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AN:sorry if its bad or wierd my first fanfic

oneshot for first impressions

one day, the Headmaster saw Hibari fight, he thought 'wow, he must be an ogre?'.So,thats how Hibari got into Yokai Academy.

One day,Hibari thought 'Nanimori has herbovoire (Tsuna) to protect it,I'm so weak, can i bite myself to death),at that moment the hedgehog from the future brought Hibari an acceptance letter to YA,he laughed out evily "ha ha new people to bite to death."

So on the bus he taunted the busdrirver, "hey after you drop me off want me to bite you to death," "um sorry could rephrase that please."said the busdriver feeling akward."Want me to kill you,"said hibari"Phew,and no!" said the busdriver and while saying that thought 'ogre'.

In the classroom ,

"Would u like to introduce your self." said the sensei of the classroom that Moka was in."no" said transfer student No. 1."Then get the hell out" said the sensei."WOULD U LIKE TO INTRODUCE YOUR SELF" he yelled at hibari."If you dont stop yelling I'll bite you to death" said Hibari,then turned and just of the students exept one of a 26 student class thought 'ogre'.Moka thought 'wheeeeeeeee an other vampire who wants to suck blood'.


AN: He he he he was just a human he he