Chapter Seventeen

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***Loren and Eddie were asleep in Loren's bed. Loren was tossing and turning from a dream she was having.***

Loren's Dream: It was sunny in Tarzana, California. It was another normal day for Loren. She was hanging out with Eddie at her spot. They were on a blanket, Loren in Eddie's lap. Loren's eyes were closed as Eddie was singing softly into her ear. Everything was going perfect. That's the thing. WAS going perfect. That moment ended within a blink of the eye. The sky turned dark and things were turning scary. Somebody grabbed Eddie and pushed Loren off his lap. Loren got up as fast as she could and looked over and her mouth dropped. She saw Trent with a gun against Eddie's head. Eddie looked calm as ever, but that was only because Loren was there. Loren tried to step forward, but it felt like her feet were glued to the floor. She looked up at Trent and saw him smirk. She started crying and Trent started beating up Eddie. Right before her eyes, but she couldn't do a thing, she was trapped. Trent kicked, punched, and beat up Eddie as much as he could. He went unconscious, and Trent rolled him over to the edge of the hill. By now, Loren was screaming and Trent looked up at her. He kicked Eddie down the hill. Loren closed her eyes and kept screaming. When she opened them again, Trent was gone. He left her life, and now, he took Eddie out of her life as well.

**Loren woke up screaming and Eddie shaking her to wake up. When she woke up, she jumped out of bed and ran out of the room. Eddie followed her, yelling her name, but she kept running. She ran outside (oh, p.s. they did have clothes on, that would be awkward) and fell onto the grass. She was crying into her hands and rocking back and forth. Eddie started calling her name again, and when she heard him call her name, she panicky looked up at him. He had sincerity in his eyes. She started crying even more. He walked over to her and picked her up. She wrapped her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his torso, crying into his shoulder. He carried her inside and closed the door. He walked into her bedroom and sat down with her in his lap. She was clutching onto him tightly. When he moved her hair out of her face, she was still crying and her eyes were closed.**

Eddie: Lo, seriously, what's wrong?
Loren: *opens her eyes quickly* Where's my laptop?

Eddie: Loren, seriously, I want you to talk to me.

Loren: *runs to the table and opens her laptop* I need to talk to Mel.

Eddie: Why can't you talk to me?

Loren: *looks up at him with teary eyes* Please, Eddie. Please.

Eddie: Okay. I'll go call Ian.

***Eddie stepped into the kitchen and called Ian.***

Ian: What the bloody hell?

Eddie: I'm sorry man. Is Mel there with you?

Ian: Yeah. We're watching a movie.

Eddie: Good, she's up. Tell her to video chat Loren ASAP, Loren just had like a panic attack and wants to talk to Mel.

Ian: Okay, she went into the other room and is video chatting her now.

Eddie: Thanks, man.

Ian: Anytime, mate.


Mel: LO, LO! What's wrong?

Loren: He took him from me.

Mel: What are you talking about?

Loren: I was sleeping. Me and Eddie were at our spot when Trent showed up. H-he beat him. He kicked him, punched him, everything. I tried to do something, b-but my feet c-couldn't move. He k-killed him. T-took him from me. Then he disappeared, and t-there was nothing I could do about it. *she bursts out crying*

Mel: Oh, Lo! But you know that Eddie won't go down that easily. He will always fight for you and to be able to stay by your side. Okay, Lo, no one will ever, I mean ever take Eddie from you. You two are perfect for each other. You two are like inseparable. There is nothing anyone or anything can do to tear you guys apart.

Loren: *smiles*

Mel: There's the smile!

Loren: Thank you, Mel. You always make me feel better. When I see you later I will hug you to death.

Mel: I can't wait for that. Look Lo, you should go talk to your man because I'm watching this movie, and seeing Ryan Gosling makes me want to jump into the screen (Ian: I heard that!)I'll talk to you later. Okay, Lo?
Loren: Yeah. Thank you, Mel. I love you so much.

Mel: Love you too, Lo.

**Loren closed her laptop and smiled. Mel was always so good to her. They were inseparable best friends too. They always will be like that. Loren got up and walked into the living room and saw Eddie leaning on the fridge. She walked over to him and hugged him. He hugged her back tightly, and kissed her cheek.**

Eddie: You're okay now, right? *Loren nodded* Good, I don't like it when you're scared or upset. It makes me the same way.

Loren: Well thank you. I'm fine now. I'm totally jealous of Mel right now.

Eddie: *looks confused* Why?

Loren: Because she's watching that Ryan Gosling movie.

Eddie: Which one?

Loren: Who cares?

