The way to love anything is to realize it may be lost.

-Gilbert K. Chesterton

Because just for a moment, she knew he was there. That he would never give up on her.

Because just for that moment- they were together.

Even though it was more than just a wall that separated them—she felt his heartbeats and the light touch of his fingertips on hers. It was as through he was just in the other room. Not lost among the thousands of universes and stars and galaxies.

And she would hold onto that. She would lock this memory deep within her mind and never forget—never forget the way his eyes were so old on a face so young. She would never forget the way he smiled when he looked at her, those beautiful old eyes so full of life and love—but broken at the same time. She would never forget the way it felt to have his arms wrapped around her, the security she felt and the strength he had while she was with him. She would never forget the adventures through time and space—or the beauty of a single star lost in the universe.

She would never forget the love she felt for the Doctor.

Never in a million years.

And she prayed, that somehow—he would find someone to be with him. Because she knew that he could never do it alone. And even though she wanted nothing more than to be the one with him, to never leave his side and never have say goodbye… Something inside her, inside her breaking, sobbing heart—told her that he was never really hers to love from the start.

Something inside her wished the Doctor happiness- even if she knew she could no longer feel the same without him.

Rose Tyler loved the Doctor… a man she barely knew, but had somehow known her whole life. She had fallen in love with the last Time Lord in existence, and now she had been ripped from his life with a fleeting gasp- her life a single, brilliant flame in the long past of his existence.

And she knew she could never truly be happy without him by her side.

But now, as she cried against the wall—begging to go back. To see him one last time. To say goodbye. She knew he was on the other side, and she knew that she would never be forgotten. She knew that they would never really be apart—because when someone has made such an impact in your life… they would always be a part of you.

But just for that moment… they were together again.

And that was good enough for her.

A/N: Well- This drabble obviously takes place during Doomsday. Just a simple idea that I had while watching the episode- my first Doctor Who fic (how exciting!). I'll probably come back and edit it someday... but until then- enjoy :)

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