What Have They Done To You?

An xxKaaat Original.

Chapter One.

It was Shore Line that they said never existed. It was that small island, where they said the myth took place. It was that place where humans lived alongside so-called vampires. It sounded crazy right? To think that a creature so vile, so dangerous, could live alongside its prey every single day. But little did the people of the real land know, it was indeed true. The myth however, isn't a myth. It's a reality we know all too well.

It all started years ago, when humans first discovered the island. It was there that they discovered this horrid creature, that drank and lived off of real blood. But it was a man named Jiraiya, leader of the humans who took the risk. He himself, asked the vampires leader Tsunade, to take part with him and make peace between the groups. Together they'd keep the secrets of the vampires, as well as keep them hidden from the people of the world who didn't care. Who'd come to kill them at the hint of a small outbreak.

It was then that it began. The vampires of that island lived alongside, lived with, even shared romance with the new coming humans. It was even in some cases that humans would carry the child of a vampire. It was a horrifying experience, and in some cases the human bearing mother didn't survive the whole trial, and in those cases, Tsunade and Jiraiya both agreed to have the child killed as well. It wasn't something they wanted to do, but something they had to.

It was ten years after the humans settled, that Tsunade and Jiraiya called upon the people and told them that Tsuande was bearing a child. It was a bond that would bring the vampires and the humans even closer. To know that their leaders were sharing something so different, so native. When the whole trial was done and over, Tsunade gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Kuresasu. She was a beautiful blonde symbol of the people. She was royalty to them.

Years later when Jiraiya passed on, Tsunade took control of the people herself. She was an outstanding leader, even while grieving for her lost human other. It was rumored that she wanted to save him, make him hers forever. She wanted to turn him into a vampire as well, but he just said no. He said it would be defeating the purpose of what they built. It'd be the beginning of a broken bond. So Jiraiya died a happy man, with Tsunade as his bedside.

After living for another twenty years as ruler, Tsunade began to see a change in her people. They'd whisper behind her back and they'd even turn their backs on her. It was only a few months after that, when a group of both humans and vampires took Tsunade down and burned her, silencing her forever.

After that, the next line of royalty took over, Kuresasu. She was nowhere near as confident, or even as fair as her mother. She gained a bad name as she'd sleep from man to man, trying to mark who was hers and whom she didn't want. After ruling for only three years, once again the royal line was burned into the ground.

From that point on, the peace between the two groups began to slowly crack, only meaning eventually everything would shatter. Days would go by where things would be fine and the next, you'd see people breaking up fights in the middle of the street. Tension filled the streets, screams filled the night, and blame was put on shoulders. People stopped talking, friends became enemies, couples split, people were killed. It had been almost two hundred years since the civilization began, it'd only take one little thing to make it all end for good.

A young boy sat on the cliff side which overlooked the endless ocean line. This was his favorite spot on the whole island, and he spent most of his free time here. The sun was now setting, causing the sky to turn a deep orange, with purple streaks. The clouds were almost pink. It was a dream-like reality that took place almost everyday. This was his seclusion from the world. This was his place.

The boy ran a pale hand through his hair. It was short, yet shaggy, and a deep red color. His eyes were a pale green , almost blue color. The boy was rather tall, and he was skinny. Yet the boy was stronger than almost everyone else in Shore Line. His skin was glossy, almost pure white. And darkness rimmed his eyes, giving a panda-like effect. He was handsome.

"Gaara!" A feminine voice called.

The boy turned to see a young woman strolling up the hidden path leading to him. Quickly he stood up and walked over to meet the girl. Upon her touch, he wrapped the girl in a tight hug. She was small, petite for her age. She had long pink hair that fell to her waist, and she had deep green eyes. She was mesmerizing, almost perfect. The sunset could only compliment everything about her.

While still holding her close, Gaara spoke softly. "This is the place I was telling you about Sakura." He paused and squeezed the girls tight frame. "Isn't it beautiful?"

Sakura spoke softly, "I-I've never seen anything like this. It's gorgeous." The pinkette leaned upward and planted a small kiss on the boys lips.

Slowly the two made their way back to the end of the path. The cliff served as a backboard as the path served as a small sitting area. The two sat close, hand in hand. The girl finally spoke, "I had to sneak away again.. It's gotten bad Gaara." The pinkette leaned her head on the boys shoulder. "My father doesn't want me seeing you." Her voice trailed off.

The boy sat silent for a few minutes. He then spoke quietly, "Then why'd you come...?" His voice trailed off as he faced the girl. The sun was now gone and the moon was making it's way into the sky.

The girl turned toward him. "Because I love you Gaara. This whole society was born on equality for both our kinds... my parents are just scared because you're.." She stopped, choking on her words.

"Because I'm a vampire..." He turned away to look at the sky. At once he blurted, "But I won't hurt you Sakura!"

The girl could feel him growing frantic, so she caught his face in between her hands and she held tight, staring into his eyes. "I know Gaara, I trust you. I'm not them. They don't understand how we feel about each other." Tears were forming in the girls eyes.

"We're fifteen Sakura. We're children..." His voice trailed once again. They sat in silence, only breathing for almost ten minutes. "Sakura promise me something." He held the girls hand tight.


"Promise me that no matter how bad things may get, that you'll always be here. We'll prove them wrong Sakura, we'll prove them all wrong." The pinkette rubbed his hand to her cheek as silent tears fell down her face. She nodded, then leaned forward concealing her promise with a small kiss.

It'd been one week since they met at the cliff. Things had only crumbled.

