Okay, I know it is probably stupid to start ANOTHER story when I already have the other six to do, but I CAN'T TAKE IT! All these new ideas are swimming in my head, and they have no other place to go except on my keyboard and my computer. The Good news is I am out of my writers block funk, and I am back to writing chapters for other stories again.

But I got the idea for this story after watching an episode of BONES, so I just had to write it, after all, you know the feeling where you get that nagging voice in your head that won't leave you alone until you write something. Well that has happened to me more than once. And I have decided to listen to it again.

But I hope this one turns out as good as my other ones. Who knows, maybe it might turn out even better.

Anyway, Enjoy this new story.

Konoha was like any other village, its walls were high to keep out any invaders. The streets were always alive with activity. Some of it was from shops that refused to close until all of its customers were happy. Some was from people who decided to greet each other as if there was not a care in the world. But for one Naruto Uzumaki, life was not the same for him as it was for the people around him.

You see, he was always alone, even from birth he never had anyone in his life. No parents to clothe and take care of him. No form of family to keep him sheltered. Not even a document that stated who he was or where he came from. All he knew was that he was alone, and that it had been that way for as long as he could remember. But unlike most orphans, he seemed to be more disliked than most of the civilians. He often noticed how some of them even seemed to be...afraid of him. Which was something he could not understand.

How could they be afraid of him? He was just a small five year old boy. Hell, he even had these bursts of hyperactivity which was not common in most orphans, if anything it shouldn't happen. But Naruto was an extraordinary case.

Which in fact, led him to go on an amazing journey. And you must ask yourself, what makes a hero? In my opinion, a hero is someone who no matter what, would never stop fighting for his cause, and would lay down his life for his family and friends until he breathed his last breath.

Many of you may ask what this has to do with Naruto at all, but the truth is, his story begins, at the age of five, when he came across an old abandoned store in Konoha. And what he found in there, would change his life in ways no one could ever think possible.

Naruto's POV

Naruto had left the orphanage that had been his home for most of his life. He hated it there, it wasn't that his life was bad, sure the matrons could be cold. But he just didn't feel like he belonged there, so he packed up what little possessions he had and he got out of there. But right now, his problem was trying to find shelter for the night. Even though he lived in the land of fire, during the winter time, the nights could get very cold. So he wanted to at least get some form of shelter. And right now, he was not having much luck.

He had originally started in the red light district, but that place scared him to no end. Sure the women there were nice to him, even though their state of dress was rather...odd. The place just scared him due to the big scary men with tattoos who tended to hang around there. They looked like Yakuza members.

But it would appear that not all was lost, because when he sat down next to a store and leaned up against the wall of the shack he was at, his weight broke through the old rusted wood, and he fell right in.

"Owww." He said as he had hit his head on a sharp metal edge when he came down.

Surprisingly he felt no cut from where he hit it, which was strange because he saw a couple drops of blood on the metal shard.

"Where am I?" He asked as he looked around and noticed he had fallen into an old shop.

He remembered passing this old place a couple of times before when he had sneaked out of the orphanage to go exploring. He never did know what this place used to be, and apparently neither did anyone else around. Not even that old man with the cool hat seemed to know what this place was. Although apparently it was older than kami herself.

"Ow...I need some light." He said as he reached into his pack.

He had a box of matches that he took from the orphanage. They usually used them to light the propane ovens, but he took a box from the supply room just in case he needed them. And apparently it was a good idea he brought them, especially in a place where it was dark as hell. He fumbled around with the box until he finally struck and it came to life.

The first thing he saw was what appeared to be rows and rows of book shelves. Now this was strange, this place didn't seem big enough to be a library from the outside look. But that was all he saw until the match went out and he was left without light again.

"Oh man, I need to find something to light before I explore this place some more." He said as he lit another match.

The first thing he did was look around for anything that he could burn for fuel. Or anything that could hold a light. Luckily he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He saw what appeared to an old lantern. However it didn't appear to be one of those oil lanterns, instead it seemed to be a glass lantern with a door that opened up to a candle inside.

