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Chapter One:

Setting: Mel and Ian at the café.

Mel: Gosh, babe, I'm a much better photographer than you.

Ian: In your dreams love, but I'll say, your pretty good.

Mel: Hmm, pretty good, I'm amazing. I mean, you are too and all, but I'm much better than you.

**Mel and Ian both laugh**

Ian: Wow, ego much?

Mel: Yeah that's m-

**Mel's phone rings**

Mel: Hold on, one sec Ian. (Phone convo) Hello?

Person: Hey Mel, can you come over? I just, really need a friend right now.

Mel: Oh gosh Lo, of course, anything for you.

**She hangs up and goes back to talking to Ian**

Mel: I'm sorry babe, I have to go talk to Loren, it sounds like she really needs me.

Ian: Of course love. You know, Loren's a really good friend, and she deserves someone really nice. We should set her and Eddie up.

Mel: Yeah, we should. I mean, Lo is like my best friend ever, and I know that Cam isn't the one for her, we should set them up, I want her to be happy.

**Mel kisses Ian, then goes to see Loren**

*****Setting 2: Eddie's penthouse*****

Eddie's thoughts: Can I really be this stupid? I loved Chloe, and I wanted to spend every possible moment of my life with her, then she lies about everything. And on top of that, she cheats on me. I just need someone that's perfect, someone who likes me for me, not Eddie Duran the rock star, my life is so complicated.


**Eddie gets up to answer the door**

Eddie: Get the heck out of here!

Person: But Eddie, I love you!

Eddie: No you don't Chloe! I'm not even sure you love anybody.

Chloe: Nobody will ever love you the way I did, you have to understand.

Eddie: You know what, you're right, you never loved, me so completely true.

**Eddie slams the door in Chloe's face**

**He flops back onto the couch when his phone rings**

Eddie: Hello?

Person: Come on mate, you sound bummed out.

Eddie: I sure am Ian, this girl just won't leave me the hell alone.

Ian: Well good news mate. Don't you want to meet the perfect girl?

Eddie: Of course Ian! Who is she?!

Ian: She is the best mate of my girl Mel. Trust me mate, she's your type.

Eddie: I don't know man, it's just th-

Ian: Okay perfect mate, see you at Rumor tomorrow at 7.

*****Setting Three: Loren's bedroom*****

Loren: I went to s-see him, and I saw him all over this other girl. You know it was just kind of weird, because I didn't even cry, well until now, I just screamed at him and left. You were right Mel, he wasn't for me.

Mel: Well, you know Ian right? Eddie Duran is his best friend. And trust me Lo, he isn't Eddie Duran, the rockstar, he's Eddie Duran, the sweet boy with feelings and a heart of gold. He'd be perfect for you Lo. We're all going to Rumor tomorrow at seven.

Loren: Well okay, he sounds really sweet. But I don't really think that it'll work out.

Mel: Trust me, it's going to work out

/_Line Break_\\

*****Setting Four: Around 10pm at Loren's spot*****

Loren: I never should've trusted my judgment,

I let myself slip again.

I thought you said you loved me,

I guess I was imagining.

But don't you let my words fool you,

I'm gonna be okay.

I'm gonna be stronger, stronger, stronger,

Without you, ohh yeah, without you.

*****Please bear with me I don't write lyrics*****

Person: Wow, that was really amazing.

**Loren jumps up and she blushes**

Loren: Well, um- thanks.

Person: You must me Loren.

Loren: Yeah, how did you know that?

**Person takes off disguise**

Loren: Oh, hi Eddie.

Eddie: Loren, that song was beautiful.

Loren: Yeah um w-well thanks. (blushes and looks down at her feet)

Eddie: Are you okay?

Loren: Not really, boyfriend of the year cheated on me. He told me he loved me, then just cheated on me. I'm n-not sure that's love.

Eddie: Oh no, it's not. And it seems like we are in the same situation, Chloe cheated on me too, but she told multiple lies.

Loren: (looks down) Yeah, well I should go… (starts walking away)

Eddie: Loren wait! (grabs Loren's arm)

Loren: Yeah?

Eddie: We should go out, by ourselves. Do you want to go to lunch tomorrow?

Loren: Sure! (smiles)

***Loren and Eddie both g back to their homes thinking about each other***