Eddie: *laughs* Yeah, okay. You do know that I know him right?

Loren: OMG REALLY?! Can I meet him?

Eddie: Maybe. One day. I promise.

Loren: *smiles* Yay!

Eddie: *pouts* Noo….

Loren: Don't worry, you'll always be hotter than Ryan Gosling.

Eddie: *smiles* You'll always be the most beautiful woman…EVER.

***Loren smiles and hugs Eddie again. He kisses her head and her cheek, and smiles.***

Eddie's thoughts: I'm so lucky to have Loren. I love a girl with a heart. And she has a big heart of gold. I can't wait for her to finally be my wife. I love her so, so, so, so, so much it drives me crazy sometimes.

***Eddie and Loren go over to the couch. They grabbed a blanket, and started to watch a movie. (Can't think of a good one) Loren fell asleep with her head on Eddie's chest and a smile on her face. After finishing the movie, Eddie carried Loren to her room and put her into her bed. He slipped in with her and wrapped his arms around her. As soon as Eddie did that, Loren turned around and put her head on Eddie's chest again.***

***(((Ian and Mel and Ian's place)))***

***Ian and Mel were on Ian's couch watching a movie. Mel was cuddled up on Ian's lap with a cover over them both. Mel was slowly falling asleep. And Ian was watching her.***

Ian: Hey, love?

Mel: **she quickly opens her eyes.** Yeah?

Ian: We can go up to bed if you want to.

Mel: No… I want to stay here… *she smiles and lays her head back on his chest*

Ian: Okay…. Wait I have a question, love.

Mel: Yeah?

Ian: What do you really think about Eddie and Loren getting married?

Mel: What do you mean? I'm happy for them.

Ian: Yeah…But there's a hesitation.

Mel: Well, I just feel like I'm losing her. She's my best friend, like a sister, and I feel like I'm going to lose her when she marries Eddie.

Ian: Trust me, that won't happen. Loren won't let that happen. Even though she loves Eddie, she definitely loves you more.

Mel: *smiles* Yeah, I don't know what I was worried about.

****Mel gets up and her and Ian go upstairs to bed. They snuggle close to each other and fall asleep almost instantly.****

***Eddie and Loren were sleeping. Loren shot up when she heard knocks on the door. She got up slowly trying hard not to wake up Eddie. She then quietly ran to the door and opened it. She had a confused look when she opened it. There was a tall brunette with a smirk on her face.***

Loren: Umm, can I help you.

Girl: Where's Eddie?

Loren: EDDIE!

***Eddie gets up and quickly walks to the kitchen. He was rubbing his eyes and was frowning slightly. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the brunette at the door. She was crossing her arms and had a smirk on her face.***

Eddie: What the hell, Leah?

Loren: Eddie who is this?!

Eddie: Babe don't worry about it. She's just an ex.

Leah: Oh, no. I'm not just an ex, Eddie. Seems like you still love me.

***Loren looked from Leah to Eddie and sighed. Eddie saw and walked over to Eddie and wrapped his arms around her waist.***

Eddie: What the hell are you talking about?

Leah: This *she pulls out her phone and shows a pic of her and Eddie kissing.*

***Loren gasps and pushes Eddie off of her. She pushes Leah out of her house and slams the door in her face. She runs to her bedroom with tears coming down her face. Eddie follows her. She stops and turns around to look at Eddie.***

Loren: I trusted you!

Eddie: Lo, I swear that was fake.

**Eddie tries to grab her waist but Loren just pushes him away. She has tears flooding down her face. She looked up at Eddie with hurt and anger in her eyes. She sighed and walked to her room.**

Eddie: Lo I swear she is a complete creep! She's always been out for me.

Loren: Well we've been dating for months and I've never seen or heard from her.

Eddie: Lo, I love you I swear. I am not that type of person you know that!


Eddie: Lo, I can't.

Loren: Great! I HATE YOU!

***Loren pushes Eddie out of her room and slams the door, then locking it. She cried and slid down the door crying. She looked at the ring on her finger, and felt the necklace around her neck. She angrily took the necklace and the ring off her finger. She opened the door and Eddie was still standing there. With the ring and necklace in one hand, she grabbed Eddie with the other and walked towards the door. She opened the door, then she looked at him again, and he had a confused look on his face. Without words, she grabbed his hand and put the ring and necklace in it. He looked at what Loren put in his hand, then looked back at her with tears now forming in his eyes. Loren pushed him out of her house and slammed the door. Eddie continued knocking for about ten minutes, but then he left, crying, and going back to his penthouse.***

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