What Have They Done To You?

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Chapter Eighteen

Everyone inevitably, will die. Some die in vain, some by accident, some on purpose. They say that when someone dies, something beautiful comes from it. But then again it doesn't always seem like it because death only causes sorrow, mourning and pain for those who are left behind. That's the human fate. As well as a vampire fate.

Everyday humans are born and humans die; it's something we know as a fact but emotionally we can't cope. Yes, we cry over it, but what about those who can't cry? Who refuse to break down emotionally and let the pain flow out? How do they cope with the loss? Do they mope around or hold it in until one day it all breaks free in a unexpected yet inevitable storm on some poor unsuspecting teenage girl working at the local coffee shop? It's hard. It's life. Things change at the drop of a hat and sometimes that change is beyond our control.

Minutes turned into hours, hours into days and Sakura continued to lay in Gaara's bed sleeping peacefully. Her body was steadily getting stronger, her skin had become glossy and her lips were rosy again.

Shino's room had been left untouched, his door remained locked. No one in the house dared to touch any alcohol, or even talk about him. Gaara was left to his own devices, no one spoke to him unless he spoke first. Everyone knew Gaara was suffering, they knew he felt guilty but looking back, they all thanked Shino because he'd saved Gaara's life. If it wasn't for his sacrafice who know's what might have happened? There was no denying Shino's bravery.

Three days after the battle Gaara finally made his way over to see Itachi. The man was shocked when he answered the door but when Gaara delivered the news of Sasuke's death it didn't surprise him. However when Gaara handed over the gun it reducedItachi to tears realizing that Sasuke died with this on him. Although, it also touched his heart. There was no denying that Itachi would sulk over the fact, so he simply thanked Gaara and shut the door. The rough treatment didn't bother the Gaara though, because he knew Itachi finally had closure and that meant more than social politeness.

The house was silent most of the time. Gaara knew that Shikamaru had read his mind many times, but it didn't bother him anymore. Nothing really did. No, Gaara was alone now and he didn't mind. Yeah, Tenten, Neji, Ino, Kiba and Karin were all there, but nothing could make up for the death of his best friend.

Green emeralds slowly opened and squinted as they began to adjust to the light. From the distance, the small pats of rain drops filled the house and in the distance a female was talking. The ceiling was a deep cream color, and the walls were a sharp red. In various places were small frames full of pictures, and a few quotes filled various frames. In the far corner was a decent sized tree.

Slowly Sakura sat up, her head pounding but she tried to take in her surroundings. She was sprawled on red satin sheets, under a black comforter, the room was warm and her body ached. Slowly the pinkette looked down, realizing she was in a very strange setting, she was wearing purple pants and an over sized t-shirt. Where was she? Who did these clothes belong to?

Quickly Sakura shut her eyes and massaged her forehead as events from days past filled her mind. Sasuke and Gaara fight, the wall, the email, those people. Gaara was a vampire. Sasuke was a...vampire hunter. Gaara's mortal enemy. Shocked, Sakura lifted her head and turned her head to look at the picture frames once again. On a near wall was a picture of a familiar man with red hair, and another man who wore dark glasses.

"Gaara's house..." Suddenly she felt guilty.

"So you're awake?" Sakura's head snapped up at the sound of Gaara's voice. He leaned against the doorway looking drained and tired. His eyes were dim, his smile was gone and his body was visibly pale and weak.

It took a few seconds, but Sakura patted the empty bed next to her in silent invitaion. Slowly Gaara walked over and sat next to her. He looked guilty and couldn't meet Sakura's searching gaze so he stared at his hands in his lap.

Softly the pinkette spoke, her voice was warm. "Thank you Gaara...for telling me the truth."

He didn't say anything.

"Please, just talk to me. I understand everything."

"Don't thank me Sakura. It's not your place." He mumbled. "You don't understand anything."

Sakura reached for Gaara's hand. "But it is...Gaara. I do know." She paused, now looking down at his hands. "Is he...?"



"I shot him."

"And then?"

"Sakura, I've done something terriable. Something I can't take back." He looked up into Sakura's piercing gaze. "Sakura, stand up. You'll know when you see."

Gaara stood up and held his hand out for Sakura to help her. She accepted, and slowly got to her feet and he led her to the of them spoke as Sakura let go of Gaara's hand. Her once rosy face had become pale, and her emerald eyes were smokey. Her once normal lips had a natural pink to them. Her skin was glossy, her hair a bright healthy pink.

She was perfectly heathly.

After a few minutes, Sakura spoke in monotone. "Where's the mark?"