"This will do." He said as he took the match and lit the candle.

At first it didn't seem to catch the flame, but after a while, the candle bursted into light and Naruto could now see just a little better. The first thing he noticed was that this place was not a library, but it seemed to be some sort of book store. He walked over to one of the shelves and pulled a thin magazine like object off one of the nearby shelves. He put the lantern down and dusted the thing off and looked at it in the light.

"Amazing Fantasy #15 introducing Spider man?" He asked as he read the tile of the...magazine...book?

He didn't know why, but he suddenly felt the need to check this strange novel out. He looked around until he found another lantern and he lit it the same way he lit the previous one. It gave him a little more light to work with. However, he suddenly remembered something. He didn't patch up that hole that he left in the rotting wood. It was a small hole, but there was a cold breeze coming in. So he looked around until he found a metal sheet to plug up the hole, and he braced it with a couple of paperweights and some duck tape.

He then sat down to read the graphic novel that he had found. And when he started, he couldn't stop! It was like he suddenly became possessed. And he couldn't get enough! But as soon as he finished the one...he looked at the bookshelf, and he grabbed another one. this one had a black cover and had a picture of a man with some white and black make up on with a crow on his shoulder.

"The Crow By James O'Barr." He said as he sat down and read the next one.

This one was a little darker than the other one, as the main character went around murdering the people he came back to get revenge on in brutal ways. But he still enjoyed it, in a way, they were getting what they deserved. He read through this one as fast as he read through the first one which had Spider Man in it. Now he felt the need to get another one off the shelf.

This continued for hours, he came across heroes like, Thor, Captain America, Batman, Punisher, Iron Man, Green Lantern, and many other of the...comic books, all from different publishers. What he didn't understand is why he had never heard of these things before? Surely someone must have had an interest in these things besides him? But no, until he came across this store, he had never heard of any of these heroes.

But as he was reading he always noticed one thing. All of these people were heroes in their own way. They always had some obstacle they needed to overcome to fight crime and evil doers, or with some they simply fought a war against evil, others had to defeat the struggle within themselves before they helped anyone out. But Naruto, he found himself admiring these people, he was old enough to know that they didn't exist. But there was something about the store he was in.

He felt...comfortable. For once he felt at home, and the comic books...comforted him. He felt as if these heroes were actually trying to help him by finding this store. But it just sounded so strange.

He looked up and he noticed that the old store was not just filled with comic books, but all kinds of stuff. For example, there were shirts and other forms of clothing with the symbols of some of the heroes etched onto them. Naruto smiled as he picked out some clothes his size. He was now wearing a red and blue spider man hoodie over a black venom long sleeved shirt and a pair of black combat pants. And it was help keeping him warm. He reached into his pack as he pulled out a sleeping bag and a pillow, he had stolen these from a civilian who threw it out. He didn't know why they did that, especially since the stuff was practically brand new.

He laid down and tried to go to sleep, but as he closed his eyes he thought about his future. He knew that he wanted to be a Shinobi, but now, he felt a new fire ignite in him. He wanted to be more then just a regular shinobi, he wanted to be like the heroes in the comic books. Most kids his age played pretend with what they wanted to be, but why couldn't he be like some of the characters in the novel, sure with some of them it was impossible, but others, he could see himself acting like them. So as he fell asleep, he decided something, he would be a Shinobi, but more than that he would be a hero.


It was now morning, and Naruto woke up, there was some light coming in from some of the cracks in the wall. So he could see the store a little bit better than when it was illuminated in the candle light last night. He looked around and smiled. This place may be dusty but it sure did look a lot better in the day time. Surprisingly there didn't seem to be that many windows, only some cracks in the wall and some old lighting that didn't work.

Either way, he looked at the stack of comic books that he had and all of the other comics on the shelves. It was that day that he made a vow, he would be the Hero that everyone dreams about. Even if he had to die to achieve that dream.

But first, he was going to get some breakfast.