York without me!" Darcy said matter-of-factly.

Luna smiled, "You would follow Harry anywhere too, he is the most beautiful person I have ever met," Luna said lightly.

"So he's hot what the big deal? Thor was delicious to look at too," Darcy said lightly.

"Well Harry isn't just hot," Luna said smiling, "he looks like a very pretty girl." Luna said waiting.

"Wait, did you say he looks like a girl?" Darcy paused as Jane stopped packing to listening in spite of herself.

"Yep, he lets me dress him up like a doll and its has to be the funniest thing in the universe watching guys around Harry. They don't know how to behave; they get all confused if they know he's a bloke and most of the time they think he's a girl." Luna said giggling.

"What? How do they not know?!" Darcy said sitting beside Luna bouncing at the juicy gossip.

"You'll see when you see Harry, he is fascinating to watch!" Luna said giggling.

"So is Harry like you know," Darcy said waving her pinky at Luna. Jane couldn't help getting drawn in to their conversation.

"It's a long story about that, Harry doesn't discriminate," Luna giggled, "at least not yet."

Jane gave up, "Ok spill," Jane said blushing.


Bruce was trying his hardest to concentrate on Harry's story but he kept getting distracted by her legs. It's been a while since he had any human contact and those legs had to be the most tempting thing he had seen in a while. Shaking himself Bruce forced his eyes away with a little difficulty, sighing, he admitted they were a nice set of legs.

"So you need me to come into a city, full of people, that the last time I was there I broke Harlem, to help you work out a way to find your dad. Who may or may not be lost in an intergalactic void somewhere?" Bruce asked rubbing the back of his neck.

"Pretty much," Harry said dryly, "I know it's a lot to ask but I am really desperate. My Dad could be anywhere, hurt, because the only way he wouldn't come for me is if he couldn't." Harry said desperately holding onto Bruce's arm.

Bruce looked at those big green eyes and cursed inwardly…those were hard as hell to say no to…will power man. "It's too dangerous…and not for me." Bruce said.

Harry got a determined look in her eye, "But I can help you! Look!" she said gripping his arm with both her hands and Bruce felt a rush of something fill him. It felt like a deep tissue massage, felt like a warm hug and Bruce hadn't felt so calm since the accident.

"Okay," Bruce began and Harry pumped more of that feeling into him, "I'll try but if I have to go you'll have to let me." Bruce said seriously.

Harry gave him a blinding smile, "Okay you have a deal!" she said happily. Just then they both heard a voice, "Harry!" it called and they both looked up confused.

Bruce thought this might very well rank up there with one of the oddest days of his life; a man was parachuting down to them waving at Harry franticly. Another man in a metal suit was zipping around beside him blazed out in red and gold. Bruce looked at Harry confusedly, she hadn't mentioned company, and she was just waving at the man in the parachute.

"Steve," She called, "What are you doing here?" she asked as Steve landed in a tree not too far from them. He was struggling a bit to get down and then the metal man landed to help him out. When the metal man flipped up his helmet Bruce recognized Tony Stark and Bruce looked back at the smiling Harry. Bruce suddenly had the random thought that Harry was full of so many surprises he wouldn't ever be bored.

Steve rushed over to Harry once he got down and Tony was right behind him. Steve grabbed Harry looking over her for injuries before he sighed in relief, "Good you're okay." Steve said.

Tony was eyeing Bruce with a particular expression on his face, "Nice tights man," he said chuckling. Bruce looked down at himself and got very red in embarrassment.

"Yeah well it's not like I had a whole lot of options," Bruce said rubbing his neck.

Tony smirked at him before turning his attention to Harry studying her intently, he seemed confused, "Hey Cap," Tony called him over. Steve looked conflicted about leaving Harry out of his sight but he came anyways. "I see what you mean," Tony whispered looking at Harry. Bruce wondered what the hell they were talking about.

"Well?" Steve asked shiftily.

"With those legs I would hope to god she's a girl otherwise I think my penis is very confused," Tony whispered back.

Then Bruce turned his critical eyes back to Harry who was in the process of pulling her hair away from her face revealing her very lovely neck. Steve must have thought Harry was a boy but Bruce didn't see it at all. He eyed her neck, no adam's apple, lovely smooth legs, beautiful face, yeah those two were obviously insane…no way Harry could be a boy.


Teleporting was a strange experience that Darcy did not want to experience again anytime soon. It felt like trying to squeeze into a dress four times too small while being shot through a crazy inner tube. She sighed in relief slumping onto the couch looking around the apartment curiously, "So you live here with Harry?" Darcy asked Luna.

"No, Steve lives here but he let us stay here last night. It was the only place I could think of to 'pop in' without curious eyes," Luna said sitting down beside her. Jane was in the bathroom praying to the porcelain god since apparently teleportation didn't agree with her weak stomach.

"So what's up chick," Darcy asked, "you looked like you have been carrying around something heavy," she continued.

Luna looked conflicted for a moment before she sighed, "It's Harry, I've been putting him in the most impractical outfits…still cute but very impractical and he hasn't said anything." Luna said.

"And that's a bad thing why?" Darcy asked.

"Well something happened to Harry a while ago, he died for a bit, ever since he hasn't been the same. He lets me get away with way too much and keeps treating me like he owes me something huge so he doesn't say anything about the outfits. But I want him to! I want him to not carry this around, I want him to fight me, to argue, but he doesn't. He just gives in!" Luna said sighing then she looked at Darcy beseechingly. "Do you know what I mean?" she asked.

"Yeah, I can see how that would be frustrating," Darcy said.

"He's holding things back and he's walling me out. He's never done that before. I keep hoping if I get him annoyed enough he would let something out. He has never been too great holding his tongue when he is upset," Luna said sighing again.

"Why don't you just ask him about it?" Darcy asked.

"He would clam up, Harry has never been good about opening up about things that are hurting him…I've always had to trick him into it. Something about this is different though, that's why I think he is so desperate to see his Dad," Luna said.

"Well, how about I help you out, I can totally do the annoying thing," Darcy said smiling.

Luna grinned back at her, "I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship Darcy," Luna said.

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