What Have They Done To You?

An xxKaaat Original – Beta; SkellingtonZero

Chapter Sixteen

The clouds merged together, darkening the earth below. Tense silence filled the small group as they walked towards their destination. No one dared to speak, worried that they might slip and voice the fact that deep down they were scared. This was different from what they'd experienced years ago in Shore Line. Now their enemies were skilled fighters; capable of killing anyone. They knew the vampires and their skills.

Eventually, the group came upon a large opening in the trees and the forest opened into a large circle. In the center was a large stone and surrounding it was a large group of men who all stood staring at the vampires. They all wore armor identical to each other and looked hungry for battle.

Wordlessly the vampires formed a line a opposite the hunters. Each staring into the eyes of the enemy in front of them. Leaving the group, Gaara strolled further into enemy territory; he had his arms crossed behind his straight back and looked every bit the leader he was born to be.

"After all this time, I'm finally able to meet you Sasuke." He greeted lightly.

Sasuke walked forward a few steps and smiled a devilish smile. "Such a shame you'll be dead soon Gaara." He then looked behind Gaara at the vampires standing behind him and looked them over, a familiar red headed woman catching his attention. "And you've found the vampire the lab as well I see." He sneered. "She's useless. Karin is a useless vampire who only stayed alive because my mom had a heart." He spoke loudly, making sure everyone heard him and several of the hunters let out a bark of cruel laughter.

"At least your Mother has a heart. Unlike you." Karin smiled when Sasuke met her eyes and glared. "Perhaps you should spend a little more time with Mommy."

"We didn't come here to talk about you. We've come to finish this war. It's the moment of truth." In an instant, Sasuke snapped his fingers and every hunter pulled a solid silver shotgun from their holster. "Aren't you ready?" Sasuke grinned evily and took a step back to his men.

Immediatly Gaara dropped to his stance and every vampire followed suit. "For Sakura." He mumbled under his breath.

A gunfire sounded and the battle began. From every direction grunts, screams and cries of pure pain were heard. It wasn't long before the enticing smell of blood filled the air. First blood belonged to the vampires; one hunter was now dead.

Stary bullets decorated the sky while the sound of solid punches connected with human bodies. Blood was beginning to drench the ground and smoke began to filter into the battle ground, obsuring visability. Suddenly Ino screamed, drawing Gaara's attention when he turned he saw that she was caught by two hunters double her size. Immediatly Gaara headed for the man facing away from him and without any hesitation he leaped, snapped the mans neck and watched as the blue man fell to the ground.

The man behind Ino stared in disbelief as she freed an arm and violently struck his rib. He let out a cry of pain, weakening just enough for her to break free and claw at the mans neck. Shocked, he didn't even know when Ino clasped his head and with one decisive jerk, broke his neck.

"You okay?" Gaara asked staring down at the two dead bodies at their feet.

"Yeah fine." Ino nodded and fanned herself with her bloodied hand.

Gaara nodded, patted her on the shoulder and soon enough he was lost in the crowd once again.

Pein and Deidara sat behind a tree line hiding in the brush. Neither of them dared to breathe and stayed compeltely still as they watched the battle unfold in front of them.

"Lord, do you think Sasuke has noticed our disappearance?" Deidara whispered.

Beside him Pein snickered. "Probably not."

At the other side of the field Shino was holding off a total of three men all about his size. Without thinking Shino removed the knife from his picket and spun on his heels, slitting one throat in the process. Nervously the other two men backed off at thesight of their dead teammate. Quickly Shino aimed and threw his knife. It landed in the center of a one man'sneck, killing him. Terrified the last man ran away.

As Shino turned to move onto another opponent, he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. "Shit, I'm over doing it." He then let out another cry of pain and fell to his knees begining to shake. "Damn."

After a few seconds Ino ran to his side and smiled at himas she held her hand to his, healing him. At once the burning pain stopped, but Shino knew he had to bring it down a few notches.

When he attempted to pull away, Ino pull him back down. "You have almost no power Shino. You're in no condition to fight." At that he stopped knowing that he'd been caught.

Slightly annoyed she stared into his eyes. "What the hell have you done...?" Her eyes grew wide when she realized the answer to her question. "That power you made... life exchan-"

"You can't tell Gaara." His gaze met hers and her soul burned. "If you breathe a word Ino, I swear."

Immediatly she looked away. "I won't." She whispered and turned to stand up. Without looking back, she headed into the field.

Shino's mind raced as his body hesitated. It pained him to move, but he couldn't stop now. If Gaara found out, he'd stop everything just to make sure Shino could reach safety. No, he couldn't let that happen so with every ounce of will power he had, he stood up and slowly walked back onto the field. He wouldn't give up now.

Tenten stood back to back fighting with Neji; from every direction the hunters attacked her with everything they had. Running low on weapons, she had no choice than to use her trump card. She reached into her belt and grabbed the sword, drawing it.

Neji turned to shoot her a look. "You're sure?"

"As sure as I'll ever be honey. Wish me lucky." At that, Tenten swallowed hard and took off through the crowd of men leaving Neji alone. Neji closed his eyes, focused and stopped. Soon the men around him began to scream. They were all trapped now.

It was only seconds before he heard more screams, bones breaking and then the smell of fresh blood and he knew the job was done. Once again he opened his eyes to reveal Tenten standing with a blood soaked sword. He stopped, smiled and winked ather but her expression was gone and she screamed in the blink of an eye.

