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The soft sound of a clock ticked through my ears. I sat quietly in my dorm, my knees locked against my chest as my arms wrapped around them. Emptyness went through my mind, wandering through my past. Going through every step; being saved by Kaname; Kaname visiting me almost every day; being happy with him; and then when the headmaster brought Zero back soaked in blood. I remember when I took him into the bathroom and asked everytime for his permission to touch him. He was so quiet and pale with that awful sadness he had in his gray purple eyes.


When I helped him, stayed by his side, stopped him from destroying his neck with his bare nails, was I a new beginning for him as Kaname was for me? Zero has gone through so much, and I hurt him several times. So was I help to Zero, or should I never have met him? I knew deep down, maybe I had the same feelings for him as I did Kaname, but I never truely admitted it to myself. I always treated him as though he were my brother. Maybe even more than that. I always cheered him up, fed him my blood to keep him from deteriorating into a level E, and refused to let him hurt himself. Even going through so much with him through these passed four years, hes hardly opened up. But even so, I will open him up more and more, even if I have to take it slowly. I want to comfort him, but at the same time, deep down I want him to comfort me as well. I do have Kaname, and deep inside I love him very much, but I want to have Zeros warmth. I want him to say kind things to me, admire me, hold me close when I'm in tears. I couldn't help but feel selfish thinking about wanting all this. I honestly don't feel that I deserve his warmth. I had betrayed him so much, and I was stupid enough to not realize he was a vampire. But Zero thinks the same, I know it. I know he thinks he doesn't deserve me just because he thinks he hurts me everytime I let him feed of me, but I don't feel hurt. I feel like I'm some use to him, help, and if I didn't do this Zero might not be here with me. Zero is always shutting out people, but I want him to confess what hes feeling about everything. I want him to open up to me, speak me his feelings. I need him to. I want him to be able to be happy for once, and I want to be the one who makes him happy. I want to be the one who puts a smile on his face, but what I really needed to know was how? I had to find out how to help him more, understand him more. What a fool I am, I don't even know how to help him very well.

But before I could continue into my deep thoughts, Silent taps on my door brought me to reality once again.

"Yuuki. Its time for Dinner." Zeros deep voice echoed through my door.

"Thanks. I'll be out soon." I replied.

"Alright, hurry."

"Wait, Zero." I called out before he could leave."Come in, I want to talk to you." I put my knees down from my chest sitting criss cross.

He quietly turnes the knob, entering. His moonlight silver hair shined along with his purple, grey echoed eyes. He walks over to my bed, sitting down at the end.

"What it is it, Yuuki?" He had a worried look on his face.

"Do...Are you thirsty?" I did want him to quench his thirst, but before he had told me he had been able to tell my feelings by drinking my blood, and I wanted him to know how I felt. Again, I'm a fool for feeling this way. I should be able to come out and say it, tell him what I want to know and how I feel. But I was too afriad of how he would react. To afriad he would regect me this way, and shut me out even more.

A deep sigh leaves his lips.

"Yuuki, you need to stop giving yourself up to me like this. I shouldn't be able to just take it freely. I hate doing this to you." His face hardened, but went soft in only a matter of time.

I moved, my body facing him as my knees bent. I placed my hand lightly on his cheek, as his body was turned facing me.

"But I feel like I help you doing this. I don't feel as useless, even if I am. I don't to loose you, and don't denie it, don't say if you go then I won't care or I'll have Kaname. I really need you by my side. And who else would help me patrol the grounds? It would be a pain without you Zero!" I smile lightly trying to help him cheer up.

"But you really should take that worried look on your face, cause there's nothing to be worried about!" I say brightly.

"What, you don't want me to be worried about you, Yuuki?" He said softly. His moon purple eyes peircing me.

"Well," I look down. "I don't want you to just worry about me all the time, while you could be doing more within your time left, Zero." I look back up, smiling once again with my happy pink blush.

He frowns, dragging his feet from the floor onto the bed, grabbing my wrist and lowering it.

"Yuuki." He says lightly, lowering his lips to my neck.

"Just...a little." He mumbles, dragging his tongue lightly across my warm flesh sending chills down my spine. I close my eyes, enduring the Peirce of his fangs. Gulps echo into my ears as I force myself to think of all I have thought about tonight, letting them flow into Zeros head. After awhile he draws away, clutching my wrist tightly.

"Yuuki." He mumbles, frowning with a hard look in his eyes.


"Is this some kind of way of punishing me?" He says interrupting me.

"Wha-what do you mean?" I ask confused even if I knew what he was talking about.

"Your thoughts... Why would you want to put that into my mind?" He asks me coldy.

"Zero, I wasn't trying to I'm just..."

"Just, Just what? Afriad to not admit everything because you are in so much love with Kaname?" He nearly growls as he says his name.

"Zero! No! I-I'm afriad you will regect me and and put me in the dark even more! alright?! I hate the situations you put me in sometimes."

"But why? I thought you were in love with Kuran...You really feel that way?" The hardening in his face leaving.

"Yes, Zero!" I flip my wrist from his loose grip, pulling both hands up and clutching his hand tightly.

"I want you to open up to me! I want to be there for you when you are alone, I don't need you to be sad anymore! It hurts me, Zero. And not only that, but I feel like I need you there for me, each day I'm beginning to draw away from Kaname, like hes not the same Kaname I met 10 years again, and I want you to be the one there for me." My eyes begin to foam with tears.

"Zero, I-I-I love you!" I burst out. "I feel for you more than a brother, Zero, the reason I am feeding you my blood is because I don't know what I'd do without you!" Tears sputter from my eyes as I continued.

"Yuuki." He stares at me sadly. He drops his hand from my tight grip, and pulls me into a warm embrace. "You have no idea how long I have waited for you to say that." His hand caresses my head softly as I cry into his chest, clutching him back.

"Don't ever leave me, Zero." I whisper choking from the tears.

"I won't, Yuuki."

I look back up smiling, wet tears still dripping down my cheeks.

He leans down and kisses them away, leaving me a bit shocked.

"Enough. I don't want toy crying on my behalf anymore." He lightly says, leaning down and pressing his soft lips to mine. He hesitated, seeing if I would kiss him or not.

I immeditaly kiss back. It was passionate, the first I had ever truely had. We sat entranced until we had to break from air, sooner than I had wanted.

"C'mon the headmaster will get worried. I don't want him to have one of his freak attacks again and get his silly lectures." He steps up from the bed, holding his hand out. I place mine within his, helping me up. He locks our fingers together, leading me out. For once, I didn't feel worried about Kaname, or worried about how I felt with Zero. I felt happy to be with Zero, happy to be walking down the halls with my fingers together with his.

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