Author's Note: Inspired by Gotye's Somebody That I Used to Know. Catchiest song known to man.

Disclaimer- Ivory Tears doesn't own Devil May Cry, nor does she profit from this work of fiction.


Somebody That I Used To Know

"No, not this song!" Dante and Nero groaned.

"I just happen to like this song," Trish smiled a little too brightly as she turned the volume up.

"Me too," Lady grinned, laughing at the look on the guys faces.

"You didn't have to cut me off, make it like it never happened and that we were nothing," Trish sang along with the radio, ignoring the complaints from the back seat.

{30 Seconds Later}

"No, you didn't have to stoop so low. Have your friends collect your records and then change your number. Guess that I don't need that though. Now you're just somebody that I used to know," the group sang together.

"I knew you guys secretly liked this song," Lady cackled, pulling up at the DMC office.

"It's just catchy," Nero folded his arms, glaring at her through the rear view mirror.

"Lady, you treat me like a stranger and I feel so rough," Dante placed his hand over his heart.

She rolled her eyes, "You're an idiot."

Trish laughed as they all climbed out of the vehicle and made their way into the office.


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