"What the heck was that noise!" I said as Danny and I ran into my closets secret room.

"Um, hi." Tucker was hiding an ecto- cannon behind is back and Amy was standing behind a huge hole in the back wall.

"What the hell! Are you trying to wake up my grandma! You guys are lucky my parents aren't home." I pinched my noise and took a deep breath. "How did this even happen?"

"Well, Tucky overhear wanted to practice his shoot. Using a canon. I told him not to, but he didn't listen. Long story short, there's a hole in your wall now that leads into your changing room." Amy explained.

Jesus "Look, I'm not in the mood to deal with this. We should all be getting to bed, it's getting late."

"Yea, we have some ass kicking to do tomorrow!" Amy pumped her fist in the air.

"Yea, sure. We can all sleep in the planning room on the floor. I'll go get some sleeping bags and pillows." I started walking back towards my bedroom.

"I'll help you." Danny jogged to catch up with me.


We were getting blankets out of the hallway closet when he started talking.

"So, we never really finished our conversation on the roof Sammy."

"Yea, well, it's pretty easy to get interrupted when a canon goes off in your lair." I giggled.

"Well, can we continue?" I pretty sure the leaning in to kiss thing was just my over hopping imagination.

"Oh, I don't know, I never really got to guess who you love, and you never got to guess the right answer for me." He took the pillows out of my hand and put them on the floor then he took my hand and we sat down on the blankets.

"Danny, why is it so important that you know who I love anyway?"

"Because I'm your best friend and I need to make sure he's not an ass." He smiled at me.

"Well, he's not." I smiled back.

"Good to hear."

We stared at each other for a while until I remembered that Tucker and Amy were waiting.

"We should, um, get going." I said.

"Yea, sure Sammy."


"Gee, what were you guys doing, making children?" Tucker said as Danny and I dropped the blankets and pillows on the floor.

"No you perv." I glared at her.

"Well, I know you wanted to." Tucker stated and then Amy and him busted out laughing.

"Shut up guys." Danny glared at them and I subconsciously started biting my thumb.

"OMG, Sammy, you still bite your thumb when you're nervous? Some things never change." Amy said as she started setting up her sleeping area.

"Whatever, it's a ha-"wait a minute. Hadn't Danny said the girl he loves bites her thumb when she gets nervous? I looked over at him, Tucker and him were also setting up their sleeping areas. Danny looked up and winked at me.

I can't be the girl, can I?


"Night my lovelies!" Amy yelled. We were all laid out on the floor in our blankets and pillows. I was on the edge, followed by Danny, Tucker, and then Amy.

"Night" Danny, Tucker, and I said together.

I must've laid there awake for an hour before I heard him call me.

"Sam?" Danny whispered. I turned over so I was facing him.

"Yea?" I whispered back.

"You awake?"

"Yea, you?"


Neither of us said anything for a few minutes.



"Why can't you sleep?"

"I'm nervous about tomorrow." I seriously was. "What if we don't make it? What if we don't find Jake? What if someone gets hurt?" I looked away from him.

"Sam, Sam look at me" I looked up at him. "Come here." He open him arms and lifted his blanket up. I crawled under it and we put our arms around each other.

"Sam, everything will be ok. I'll fight till the death to keep you safe." He stroked my hair.

"I know." I snuggled into him. "Everything will always be ok if I have you."


Why the hell did I just say that?

"I- I mean, I know you'll keep me safe, is all." I started biting my thumb.

He took my thumb out of my mouth and kissed it. KISSED IT!

"You always bite your thumb when you nervous, and your pinky when you're excited. "

"I- I um" I was at a loss of words, thankfully he kept talking.

"Whenever you smile or laugh really hard, I can see your beautiful dimples. You're my Miss Independent, my hero, my inspiration." He looked me in the eyes. "My love."

Breathe Sam, breath. In, out, in, out.

"Danny I-" but I was cut off. You wanna know how he cut me off? Well, he kissed me. OMG he kissed me!

It took me two seconds to start kissing back. We stayed like that for a few minutes before we pulled apart. I snuggled into his chest.

"I love you too." Then I drifted into sleep.