Chapter 1.

Summary: At Volterra Academy, school for the gifted, Edward is a fiery and passionate individual, and he can manipulate fire. Bella is cold and distant and is deadly with her ice powers. Everything about him unnerves Bella, especially the fact that his powers and abilities rival even hers. Deeply entrenched is a bond that neither of them can deny. And as they say, opposites attract.

"Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice." -Robert Frost

I'm walking down a dark corridor. It's pitch black, and I can't even see the white of the sleek boots I'm wearing. I feel unusually cold, and that's a statement for me. I'm shivering, but I keep walking. My destination remains unknown. All of a sudden, there's light, similar to the light at the end of a tunnel, only this one has an unnatural glow. My speed quickens to find the light only to realize that the light I had seen was fire.

The blaze grows hotter and brighter and begins to encircle me. A form steps out from among the flames in the shape of a person. I back away as the person begins to look more human-like. It has bright green eyes, the only noticeable characteristic. The person of fire grows nearer, and I can't move back anymore. I'm too close to the ring of fire behind me. Dangerously close.

His hand reaches out and grasps hold of me, and I let out a scream. Agonizing pain like nothing I've felt before runs through my body. Heat courses through my body as I try to escape his hold with no avail. I'm crying and screaming as the fire runs from his hand, following the course of my arm. There's no pain like being set on fire, and it's a painfully, indescribable feeling. I watch as my body lights on fire, and all I can do is watch and feel. There are those green eyes again and that's the last thing I see before I'm consumed.

I wake up with a jolt. My blanket is a pool at my feet, and the wrinkled sheets indicate a wrestling. With trembling fingers, I feel the skin of my cheeks. No heat or warmth.

Alice comes running in, and I do mean in. She runs through the wall separating our two rooms, completely forgoing any privacy rules. "Bella, are you alright?" She asks. Her face is full of concern as she sits on the edge of the bed.

"I heard screaming." Rosalie bypasses the privacy of my room in a more civilized way by using the door, but then again, not everyone can just walk through walls or other objects. Alice is kind of different, but I guess we all are. That's why we're here. Rose looks effortlessly amazing as if she hadn't been suddenly woken up at- I glance at the clock- 2:41 in the morning. Beauty is her forté, though.

"I screamed?" I question. It's difficult, but I relive it in my mind. Yes, I suppose I did scream. Who wouldn't if they were being lit on fire?

Alice rubs my back soothingly as Rosalie joins us on the bed. Rose takes my pillow and lies back across the bed. She mutters, "I usually have to turn a pillow to its other side because it too warm. With you, it's the opposite. Damn cold pillows…"

Alice ignores her. "Was it another… dream?" She's hesitant to say the word. I'm hesitant to talk about the dreams. When I nod, she sighs. "You've had a lot of those lately."

"This is only the third one," I say.

"What can be so bad about these dreams that you're shrieking in your sleep?" Rose questions, pulling at a loose thread of my pillow. She snags the thread and lets it fall from her perfectly manicured, red nails to the floor.

I pull my knees to my chest and wrap my arms around them. "Not now. I don't want to talk about it," I reply.

Rose sighs. "Well I'm tired." She rolls over, and her back is facing us.

"Go to bed," I tell them.

They don't complain as they stand up to leave. Rose exits through the door and Alice phases through the wall back to her room. I let out a sigh and remind myself that it's only a dream. I lie back on the pillow that's a little warmer than it was before, thanks to Rosalie. Within a few seconds, it's back to the temperature I like it at. I close my eyes, but sleep doesn't come.

I lie in bed for at least half an hour, noticing strange patterns in the ceiling before giving up on sleep. I make my way over to my desk. I turn the lamp on, and open my Mythology textbook to a random page. The first name I come across is Hestia, Greek goddess of the hearth. Fire. Feeling a little overwhelmed, I close the book. Instead, I settle onto the window seat that's been cooled by the window that had been left ajar. It's a cool night in mid November, and I lean against the glass of the cold window and brace myself for another sleepless night.