Gaara ran along the path screaming, praying he'd reach his destination in time. From every direction, the boy could see flashes of light. He could smell the blood from miles away, and it took everything he had to keep his head on straight. He had only one want, one need, Sakura.

Earlier in the night, a number of humans and vampires got into an argument, and the longer it went on, the more people joined. And it was only minutes before the shots began to fire, and the flames began to rise. The culprit of everything, Sakura's father. Every aspect of peace and prosperity the land had been built off, was broken now. There was nothing left, and the island was in a civil war. No one would stop until every being of either side was dead.

The red head didn't stop once. He passed bodies, pools of blood, fights, guns, fires, all to make sure that one person was safe. When he was distance of the house, the gore only got worse. Piles of vampires sat burning in fires. Dead mutilated bodies piled the streets. Blood splattered the ground. And when the boy didn't catch scent of Sakura, panic filled his mind.

His feel stopped automatically when he reached the front door. But instead of being polite, he bashed through the door. Searching for someone, anyone. From the back of the house, Gaara only heard whimpers, they didn't belong to Sakura.

After searching, he finally found the source. In the middle of the kitchen sat Sakura's mother, cradling a picture in her chest. It took everything Gaara had to stop and and hold himself from asking the one question he wanted to know.

"Mrs. Haruno.." He softly spoke. The woman in the distance stood up and turned to him. Her face was tear streaked, the picture in her chest didn't budge. In an instant she ran and caught the boy in her arms. Softly she cried into his chest.

"Gaara boy." Was all she managed. He held her as he finally took a look around the room. All the windows had been busted, and smoke was filling one of the rooms on the other side of the house. It was crispy smell only someone with enhancements could sense.

The red head pushed the woman away and spoke. "Where is she? Why the sudden change in haste towards me?"

The woman looked at him dumbfounded. "What?"

"Sakura told me everything." He was screaming now. "She told me how you and him both hated me. How I corrupted her mind, making her think vampires were just like humans."

The woman dropped to her knees and cried. She choked on her words, "She wanted to run away with you. She wanted you, not us. You were taking our baby away, and you didn't even care. So he- he.." She trailed off. "I'm so s-s-sorry Gaara. P-Please."

The boy bent down and pulled the woman so she was now facing him. "What the hell did he do to her?"

The woman spoke quickly. "He sent her away this morning. There was a ship, that stopped off the bay. He tied her up and sent her away, to the main lands. Then he started the riot in town. He wants you dead Gaara." The woman choked. "Please, run far away from here. Please boy."

In an instant the boys eyes grew red, his face grew emotionless and he dropped the woman, leaving her in a growing pool of blood. Robotic, he walked out of the house, and he walked toward the town center. Every vampire still alive he gathered, and they walked behind him. There was a total count of six he found. And they all marched with pride to the center of the village.

Instantly the red head stopped, everyone behind him took place, ready to strike. In front of them was an army of twenty men, Sakura's father at the head. In an instant, it grew silent and the tension rose.

Gaara walked forward, "If it's me that you want, come get me."

The man across fro him simply laughed. "You're funny. Coming at us, with a whole one.. two.. three.. four... five..." He was cut off.

"Seven." Gaara spoke. "Us seven vampires that have survived every human here, and they can sure as hell survive you too." The boy spoke with complete monotone.

"Try me." And with that, the final battle commenced. Every vampire had multiple men, except for Gaara. He fought only one, Sakura's father.

The smell of charred bodies mad the young vampire sick to his stomach. The man became dizzy, and soon fell to his knees. A voice called from across the street. "Gaara!" He was so out of it, he couldn't even tell whom the voice belonged to.

Before the red head knew it, a gun was aimed right at his forehead. "Y-You won't w-win." The sky spun above him.

The man leaned down and spoke into the boys face, "You vampires don't have moral like us. You ain't like us humans. You ain't nothin' but blood suckin' leeches that walk the earth." A smile crossed his face. "Sakura's an idiot for fallin' for your type."


In an instant Gaara's eyes grew red once again. His legs kicked, causing the man to stumble backwards. The boy stood up, and stumbled as well. The place was still spinning, but he didn't have time to waste. With the man in pain from the kick, Gaara wasted no time in leaping at the man, causing him to fall backwards and let out another cry of pain.

The red head cupped the humans neck and quietly whispered, "Sakura" He paused. "Hates you." Upon those words the man froze. "You know what we vampires do to our enemies?" An evil glare filled his eyes, and for a split second, the human was scared. In an instant, the boy snapped the humans neck and began to drink. This blood was bitter, full of hate, alcohol, nicotine. And he drank until there was nothing left.

When the body was depleted of it's nutrients and blood, the red head looked up. Blood ran down his chin as he finally came back to his senses. The band of humans that stood before them only minutes ago, was now on the ground, drained as well.

A short blonde headed female made her way to the boy, and the other vampires followed her. Together they crowded Gaara, as he laid upon the ground. "Gaara," Her voice was heavenly. "This war is finished." The girl then wiped the blood from the boys chin and licked her finger.

Another man leaned forward, he had red triangles upon his cheek, and he wore a gray sweatshirt. "Gaara, you are our savior. We've decided to follow you wherever you will go. We owe you that much." He smiled upon finishing the sentence.

The red head looked around at the small group of vampires around him. "Are we the only ones alive?" He asked, already knowing the answer. No one spoke. Once again he looked at the faces of those whom followed him. "I'm very thankful for you all." He smiled, reassuring them all. "Drink up, conserve your strength. We leave for the main land tomorrow."