What Have They Done To You?

An xxKaaat Original

Chapter Thirteen

Sasuke sat head of the table as the men stared watching the news cast. A woman by the name of Konan had been found dead this morning just outside the city. She suffered from a gunshot to the head, and when she was finally found, she'd been dead for a number of hours. The room was silent. Each man had a look of horror upon their face, and fake sorrow in their hearts.

When the cast was over, Sasuke stood up and began. "Gentlemen, we've suffered a great loss. But, I may mind you... Konan's death was not in vain. For she's given us information of what we've longed for." At that, every head snapped to meet Sasuke.

In an instant, Sasuke snapped and six images filled the white screen behind him. He smiled and turned to look. "This is a pack of vampires that have located themselves here in Golden Rod." He snapped once more and the screen zoomed in on the picture of a blonde. Slowly Sasuke turned once again, now facing the men. "This is Ino Yamanaka. Beautiful woman isn't she? But she's a deadly creature. Her strong points are strength, sex appeal, and hearing. She's got ears like a hawk. Her weakness? Speed. She's the slowest of this bunch."

Sasuke snapped once more and watched as the men sat back in their chairs. "This is Tenten. She's the other female of the group. She too is attractive, but don't let that fool you. She's strong. She too has hearing like a hawk, and she's skilled with weapons. She's known to carry knives on her at all times, as well as she's fast. Her weaknesses? Her back. She suffers from scoliosis. This means her spine is curved. How she got it, I'll never know."

Without any hesitation, the screen changed once more. Sasuke sighed. "This is Neji Hyuuga. He can signal in on any voice, and he can spot things from almost a mile away. His special powers include psychological. He fights through his mind and not physically. That's his weakness. If you attack him physically, you'll have the advantage."

Once again the screen changed. "This? Shikamaru Nara. He reads minds, has incredible speed, and is strong. He has the power to control enemy bodies, only one at a time though. That is his weak point. Whenever he takes control of someone's body, he is completely immobile and it left open."

The screen changed once more and a few of the men laughed. "Kiba Inuzuka. He's got dog like reflexes and he can smell out anything. He's a tracker, and he's strength is incredible. Other than that, he's got nothing. He's one of the weaker of the group."

Sasuke gave a small smile. "This is Shino Aburame. He's like a fly. He's incredibly smart and can read moves easily. His moves are incredibly fast, and he can hear all. He has no known weaknesses at the moment. But he always wears these sun glasses."

Sasuke's smile faded and his eyes grew red. Once again he snapped and the final picture came upon the screen. "This is the leader of the group, Gaara. He's smart, he can read moves. He's the fastest of the group, and he's the strongest. He develops his own powers, which means we have no idea what he'll do and when." The man stopped and looked at the faces around the room. He sighed once more, then grew a sly smile. "This defying creature is the base of evil. He'll kill anyone, do anything to get a drop of blood. He's our worst enemy."

The men around the table slowly looked down to the table. It was minutes before one spoke, "Have they come to fight us?" He had deep orange hair and many piercings upon his face. He sat with perfect posture. "Have they come to war? To try to take our city?" He spoke in monotone.

"My dear, dear Pein." Sasuke smiled. "They've come to take the city as their own, and they won't rest until we're all dead." At that every head shot up. "So yes, we will fight them. We'll kill them all, and rid the world of yet more evil."

Men from around the table began to scream and cheer. They cried of joy, and began discussing when their training would begin once again. Beside Pein sat a blonde haired man. He had blue eyes, and his hair was longer than anyone else. He and the orange haired man were the only two who didn't cheer. Slowly he turned to face Pein. "You feel it don't you?" He kept quiet.

Pein glanced at Sasuke who grinned in delight. Then he looked back at the man. "There's more than to what Sasuke is saying, that is true. What it is, I don't know." Pein cocked his head to an empty seat next to where Sasuke was standing. "Something has happened to Sasuke's number one man as well." Pein watched as the blonde looked to the empty chair. "Naruto is gone, yet Sasuke's said nothing. Perhaps a quarrel..." He sighed. "Deidara, I've a bad feeling about this."

The blonde hung his head as he pulled a cigarette from his pocket, and lit it nonchalantly. "As well as I lord."

As fast as they could, Gaara led a group of five vampires through the tunnel leading into the lab once again. Every few steps one of the vampires would stop, drop a bag, then continue running again. Each of them had one thing on their mind, destruction.

When they reached the main hall, Gaara stopped and quietly spoke. "Kiba, Karin." He paused. "Go to the lab and take every potion you can find, if you find double, take only one. Put them in this,"Gaara kneeled down and pulled over a nearby box. "Hurry, we haven't got much time." Then, he watched as the two made their way through drawer after drawer.

