Author's Note: Inspired by googling random car images on the web. Title from the song Cars by Gary Numan.

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"Holy hell! I'm buying this car, Verg," Dante pulled back from pressing his face against the driver window -leaving a puff of fog against the glass.

"Where would we put it? We don't exactly have a garage."

Dante shrugged, eyes turning back to the car, "We'll build one. It's just, I've always wanted one of these!"

Vergil frowned when Dante turned his puppy eyes onto his stoic form.

"Please, pretty please? I swear I'll take care of it. I'll clean it everyday and put gas in it and change the oil and-"

Vergil held his hand up, "I understand your point, Dante," Vergil glanced over at the car in question, "I suppose we can purchase it."

Dante's eyes lit up excitedly, "You are seriously the best, Verg!"

"I know," Vergil sighed.


"Here's the piece de resistance!" Dante pulled the tarp off with a flourish.

"Awesome! Wait, what is it?" Nero frowned glancing at the oddly shaped car.

"It's a Delorian," Lady rolled her eyes, "these went out in the '80's, Dante. Why did you buy one?"

Dante stood as tall as possible and thrust his pointer finger in the air, "To go... back! To the future!"

Trish groaned, "Sometimes I think you must be high."

"Hey, that is an excellent trilogy," defended Dante, stroking the Delorian's hood, "besides, Vergil said I could get it."

Everyone, except Dante, turned to face the blue clad halfbreed.

"What?" he raised an eyebrow.

"I can't believe you," Lady shook her head.

"Dante is right though. The Back to the Future trilogy makes for excellent movies," Vergil gave a sideways glance towards the car.

"You too, huh?" Trish grinned.

"What exactly is Back to the Future?" Nero cut in.

All eyes turned to him, disbelief etched on every face.

"That's it!" Dante grabbed Nero by the arm and started to pull him into the house, "movie night!"

Vergil tossed the tarp back onto the car before following Nero and Dante into the house, leaving Trish and Lady on the sidewalk.

"It is a pretty cool car," Lady admonished, gazing at the Delorian's covered body.

"Yeah, just don't let them know it," Trish smiled, nodding in the direction of the Devil May Cry office.

Nero slid open a window and stuck his head out, "Are you guys going to join us?"

"Sure, not like we have a mission right now," Trish looked over to Lady, who shrugged.

The two devil huntresses made their way into the office, Lady giving one last glance at the tarp covered car outside.


I love the Delorian and Back to the Future is one of my favorite movies (obviously). lol

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