Dear fans, okay so I got equal votes for Bill W. Charlie W.. I have decided that I will use them and Lucius and Draco as Harry's mates. To those who wanted Tom to be a mate, so sorry to say he will not be a mate.




SUB: HARRY 1ST. Dom: Lucius 2nd. Dom: Draco 2rd. Dom: Bill 4th and Charlie 4th

Chapter 2

I was not prepared… When Draco came in I went into shock and attacked him. I didn't know how strong the call was supposed to be, and even if I had I would have still attacked him. His arms came around my smaller body holding me closer to him. I knew he felt it to, the pull and now our hearts being as one. I heard him whisper something to Ron, and then I heard the door open and saw Ron stumble out. As soon as he left, I relaxed myself against Draco, loving his body heat, which wrapped around me.

"Potter, what's going on?" he asked me gentle holding me. I felt a chill run through me as I snuggled deeper into him.

"Mine, my mate," I mumbled as if that explained everything.

"Okay Potter…" he started up I stopped him.

"Harry…" I told him, it already made me cringe when Draco called me "Potter." I hated the name Potter; it reminded me of what my father did to Snape.

"Okay Harry, it's time for us to get off," he mumbled into my shoulder. I was suddenly afraid… What if Draco didn't want me if I got up? What if he was mean…? Then because of my fragile heart, I burst into tears.

"Harry? What wrong?" Draco demanded. Just as I was about to answer the door opened and a very wet Ron came in. I couldn't help it; I burst into a fit of laugher. Ron's face turned bright red, and he start gripping about something. I think it was food, which made me laugh even harder. Then I heard the most beautiful sound. It was like harmony; I turned to look at Draco in amazement. Then to my disappointment he stopped.

"Stop looking at me like that Potter, yes I do laugh," he snapped rather harshly at me. I started tear up as I got off my mad mate. Draco picked himself up and started to head for the door. My heart started to break as I watched him walk out. I looked at Ron and he looked alarmed.

"Fuck," he muttered and hurried out the door. I down and curled into a protective ball, trying to stop myself from cursing myself until I bled. I made my mate mad. He didn't want me anymore. I burst into a dry sob. A minute later the door opened, and I smelled him again.

"Harry I wasn't anger… I just didn't want you to look at me the way you were," he said as he neared me. I looked at him with hope in my heart. Did he want me still…?

"You… Not mad?" I asked childishly. He shook his head no, and as I came out of my curled up position he pulled me into a tight hug.

"Come on we have to go," he said almost sweetly. I nodded against his shoulder and we walked out together. I could feel many of the other students staring at but Draco just held me tighter. He walked me to my seat and then walked back to his own house. Once he was a good couple of feet away, smelled two more heavenly scents. One was old spice, blood, and dark chocolate and the other was mint, caramel, and butter beer. I was in love. I looked up and to my surprise; two red heads were starting straight at me. I felt my cheeks reddening and the powerful pull, the same one I felt for Draco when I first saw him. I was suddenly out of my chair and both of the red heads where on the ground with me on top of them.

"Mr. Potter get of the Weasley boys right now!" Snapes voice snapped me out of my trance. I looked up at Snape, and blush.

"Umm, I'm sorry Bill, Charlie." I said as I stood up. They both grinned at me and I smelt Draco behind me. He came forward and I heard him mumble.

"Great, Potter and two Weasleyets as my mate, Wont my father have a field day."

Bill and Charlie grin widen. I smiled.

"So told you Charles, you own me 13 gallons," bill said and I burst out laughing, now if I can only find my other mate, the world will be perfect….