"NEJI." Was all she could manage before a sharp pain made its way through Neji's spine. It was a knife; he could tell. immediately he turned around to see a man half alive with a smile on his face. At that, Neji's eyes lit up and the man let a blood curdling scream. The next second, he was dead.

Neji winced at the pain. Tenten was now at his side, staring at the growing pool of blood at his feet. "Neji, can you go on?"

He smiled and nodded. "It'll take a few seconds, but I think the faster we leave here, the faster I'll recover. This blood thirst isn't getting any easier." With that, Tenten laid his arm over her and she moved him away from the soaked grass.

When they were away from the scene, Tenten dropped him in the grass. Gently she kissed his lips and touched his forehead with hers. "Take care."

"I'll be ready to fight again in a few minutes."

Tenten nodded then took off, back into battle.

At the other side of the battlefield, Shikamaru stood next to Kiba each fighting one skilled man. Usually this wouldn't pose much of a problem but this time their opponunts were both bigger and could read vampire moves easily. Unfortunatly it was a perfectly even fight. Kiba had a few wounds on his face, and Shikamaru had suffered a cut to his forehead , but in turn he'd broken his enemies right hand.

"H-holding up Shikamaru?" Kiba asked, eyeing the man opposite him as he wiped sweat from his brow.

"H-Heh, yeah. You?"

Coolly Kiba reached down, cut his enemy in the leg and watched at the hunter fell to the ground. With all his might, the hunter fought back but it was no use. Kiba was clawing, punching, and cutting. With one last hit, Kiba stood up, stomped on the mans face and listened as his neck snapped. Immdediatly the body stopped squirming.

Kiba now stood behind Shikamaru's opponent. He slowly wrapped his arm around the mans neck, and listen as Shikamaru slit the mans neck. After a few moments, the body became limp and Kiba let it fall to the ground. "I'm fine now." He smiled and gave a hand to Shikamaru who quickly accepted.

Shikamaru's hand went limp and his eyes grew wide. He didn't speak or turn his head. Only froze.

"Shikamaru? Shikamaru what's wrong!?" Kiba asked and began to violently shake Shikamaru's body. "Tell me! What's happening!?"

"The girl is here." Was all Shikamaru said.

The air was warm but the sun was gone. All that remained was dark clouds that filled the sky. From every direction there were patches of grass on fire, and the smell of charred bodies. Even without advanced senses, someone could smell the thick stench of blood.

Sakura stopped and stared. This was living hell, her dream was now a reality. Everything from that night was being played out in front of her. The smell of dead bodies and blood. The smell of burning grass and bodies was unbearable. Quickly her emerald eyes searched the battlefield and located a cluster of men in the distance. In that moment, tears filled her eyes and it took everything she had to not get sick right there.

Instead Sakura took off into the scene; her mind was set on one thing, and her feet moved without he will. She was sweaty and dirty. She didn't match and her hair was a mess. But when she caught sight of the two men she was looking for, her feet automatically stopped. To her left a few hundred feet away stood Sasuke; to the right was Gaara. And at that moment, the world stopped. No sound came from the screaming group behind Gaara and no sound came from the cursing men behind Sasuke. Slowly Sakura moved her head back and forth looking from person to person. Once again she felt another tear run down her cheek, and just like that the world began to move again.

From the distance a deep voice called, "Sakura! Baby what are you doing here?" It was Sasuke with a sympathetic voice. He held his arms open to the girl, beckoning her to come to him.

From the other side Gaara called, "Sakura. You really came..." And he fell to his knees. Behind him was a familiar blonde who linked arms with a man with pineapple hair. Beside them was a red headed woman who only smiled. Behind her was a tall man who had red triangles upon his face. Next to him was a man with long brown hair; he linked arms with a short woman with brown hair.

Sakura then turned her head to Sasuke who still held his arms out. In his right hand was a gun, covered in blood. Behind him were only a few men who's clothes were stained red. Their faces were dirty and they all looked positively evil.

"Sakura, you mean you've been in contact with this..this person?" Sasuke's voice was warm but his smile was strained and his arms faultered just the slightest

"Vampire." Was all Sakura could get to leave her throat. By the look on Sasuke's face, Sakura knew he'd been caught. At once his eyes lost their color and he became pale. Once again Sakura managed only a few words. "You lied to me."

The world grew silent as Sasuke spoke once again. "It was to protect you Sakura. They are murderers Sakura. You should not be associating yourself with characters like that. You're better than that Sakura." He took a few steps forward but stoppedwhen Sakura stared at him. Suddnely his face changed. "Sakura... please."

Slowly the pinkette turned to face Gaara and began walking to him; one step after another she walked closer to him. Before she knew it, she was standing over him. When her shoes came into his eye sight, Gaara looked up and took in her face. Immediately he felt his heart break.

"Don't say goodbye or even look at me." He mumbled. "Because I just couldn't take that." He felt himself choke.

He stared as Sakura held out a hand to touch his cheek. Almost like a reflex, Gaara put his hand atop hers.

"I pick you." She smiled.

Slowly Gaara stood up and his mouth curved into a smile as he pulled Sakura into a hug. Her head laid on his shoulder and his on hers. He felt her hot tears soaking into his shirt but he didn't try to stop her, she had to let it out.

Sasuke's face scrunched as he stared at the sight before him. He began to shake as the men behind him simply stared in disbelief.

"They corrupted you Sakura! I don't even fucking know you anymore! You're pathetic, a disappointment!" He yelled paused and took a step forward then stopped. "I hate you. You're nothing to this world." Sasuke raised his gun and fired.