I exit my room when I hear Rosalie moving around in the kitchen. When I enter the kitchen, I find that Alice is here as well. I hadn't heard her wake up. Usually, she's a late sleeper, even if we have class. Class isn't for another forty-five minutes. I sit at the countertop next to Alice who's currently pouring sugar into her coffee, as if she needs any to get this day going. She's the most energetic person I know, unless she's sleep deprived. I hope I didn't keep her from getting more rest earlier.

Rose slides a cup of steaming hot coffee my way. As soon as I hold it in my hand, I cool it down some to a little above room temperature. I don't like my drinks too hot.

I take a sip of the drink and find it to my liking. Rose takes the spot on the other side of me. Both look at me expectantly. "What?" I ask.

"Surely you're going to tell us at least some of why you woke us up so early this morning with your screams. You know how I enjoy my beauty sleep." Rose replies.

I snort. "It's not like you need it anyway."

She rolls her eyes without disagreement. "True." She isn't the humblest person around. "But I still need a response."

"It was a nightmare," I finally say.

Rosalie looks at me, expecting more information. Alice voices it. "What made it a nightmare?"

"Fire. Lots of it." I reply.

Alice rests her elbow on the counter top. She absentmindedly swirls the stirrer around in her coffee, creating a whirlpool effect. I focus on the ripples of the liquid as Alice speaks. "Well she does manipulate ice. I suppose fire would turn a dream into a nightmare for her." Her words have a mocking edge to it. I know she's just cranky.

She was telling an abridged version though. Not only can I manipulate ice. I can also manifest it. That's my ability. Everyone here at Volterra Academy is gifted. We live on campus here, and we were all chosen individually for our… talents. In addition to regular classes, we also take at least one special class suited to our abilities. I'm a 3rd year student at the academy, so I'm taking three special classes. I take an elemental class every day after my regular studies. On Mondays and Wednesdays I take a combat class after the elemental one, and Tuesdays' and Thursdays' afternoons are spent in my mythology class.

"I was lit on fire," I tell Alice, expounding upon my previous statement. The pain still feels so fresh, so real. Even more so this time than last week. That's when I had the first dream.

Alice's eyes widen in horror, and Rosalie speaks the words that Alice cannot say. "Was this the same dream as before?"

I nod and pick up my mug. "Essentially, yes. However, it was worse this time. In the previous dreams, I saw the fire, but I wasn't as close to it. There was a person that walked from the flames towards me. This time, the flames had a definite human form, and green eyes. This was the first time I noticed the eyes. The flames were hotter, brighter this time, and then it… or he touched me. Do you know how it feels to be burned alive?" I don't realize that my hands are shaking until Rosalie removes the cup from my hand and places it on the table.

"…Uncomfortable?" Alice offers.

Rosalie shakes her head. "It's only a dream, B."

I sigh. "That's what I keep telling myself, but I don't know. It felt so weird."

"Do you think the dream meant something?" Alice questions.

I laugh dryly. "I'm an elementalist, not a clairvoyant, Alice. I've probably been eating some bad fish or something before I go to sleep. We did have sushi last night."

Alice glances at the digital clock that rests on a small bookcase that sits on the countertop. "We should probably get going. We only have twenty minutes to get to class, and I haven't even showered yet." On the shelf below the clock rests a calendar. Today is Tuesday. I have my mythology class today, and I haven't even studied up on the next section yet. I'll make time to do so before that class though, I always do.

Out of the different fields, I'm the top person in my designated elemental field. As long as I stay on top of work in all classes, I can keep my position. And it feels great to be on top.

After we get ready, the three of us head to the main building with five minutes left to spare. Gladly, our first class is one that we all share, and it's towards the front of the building.

When the three of us enter the literature class, we take our seats at the back of the room with Emmett and Jasper, Rosalie's and Alice's respective boyfriends. The five of us form a group, and we don't too much associate with others outside of our group.