Once again the red head turned. He now faced Neji and Shikamaru. "Listen to me, take all the paperwork you can find. I want everything regarding the people Sasuke is working with. I want to know everything about them. Grab papers about the chemicals, about Sasuke's bank accounts, grab everything." Shikamaru and Neji both nodded and ran toward the filing room to the left.

When everyone was out of sight, Gaara turned to the last man standing. "Shino, listen. Once again I trust you with everything. I need you to hack the computer system and delete everything. Delete all whereabouts of this place, everything of the Uchiha organization, everything you can possible find. As soon as you're done, let me know so I can alert the team."

It was almost twenty minutes before Shino finished. Karin and Kiba had found more boxes, and both held six each. As instructed, they quickly left and began their way back to the loft. Once they were gone, Neji and Shikamaru made their way out of the lab and took a back passage through the woods. Only Gaara and Shino were left. When the files from the computer were deleted, they stood waiting in the middle of the hall.

The red-head sighed, "This is it, you ready?"

Shino opened a nearby box and removed a large bag from it. "Ready." He returned with a smile.

At once, Shino left to the back of the lab, and Gaara left to the hidden hall passages. Both of them dumped a white powder down every hallway, making sure there was enough to ignite. Every room had a huge pile in the middle, and the master rooms had a large box in every corner. When the deed was done, they both met back in the main hall.

Gaara laid a hand on Shino's shoulder. "Shino, I know you never listen in these situations, but I need you to now."


The red-head shot daggers at the man. "Please Shino. For me..." He pleaded. "I need you to go five miles deep into the forest and wait for me. When you leave the hideout, exactly five miles south is a large clearing in the forest. Wait there for me, and if I don't get there, please don't worry. I'll be fine."

Slowly Shino backed up, anguish in face. "You're my best friend Gaara, I can't believe you're making me do this. Just promise me you'll make it out of here alive." He held out a hand.

Gaara accepted. "I promise." He had that sly grin he was famous for.

From the time Shino's footsteps faded, Gaara waited a complete five minutes. He knew Shino could make it to the clearing by then. Slowly Gaara pulled a small box from his back pocket, opened it and pulled out one match. Slowly he looked around and took a long sigh, "Dear god, please let me live this through." Slowly he lit the match, threw it back to the back of the lab and turned on his heels.

He looked over his shoulder to see the powder beginning to ignite, exploding close behind him.

Shino stood in the clearing, counting the seconds. They seemed like hours. Still, Gaara never came. Slowly Shino replayed the mans words through his mind, over, and over. If I don't get there, don't worry. I'll be fine. Yes, Gaara was his best friend, yes Gaara was strong. But what he'd just done. It had to be the riskiest thing he'd ever done.

Shino still waited. From the distance he heard fire crackling. That meant the place had exploded and been destroyed. But, where was Gaara? Fifteen minutes. Sixteen minutes. Seventeen minutes. Eighteen minutes. Nineteen minutes. Twenty.

Softly Shino spoke. "C'mon. Gaara keeps his promises, he'll be here. Hold yourself together Shino, he's fine." But the longer he waited, the more worried be became. Twenty one, twenty two, twenty three, twenty four... twenty five. With that, Shino took off with great speed. He focused on the path of which he traveled. With every step, the man grew more weary. But he didn't stop.

It was mere minutes before Shino finally reached the scene. In every direction was upturned earth. Fire filled the ground, and there a few feet from the treeline was a young red-head, laying motionlessly.

When Shino reached the body, it was dirty and covered in ash. Slowly Shino turned the red-head over and held his head in his lap. "Gaara, speak to me. No, this.. it wasn't for nothing." But when the man didn't speak, Shino began to shake. It was minutes the man sat like that, the body still in his arms.

Suddenly the man felt shaking in him arms. The young vampire began to violently cough. Shino held him up and gently hit his back multiple times. When the coughing seized, the red head slowly turned toward his friend. "I told you not to come back." He managed a smile. "You never listen to me." He then winced as a sharp pain filled his body. "Agk." He moaned in pain.

Slowly Shino stood up, now holding the man in his arms. "You're a dumb ass." Shino then smiled as he felt the red-head give a painful laugh. "But you're my best friend. And I wouldn't want you any other way."

"D-Did the place go Shino? Is it burned?"

"It's gone Gaara. Now rest, we'll be home soon. You need your strength Gaara."

Slowly the man carried his red-headed friend through the back woods. He made sure that not even a small fly touched his vampire friend. He tried his best to avoid any human contact. The vampire had passed out somewhere along the way, and he made sure he never made a sound so the red-head would rest. No matter how strong Gaara thought he was, this was the last time he'd ever risk his life for anyone.

Softly Shino spoke to himself, "Next time, I'll be the one saving you Gaara." A content smile crossed his lips.