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A/N: These are my entries for Zutara Month 2012; I'm grouping them together since they're generally quite short (most are 100-word drabbles). The first entry (If the Sky's Gonna Fall Down) is a separate story because it's longer. These entries stand on their own and aren't meant to be sequential, although some of them can be considered to take place within the same timeline if you squint.

He always leaves her asleep beneath the sun's first rays, peaceful but alone. She manages.

Every day, he must be back in his own room by the time the servants arrive, lest they be discovered. He manages.

This time, however, her blue eyes watch as he stands before the window. The sun rises to greet him like a friend, his form shielding her face from its glare. Around him, the light's frame is like a halo, enveloping every dip and crest of the body she knows with her fingers, her tongue, and her heart.

"I'll be back tonight."

"I know."