Thank goodness Jasper's here. It's kind of unusual to have family members at the academy, but Jasper and I are cousins. We had both been invited to attend here, although he received the invitation first.

The bell rings, and the teacher begins his lecture. About five minutes into it, the door opens and in walks James. His dirty blonde hair hangs in his face, as he sits in an empty seat, either ignorant of the lesson going on or not caring about it.

I turn to Jasper. "When did Hunter get back?"

Jasper keeps his eyes focused on the board, so as not to draw any attention to us. It's almost as if Mr. Porter has eyes in the back of his head sometimes. Jasper replies, "This morning, I think. Headmaster Aro has returned as well. I think they recruited someone."

James Hunter is always going on recruitment missions. He's able to sense another person's power. So long as a person uses their power, James can sense it. He and Headmaster Aro typically find and recruit people. They were the ones who showed up to recruit Jasper and I.

I'm watching Hunter, my eyes glued to the back of his form as he suddenly glances over at Mr. Porter. It's not as if James was paying any attention before now, so I wonder why he took a sudden interest in him.

"There will be no talking in my class," A voice suddenly says from behind us. A copy of Mr. Porter stands behind us. Porter #2 points to the board in front of us, as the original Mr. Porter continues his lecture, without once faltering. Having a teacher duplicate himself is a bit of a drag, but I have to admit, our teachers are very good at what they do. Most of them went to school at the academy as well when they were younger and decided to come back to teach. The ultimate goal of our being at the academy is a mastery over our abilities, and I'm on my way to doing just that.

Class ends roughly an hour later, but the five of us stay behind to converse.

"If Aro and James have returned, does that mean there's a new student?" Alice inquires.

Jasper gathers his books from the table as he responds, "Probably. Who wouldn't turn down the opportunity to learn more about yourself, to finally understand why you were so different from others?" For Jasper, that reason really hits home.

"We can't just let everybody in here though. Dorm space is limited, and not everyone is welcomed here." I retort. Jasper and I are sometimes butting heads on ideas.

Emmett joins the conversation. "Some people here can be friendly."

I roll my eyes at his naïvety. "Well you won't see me waving a welcome banner for the new kid. I doubt they'll be that powerful anyway. They'll probably end up blending in with the rest of the fillers." Fillers are what we call the people whose powers rank a two or a one. They serve no purpose other than to fill the school with more people. We could do without them here, and they serve no threat to the more powerful people. A class list is posted ever so often with our names and ranks or levels. I've always been a five, the highest you can be. Emmett's a number five as well. Rose, Jasper, and Alice are fours. The more you practice and improve your ability, the higher your level will be. Few people change though. I've been here since the 1st year class, and I've yet to change from my perfect score of five and the top spot in the elemental category.

From that class, I head to History. The five of us part ways, as I usually head straight to class, and they like to linger. I'm walking down the hallway, when someone bumps into me, causing all of our books to drop.

Immediately, the guy bends down to get the books. "Sorry," He says. He sorts through the different books, as I wait for him to hand me mine, since he caused me to drop them. It's the least he could do for the rudeness. His reddish-brown hair looks unruly and as if he'd been running his hands through it a lot. He gets mixed up for a moment, as to whose books belong to whom. With a sigh and the roll of my eyes, I bend down to take my books from his hands.

"Sorry," He apologizes again. "I'm still trying to find my way around. I'm new here."

My curiosity is piqued. He hands over the books, and our fingers briefly touch. I recoil away from him at the heat. He does the same. I know my blood runs a little cooler than most people's, however, he is warmer than most people are. But I can't say anything for sure. What standards would I judge him by? None of us here are exactly the norm of American society… or society in general.

Either way, the thought of the new kid here before me is a little too interesting to pass up. I mentally plan a sort of initiation as a way to welcome the new kid. Something involving good ol' humiliation. He seems too trusting and eager for this not to work well. But then, I look up at him to find a set of piercing green eyes staring back at me in nervousness. I stop dead in my tracks. Those are the same green eyes as the figure from my dream had.

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