Hey everyone! New story!

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Warning: Slush, creature, M/M/M/M/M, powerful harry. I think that's all?

For the pairing do you think I would have Severus, and Tom R, Charlie w. Bill w. or Oc?

Ps. Draco and Lucius are going to be the mates. Choose two more.

Chapter 1

When I cry, it rains. When I get anger it storms. When I am hurt the sea goes wild. When I am tired the wind howls around me. I am cursed, to control the elements of the world. Fire, earth, water, and air, are just a few elements I have to worry about. My biggest fear is that I cannot control my powers, and people get hurt. I am afraid that if I don't find my mate soon, the world will be doomed.

~page break~

"Hey Ron! "I shout out running towards him with excitement, I have not seen my best friend since Hogwarts let out for the summer.

"Hey mate," he said as he wrapped his arms around me. I looked up at him, oh how he chanced. My big brother was now taller and more filled out. He lost his baby fat, and I could feel his muscles as he pressed me close to him. I looked up at him and he smiled down at me. He leaned down and pressed a small kiss against my forehead. I blushed and pulled away.

"Are you ready to go mate?" he asked me grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the train. I nodded bouncing a little; but before I could get on the train I smelt it. I looked around trying to find the source of the smell, but there were too many people. My tears started to well up, where was it. I looked around once more before Ron forced me onto the train.

"Harry mate? What is it?" he asked as I began to sob. I sniffed a couple of times before I could answer.

"He was there, my mate! I could smell him, Firewood, whisky and light male cologne." I explained crying. I felt Ron rub my arm soothingly.

"Shhh, it will be okay Jamie," He said using my nickname instead of Harry. I looked up at him and tried to smile, but I knew it was a fail.

"Ron, do you think I will ever smell him again?" I asked. Ron nodded at me and picked me up and set me on his lap.

"Yes Jamie, I am sure you will," He said rocking me in his arms. I buried my face into his shoulder and started to day dream about the angel from my dreams.

~Page break~

"Jamie wake up!" I heard Ron shout in my ear. I winced at the loud noise and tried to turn over to go back to sleep.

"Harry James Potter, if you don't wake up with instant I am going to throw you on the floor," I heard him hiss in my ear, I groan again lifted my head.

"Imawake" I mumbled, got up and stretched. After I finished stretching I plumbed back down lazily unto Rons lap. I heard Ron snort but he didn't complain, a few minutes later, I felt myself get sleepy.

"We will be arriving at Hogwarts in five minutes, leave your belongings we will take care of them!"

The announcer hollered. I got up and started to pace around, trying to wake myself up. Suddenly I smelled it; blueberry, fresh wine, and strong male cologne! I jumped up and stared at the door as it opened. Then Draco Malfoy swaggered it.