Quenched by the Red Water Alchemist Teaser

Hello guys so it took me a while but I've decided to make this a part of a series of stories. I think I might need a name for it though because it's an angst series involving the Elric Brothers. They all go through different challenges. So like I said, I'll start working on this after I finish Fire Emblem Awakening and get far in my Professor Layton Fan Fic! Please enjoy a small teaser from the next story in the series!


His eyes were a violent red. This man had seen a lot. Edward could tell. "My name is Doctor En Renzo. But I'm really known as the Red Water Alchemist."

Edward felt his whole body go numb due to the amount of fear inside him. His brother also seemed terrified. This man...could really use deadly Red Water. It didn't even seem possible!

"Alphonse," Edward's voice cracked "I want you back...now!"

Alphonse gasped. His brother sounded so serious and nervous. "B-brother, we can't possibly take him on like this! H-He could kill us both with just one little drop of that Red Water!"

En Renzo indeed had buckets of Red Water by him and in his hands. What was so incredible was that he wasn't wearing a mask or anything! It was like his body was immune to it.

Edward suddenly clapped his hands and transmuted his Auto-mail into a sharp blade and prepared himself. "Kekekeke! Do what your brother has told you Alphonse Elric! We wouldn't want that Blood Seal to get wet now would we?"

Edward and Alphonse went into deep shock. He knew! He knew that Alphonse was just armor! Edward growled trying hard not to charge at him without a plan. "D-damn you! Where did you get all this information!?" he yelled.

En Renzo remained silent and that scared both of them. It was like the man was bipolar. One minute he was laughing like a mad man and the next moping around like he was depressed. "Are you thirsty, Fullmetal?"

Edward glared at him, "No..."

A crooked grin covered En Renzo's face as he lifted a heavy bucket full of Red Water. "Really are you sure child? Because it looks like...you could use A DRINK!" the man suddenly charged and with all his strength threw the bucket of water at Edward. When it about reached him half way he raised his hands and made the water lift upward catching Edward off guard. Alphonse knew exactly what was about to happen and rushed in and grabbed his Brother.

The water splashed right in front of the Elric Brothers and missed them. But a single drop was able to touch Alphonse's armor. When it hit it began sizzling and then burnt a hole in his armor.

En Renzo frowned, "Ah...well that's no fun...dodging my Red Water like that..."

Well what do you think should I make this part II? Oh and if this is going to be part II I don't know if this will be in the final version or not! Please review and thanks again to everyone that followed!