This is my first fan fiction so I'm really excited please leave me comments on if any body likes the story or not. Note I do not own fairy tail

Current Ages:

Lucy- the princess 5

Erza – the knight 8

Gray –the boy who loves ice 8

Chapter 1 The story begins

Once apon a time in a great beautiful kingdom known as the fiore lives a beautiful blond princess and her family king Jude, queen Layla, her two best friends her scarlet haired knight and a raven haired boy who unconsciously strips at the most random of times and loved ice. The princess loved her mother and father and thought of the knight and the ice boy as brother and sister. But one day something terrible happened the queen had gained a terrible illness that had no cure. Days of searching but no one knew how to cure the queen. She died three weeks after the illness was discovered leaving the young princess and king very sad. The king continued to rule but without his queen so he became cold hearted and ignored his daughter and only mentions or talks to her when it involves the kingdom. The princess became sad for she had not only lost a mother but a father as well. But the princess knew that she was not alone that she still had her knight, and the ice boy as well. But unknown to her that lies in her future is someone who will protect her and beat up any body who hurts her she will meet her dragon.