1. First encounter.

She was furious. Sitting in the backseat of her father's old, red car, a young girl called Sora Takenouchi stared out the window, her eyebrows furrowed, not really paying attention to the beautiful mountains surrounding her.

"Come on, Sora... it won't be that bad!" the man said, a sweet smile on his face, as he looked at his daughter's reflection on the rearview mirror. "You're going to have fun, you'll see."

The little redhead growled. She wasn't that sure of it. She was still angry at her mom for making her spend her whole Summer holidays with his father, in a small village, away from everything. She was just eleven, but she had already made plans with her best friend, a cute brunette called Mimi Tachikawa, and now, all were put to waste because her mother 'needed some time to herself' -meaning, of course, to herself and her only friend in a luxury bathroom hotel near the coast.

"Look, sweetheart... I know you wanted to hang out with that friend of yours..."

"Mimi." interrupted Sora, bluntly.

"...yeah, Mimi, Mimi..." mumbled Mr. Takenouchi, shaking his head. "But the point is that you'll make new friends here! Isn't it exciting?"

The girl pulled out a face, a big, fake smile; and then rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. "I'd much rather you coming over to Odaiba, that'd be a nice change."

The man sighed and focused his eyes on the road ahead, quickly driving into the town, uphill, till he saw the big, brown, traditional house he knew so well.

"Here we are!" he said with a wide smile, parking the car and getting out of it. He quickly opened the trunk to get all the suitcases both himself anf his daughter had brought.

Sora, on the other hand, had walked out of the car and now stared at the house with a frown. A woman opened the sliding door. Her grandma. Sora couldn't help but smile a bit. She always got some money from her.

"Is this my Sora? No, it can't be, my girl is shorter!" the old woman said with a big smile.

"It's me, grandma!" Sora laughed, running to hug her grandmother. "How are you?"

"Old, sweetheart. I feel old." but still, she laughed. "Why don't you go say hi to your grandfather?"

Sora bit her lip and nodded, then walking inside the house. She looked both left and right, the corridor leading to both directions. Then, she saw him. With a huge smile, both approached each other and Sora wrapped her tan arms around the old man's waist.

"Hi, grandpa! I see you're doing well, aren't you?"

"I certainly am, young girl. I hope you haven't forgotten how to play baseball. Your father told me you're into soccer now."

Sora nodded enthusiastically, wrinkling her nose in a cute grin.

"Your room is upstairs. It used to be your aunt's room, so it's not very boyish." they heard Sora's father speak.

Sora snorted. She didn't like how both her mom and now her dad wanted her to be all lady-like. She enjoyed sports as much as any boy in her class, and she could run faster than most of them... apart from Hiroki, but that was because he was in the Track and Field club. And she hated dresses. And pink. She hated pretty much almost everything her female classmates loved.

Still, the redhead ran upstairs to find her new room. The second floor was really small. If someone tall like her dad jumped, they could easily hit their heads with the ceiling. Sora supposed it had been added after the house was built. When she found the room she liked the most -the one she believed to be hers was too pink and full of flowers for her to like it-, she jumped on the bed, barefoot, spinning to contemplate the whole place. The walls were blue and they had tiny fish drawn all over them, along with small wooden horses and old toys. She let her fingers touch one of the pictures and realised the walls were covered in paper. Nice.

"Sora?" her dad was probably looking for her in her asigned room. His head popped in the room. "Oh, here you are! What, you like this room?"

The girl smiled and nodded. "Yeap. I'll sleep in here. You keep the pink one."

The man sighed but smiled anyways. "I can help you unpack."

"No, I can do it on my own." Sora jumped down the bed and motioned her father to walk away.

Half an hour later, Sora's clothes were neatly placed on the brown drawers of the room. She walked downstairs, a soccer ball under her arm.

"Dad! Can I go outside to play?"

"Sure, be careful though!" But before he could finish, she was already running out.

Soon enough she was kicking the ball against a wall, sometimes even hitting it with her head and chest. She was clearly concentrated on it, so she didn't notice him standing behind her, until he spoke.

"Hey! You're good... for a girl!"

Sora kicked the ball so hard that, when it came back towards her, she had to let it go and bounce on the concrete. The girl turned to face the boy, her eyes on fire.

"What was that supposed to mean? Us girls can be way better than you guys!"

"Let's see that, then!" the boy challenged. He was short, very tan, and his big mop of brown her made him stand out quite a bit. A pair of round goggles hung frm his neck and his brown eyes stared at her, defiant. A grin was plastered on his face, though Sora could tell he wasn't being cocky... just genuinely sure of how he could win her easily.

"Let's see that, then!" she mocked him, grabbing her ball and placing it between the two. "Best of five?"


The match was equaled. She stole the ball from him several times, and he had some good tricks up his sleeve. Sora lost, yes, but only by one point. She could've scored that fifth goal, but she slipped with some pebbles and nearly fell, and the brunette used that chance to steal the ball and score.

Both of them were now sitting outisde Sora's grandparents' house, drinking some lemon juice Sora's grandma had made and panting.

"I have to admit it, girl. You're good."

Sora smirked. "I'm the best of my team. And my name's not girl. It's Sora."

The boy smirked back. "I'm Taichi. It's been great playing with you, Sora."

The orange sky made his hair look darker, or at least Sora thought that. He stood up, leaving the glass next to the girl.

"Are you from here?" Sora asked, looking up at his potential new friend. He shook his head.

"No way. This is a sick place to spend the Summer, there are some cool kids here, but it'd be so boring in the Winter... no. I'm from Tokyo."

"Really?" Sora stood up, excitedly. "So am I! That's so cool! We could hang out in Winter then!"

Taichi smiled. "Now that would be great. I have to go now, though. Mom wanted me to look after Hikari tonight -she's my sister."

"Oh, great." Sora said, a bit disapointed. Her face lit up then. "We could play again tomorrow!"

"I'm meeting the guys tomorrow." he answered, making Sora's smile drop. "You can come though!" he said, quickly. "I can come pick you up at ten and I'll introduce you. They're real fun to be around, I promise."

"Wow, thanks, Taichi!"

"You should bring food, though!" Sora looked at him, a quizzical look on her face. "I've won! And I will come pick you up, come on, don't be mean!" he said, laughing.

"Ugh, baka!" Sora said, sitting down again but laughing as well. "I'll see you tomorrow, Tai!"

He smiled. "Yup! Take care!" he said, raising up two fingers in a peace sign and running away, down the street.

Sora sighed and smiled. That Taichi, he was a nice guy. Maybe her holidays wouldn't be that bad after all.


Well. This is my 'first story' in English. Like, long story. I hope there aren't any mistakes ^_^" And of course, I hope you like it! I am not sure how this is going to end, but anyways. Here you go!