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*Unknown person P.O.V.*

Name: Rose Wilde Age: 11 Additional details: Rose is also known as Rosie by her best friend Jenna Holt. While giving birth her mother, Guinevere, died. Her father, Christopher, never forgave her for it either.

"Interesting girl... I'll take her!' I said with a matter of satisfaction. My father gave me a worried look. "*****, are you sure? She'll be your first human. Why don't you pick Madeline Kimberly? Look, she's a straight A student, has a cat named Calypso, and she's amazing at ballet.' My father said trying to convince me, but I had my heart set on Rose Wilde.

*Rose's P.O.V.*

July 15th 1995 Today is my 11th birthday and nothing is going right. My father didn't say a word to me this morning, well, actually I'm not surprised. Father is always blaming me for my mother's death. "Rose, get down here and clean the fire place.' My father, Christopher, yelled. I swept my long brown hair in a high ponytail. Time to start the day I suppose.

~Time Skip 12 Years Later~

"Rose, I don't see how a 23 year old woman can watch an anime.' My friend Jenna said. She always got an me about watching a 'kid show'. Its Death Note, I really don't see how its a kid show! I mean there's cursing, death, and major hottness from one of the main characters. Yes, I'm Rose, a 23 year old unemployed woman, who loves an anime character named L. "Jenna, I dont see how a 24 year old woman can be so uptight. Just have fun at times.' I told her while picking up my water colors. "Ok, well Rose, I'm leaving because its late. Bye Rose!' Jenna waved and walked out the door. I looked at the clock at it was 11:05. 'Its only 11:05... wow time went by fast.' I muttered to myself. I started clearing away my paintings and sketches, when I got a text from someone.

x1x-xx2-x3xx 11:11 Rose, Make a wish!

I closed my eyes and thought really hard about it and finally finished my wish.

xx3-x2x-xxx1 Hope your wish comes true!

'This was really weird but its getting late and I should probably get to bed.' I muttered yet again to myself. I slipped into a tank top and some pajama pants. 'Off to bed.'

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