The Summon Of Darkness

Signs. Letters. Symbols all floating in midst the nothingness, begin to intwine, pictures unfold, bloodied table cloth, a knife. A set of wolves eyes, golden, dangerous. Grey, headstones lining a graveyard. Hands grasping me, pulling me far down. Too far, too far, fear builds then my vision go black.


A soft voice spoke as I was dragged out of my dark nightmare by my shoulder being shaked. My eyes still close but my mind awake, I laid in my mangle of tangled up blankets and let out a sigh. I now relised the voice as my sister's and stayed silent as I took in the auroma of bacon,eggs and toast which was drifting through my open doorway. I cleared my throat and thought for a second then said

" You made breakfast without me."

"Just meet me downstairs"

Eclipse responded with light tone, I just began to raise my head when i heard her exiting the room and heading downstairs,. As i opened my eyes, I pulled the blankets closer to me to keep me warm as the morning chill sets in. The window in my room was spewing golden light on to my gray walls and on the emotionless faces of my porcelian dolls, which all lay on a large antique table on the oppisite wall. Each of them were all diffrent except for their lifeless glassy eyes. I remember being younger and constantly brushing and tending each individual doll making sure they had love and care as if the were real children until my attachment began to thin out until all I did was collect them and now, they lay, gathering dust and I not having the heart to seperate from them. I let out a deep breath and place my feet on the cold hard wood floor, stand up and head to my dresser. There I pick out a pair of jeans, a black shirt and a navy blue sweater with gray socks, after I dress i glance at myself in my large mirror. My eyes a dark grey and large like an owl's and my shoulder length green hair make my pale skin look almost clothes were hanging off my thin body like a corpse, I shake my head as I turned around, glanced at my room once more then exit out into the hall and decend the staircase to meet up with 'Clipse for breakfest. When I enter the kitchen, I spot my sister sitting at the table eating a slice of buttered toast, she smiles and her one blue,one green eye both shine michiviously as she sees looking at her. Her long light blue hair glimmers in the morning light and her muscular arms were proped up on the table casually. When I glanced to the side of her I saw a plate of steaming scrambled eggs and a empty seat waiting for me, when i sat down and began to pick at my eggs, I felt like I was being watched, I waved the feeling off and took a bite of my scrambled eggs

"Mom and Dad at work already?" I asked as I finished swallowing

"Yeah." Eclipse replied dully after taking another bite from her toast, I looked down to scoop another fork full of eggs then when i looked up my heart nearly stopped, there was boy standing behind my sister.