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It has been a week since me and Zero's last encounter, and he hasn't made a move on me since. When we had gotten to dinner that night he had dropped my hand and silently ate with no words. After, we separated with a single "Goodnight" and that was it. Not even a single smile at me. (Which doesn't surprise me much, since he doesn't smile often.) The least he could have done was look at me.

It slowly turned as before, with the silent scowling Zero who skipped duty almost all the time. Even when he decided to show up, we would walk around in an awkward silence or he would patrol inside, while I outside. I even tried bringing the subject up, hinting at it every time but he would avoid it and grumble something under his breath and run off to his dorm.

This upset me a little, making me feel alone more than ever. Even when Kaname came around, trying to give me one of his awkward hugs or a simple caress on my cheek, I would avoid him with an excuse and run off. I felt like Kaname had become over protective and I was a bit sick of him…All I really wanted was for Zero to speak to me the way he had that night. I just wanted Zero to hug me silently. I wanted him to caress his lips across my neck ever so sweetly. I wanted his lips to glide against mine in a silent forbidden kiss. I wanted him to be passionate towards me again. I even felt the need for his fangs to pierce my soft skin and let blood spill into his mouth as he inhaled it in. I wanted the warm sensation of his body against mine. I wanted him to hold me tight while I slept, head dug into his chest.

But why did I crave Zero so much? It surprised me every night as I lay alone in my empty room unable to sleep. It was something I never imagined thinking of. I always imagined him as a brother. Someone who would tease me as I got older, someone who would ruffle my hair and tell me "Its gonna be alright" When I would cry. But a simple spark stirred within me as soon as his warm tongue dragged across my neck when I dragged him into the bathroom and forced him to feed off of me. My true feelings. But tonight was different. I was going to confront him right then and there. I was sick of waiting for him to do something, tired of sitting alone in the dark. So selfish. A voice whispered within me. Always torturing someone with your own loneliness.

The moon glided upon the earth as me and Zero patrolled the school grounds. Good. He showed up. I wasn't expecting him to.

I looked up at him, staring at him uneasily as we walked silently down the courtyard.

"What?" He asked, his voice a bit rough and cold. "What are you staring at?"

I turned my head down quickly, staring at the ground. I wanted to confront him, but the words inside me felt like they were locked up in a cage unable to escape my lips.

"C'mon. If you have something to say come out and say it." He tore his eyes from me and continued walking, his hands dug deep inside his pockets.

"Oh I'm sorry, Zero." I blushed a bright pink, but was able to hide it with my hair surrounding my face as I looked downward at my shoes as they tapped against the cold ground.

I put my hands behind my back, clutching one finger with one hand tightly.

"Zero….?" I said softly, feeling my lips motion his name.

"What?" He growled his voice rougher this time, meaner you could say.

"God, Zero! Why are you so grumpy with all of us sudden?! I ask your name and you nearly yell at me!" I busted out, frustrated. He really was getting on my nerves tonight.

"And why are you avoiding me now?! We kissed that night and you cannot just deny it and pretend it never happened!" I nearly shouted through the empty campus.

"Quiet down. You'll wake up the whole school." He shifted; making sure his back was facing me, making no eye contact at all. And of course this was another one of his moments where he 'avoided the question with something else'.

I finally stomped my foot hard against the pavement.

"Why are you like this, Zero? Did I do something wrong? You are treating me even worse than before, ignoring everything I try and do nicely to you. Why are you so hard to please?!" The heat rose in my cheeks out of frustration.

"I just wanted your warmth and you reject me." I said softer, feeling the tears begin to prick at tip of my eyes. I took my eyes off of his back looking down at the ground before me.

"I thought maybe…I thought you would finally come out towards me. Tell me how you felt. Hold me tight in your arms as you snuck into my dorm to let me cry into your chest as I revealed my emotions to someone. I thought you would gently stroke my head as I fell asleep against you. I thought you would cry out to me. I thought you would trust me enough to tell me all of your feelings that you hide deep inside. I thought…I thought you would be my trusted lover. Or maybe I was just being selfish? Is that it?" Silence. Silence was all that come of Zero. No 'No your wrong! I do love you, its just-' and he would give me a good reason of why he was ignoring me again.

"So that's it?" I say softly as the tears began to run down my cheeks and hit the cold ground below me.

"You know Zero, most people would run off and yell at you, never wanting to speak to you again, but- I'll still be here. Waiting. Waiting for you if you need me. Because I'm your ally and I will always be on your side." And to that, I turned my back and walked off. There was no pulling of my arm into a warm embrace. Just the cold tears rolling down my cheeks as the wind blew them away. Feeling like I could crumble to the ground.

As soon as I had finished my prefect duties, I had walked back to my dorm early enough to get some sleep. As I finally reached my dorm room to which I shared with my best friend Yori, I felt a sudden urge of hesitation. Stopping my hand an inch from the door knob, I turned my back and decided to go to the guest room in the headma-I mean fathers private headquarters. I felt that I would break down into tears once again and it would wake Yori from her sleep, making her stay up later to comfort me and that was something she didn't need now.

I walked down the empty halls of the school and reached the private headquarters, opening the guest rooms door quietly just in case, I slid in. As I entered I slipped off my uniforms jacket and collared shirt beneath, revealing a white undershirt. Luckily I had left some pj pants in case I had come to stay again, since I had come many times when I had nightmares.

I untied my boots, sliding them off my feet and onto the floor beside the bed, slipping my knee high socks as well. I went to the night stand not far from the bed, grabbing the black pj pants I had left. Throwing them onto the bed, I pulled off my short skirt and pulled on the pants lightly, feeling a bit sore from duties. I folded my uniform and put it in the same place on the night stand where my pj pants were before. After, I pulled the warm fluffy covers down, sliding my frail body underneath them lying in the warm bed, being engulfed in the beds warmth. Even though the bed was such a nice place, it was nothing compared to what warmth Zero's body had given my empty one.

At this thought I slowly crumbled within once again, letting the soft tears foam into my eyes and pour out onto the pillow. I silently shook in emotional pain, feeling even more alone than before, feeling as though a chunk of me had been pulled away and thrown into a pile of dirt to rot and never be looked after again.

My thoughts were interrupted by the soft turn and click of a door, being able to tell the door had softly been opened. My eyes widened in shock as I thought for a second, was this my imagination, or was this who I thought it was? Was I in so much emotional trauma that I imagined someone entering?

Suddenly, as I felt as though I would crumble into a million pieces, I felt the soft warmth of another crawl into the bed which I lay in. Arms wrapping around my cold trembling body, and a soft whispered entered my ear.

"Yuuki." This voice. I knew this voice. It was his.

"Please stop crying." He caressed my waist softly against his. "I'm right here."

My body finally relaxed as I turned against him, facing who I thought it was. His hair gleamed in the moons shine through the window, along with his amethyst eyes. And for the first time in what felt like ages, a soft smile twisted into his lips. He them moved them to his the top of my forehead, placing a sly kiss against it.

"I'm sorry for hurting you." He said softly. "I'm just scared that if I'm closer than I already was, I might hurt you more than I have. But after tonight I obviously was wrong, and I promise you I won't do it again, okay?" He looked me into the eye, and gently smiled.

"What hurts me the most is to see you hurt." He pulled my head into his chest, clutching my tightly against him. I slid my arms around his body, letting the warmth engulf me once again.

All I could feel within me was happiness. He finally came back to me. But I was still surprised.

"Thanks, Zero." Was all I could say as I couldn't stay awake any longer. My mind slid into a deep slumber, taking in dreams of me and Zero holding hands together.

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