Everyone has secrets, but my two best friends and I share all of them. My best friend, Danny Fenton, is half ghost and the town's hero Danny Phantom. My other best friend downloads illegal music. And me, well I'm in love with Danny, only Tucker knows that, and I'm rich, they both know that, but I have other secrets that even they don't know.

"Sam!" Tucker yelled at me and got me out of my daze.

"Yes Tucker." I said annoyed.

"Did you hear, there's a new student today, I hope she's hot." Tucker daydreamed, and I and Danny laughed. We were in Mr. Lancer's first period class, but we were early, so we were just talking.

"Yea Tucker, because you have the best chance at getting with her." Danny said sarcastically."

"Whatever man, at least when I like a girl, I make a move." Tucker shot back.

"Wait, what girl." I said. Did Danny like another girl?

"Um, no one, so Sam, I like your outfit." Danny changed the subject.

"Umm, thanks." I had on tight black leather pants, a purple tank top, and a black leather jacket. I had on my usually boots and purple earrings and necklace and nail polish.


"Good morning class," Mr. Lancer said as he walked into the class. "We have a new student today, this is Amy Robinson." My heart stopped as soon as she walked in. What is she doing here, that bitch? She walked in the room; she had long brown straight hair and gray eyes with tan skin. She was wearing skinny jeans and a pink off the shoulder shirt that said "everything is okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end" in black. I remember that shirt; I'm the one who gave it to her.

"So, Amy, what brings you to Amity Park?" Mr. Lancer asked.

"My father job got moved, and he needs something that he can only find here." She glanced at me.

"Well, how about you go sit behind Samantha Manson, Sam, raise your hand please." I did as I was told and slow raised my hand. She smiled and walked to the chair behind me, as some jocks looked at her butt and hooted.

She sat down behind me and Tucker was the first to speak.

"Hi, I'm Tucker Foley, that's TF for to fine." He winked, and she laughed.

"Hi Tucker." She smiled.

"And these are my best friends Danny and Sam." He pointed at us.

"Hello Danny, and." She paused for a moment. "Sam."

"Hey." Danny smiled and waved.

"Hi." I said through my teeth. I can't act like we've known each other for years; we have to act like strangers around people.

"Now class, turn to page 38 in your history books." Lancer said.

During class, someone placed a note on my desk. Five buck says it's the bitch behind me.


I know you're really pissed off at me, and that's why I'm here. We need to talk, during lunch?


What did I tell you? I crumbled the note in my hand and put it in my jacket pocket. Then another note was placed in my desk.


Are you ok, you seem off, and what's up with you and Amy? Is there something we need to know?


I smiled at his concern, and wrote on the back on the note.


I'm fine, and there's no need to worry. Now stop passing notes to me and listen, you already have a C in this class.


I placed it on his desk and I heard him laugh, so I smiled.

(Lunch time)

The trio, Danny, Tucker, and I, were all sitting at our usually table. Danny and I on one side, and Tucker on the other. Then I felt a bad vibe come behind Tucker.

"Hey, mine if I join you?" Amy asked with her perfect smile.

"Yes" I said.

"No" Tucker said. We said it at the same time.

"Um, ok." She said and sat down next to Tucker.

"So, how do you like Amity Park?" Danny asked as I picked at my food and glared at Amy, but she ignored me.

"Oh, I love it, I haven't been here in years." She said.

"You've been here before?" Tucker asked.

"Oh yes, I had a friend here, but she hates me now." She glanced and me, and I smiled at her correct answer.

"Oh, how could she hate you, your amazing?" Tucker flirted.

"Oh, maybe because you don't know her the way her friend does." I interrupted.

"Or maybe, if she would listen to me for two seconds and explain, she would forgive me." Amy shot back.

"Maybe there's nothing good you have to say!" I started getting up, so did she.

"Maybe I didn't have a choice!"

"Everyone has a choice, and yours got someone killed!"

"Well maybe he's not dead!" everyone was silent at my table.

"What?" I felt tears in my eyes, but head them back.

"Jake is alive, and he told me to give you this." She reached in her bag and pulled out a black necklace with an angle wing and a note. I slowly took it and sat back down, and read the note.

Hey angle, haven't seen you in a while. Just wanted to tell you that I'm alright, and to trust Amy, all isn't what it seems. I understand if you fell out of love with me too, but you're still my angle.


Tears streamed down my face. It was the same necklace he was gonna give me before he, or I thought he, left us. I put on the necklace and I looked up at Amy.

"OK, we need to talk, but not here." I said and whipped the tears out of my eyes.

"I agree, but not here." She said and started to get up.

"Hold up, what's happening." Tucker said.

"And who's Jake." Danny said with jealousy.

"Come with us, we will explain at my house." I said and grabbed him arm.

"Wait, how can we trust Danny and Tucker, one of them is half ghost for crying out loud." Amy whispered.

"Wait, how the hell did you know that and who is Jake?" Danny asked.

"Jake is Sam ex-lover and I know that because of my job." Amy said.

"Wait what!" Tucker and Danny said in union.

"Ex- lover!?" Danny yelled whispered.

"Come on, we will tell you at my house, this place is to public." I said and dragged them out of the building. So the secrets will spill after all.