Gaara reached over and slowly pulled her hair from her neck. There against his fingers were two red holes. When he was sure Sakura had seen them, he slowly pulled away to allow her to take it all in.

Her facial expression never changed. "How long?"

"Two weeks."

After a few seconds Gaara decided to explain. "Shino, my best friend pushed me out of the way so he could fight Sasuke. He said it was to save me but Sasuke killed him in the process. I grew rash and killed Sasuke out of revenge..." He trailed off and dropped his head. "I couldn't risk losing you either. I've spent my whole life waiting for you...It was selfish." He finished. "I'm sorry."

Sakura turned to face him. With her now advanced eyes, she was able to take in every detail about him. Since they'd reunited his face had grown older, he looked worn down and hurt, his eyes were dark. Hesitantly Sakura put a hand to his cheek. She gave a weak smile. "Gaara...you did prove them wrong."

Immediatly Gaara's head shot up to meet Sakura's. The memories from that night ten years ago flashed through his mind and the conversation replayed. "Promise me that no matter how bad things may get, that you'll always be here. We'll prove them wrong Sakura, we'll prove them all wrong."

His face soften as he spoke, "You remember."

Sakura's eyes grew red and her smile faded, "I remember it all Gaara." Then she threw herself into his chest and tightly held onto him.

Gaara could go nothing but hold her, his chin resting comfortably atop her head.

"Gaara, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry for everything that happened." She squeezed tighter. "My whole life has been a lie, but now."

Gaara fell to his knees, Sakura falling against him. Slowly he pulled away and held Sakura's face in his hands. She was beautiful in every possible way. "I was supposed to take Shino's place. I should be dead.. not Shino." He whispered, tiredly.

"It happened for a reason Gaara. Shino protected you and you're alive now. Everything happened for a reason." She consoled him, gently running her fingers through his tangled hair.

"You're not mad?"

Sakura's face softened. "I can spend forever with you Gaara. That's all I need. You've made me whole, you've completed me." At that, Sakura leaned in and kissedhim. It was passionate, almost as it was a last kiss goodbye.

After a few seconds Gaara pulled away, a smile upon his face again. He stared Sakura in the eyes, and chuckled when she bit her lip. Quietly he spoke, "There's people waiting to see you Sakura."

Sakura stood wearing a shirt that was three sizes too big, and an old pair of boxers. Her hair was wavy and her face was naturally beautiful. She stood with one arm around Gaara, and his arm around her shoulder. In front of her stood a group of familiar faces, each of them overwhelmed with joy.

A blonde woman came first, her green eyes shined and her smile was huge. She waited until Sakura spoke first. "Ino."

At that, the blonde caught the pinkette in a tight hug and resisted the urge to squeel in happiness. "I thought you forgot me honey."

Sakura smiled and returned the hug. "How could I forget my best friend?"

After Ino came a taller man who towered over Sakura but his smile was even friendlier than Ino's. His voice boomed as he caught Sakura in a huge hug. "Sakura."

"Shikamaru. Been awhile."

"No doubting that."

The rest of the line went on like that. Hug after hug, and name after name, boring but heartwarming greetings that broke the ice and built relationships. These people weren't strangers, but friends whom Sakura loved with all her heart.

At the end of the line was a short red head. Her glasses were crooked, and she wore a purple jacket. She gave Sakura a long look before quickly catching her in a hug and realsing. "You're the reason Mikoto kept me alive. Thank you."

A smile crossed Sakura's face. "You were the only person who cared there."

The rest of the day went on as a celebration. The girls took Sakura shopping, buying her a whole new wardrobe, as well as getting her clothes from the old house. While they went out, the boys stayed home and shared a round of well deserved drinks. At last the old Gaara whom everyone loved so much was back. His once bright smile had returned, and he was truly happy.

Gaara stood on his balcony, the sun was setting over Goldenrod and the store lights were now beginning to light one by one. Peace had fallen upon the city once again and there was a a spread of joy over the people. The city had completely changed, without even changing at all.

Beside him stood a short pink haired woman. Her hair was curled, and her make-up was done, she was wearing a tight black dress that hugged her gorgous body with matching heels. The sunlight illuminated her features; her eyes sparkled and her smile shined over the city. She was amazing by the view and. Gaara couldn't help but laugh at her excitement.

The sun was down and the city was now aglow, and Sakura stood close to Gaara Thin comfortable silence. There were no words needed now. That last time Gaara had done this, was when Shino was alive. The thought slightly troubled him, but when he realized Sakura was here, he knew Shino would be happy.

Slowly he turned to face Sakura, taking her hands in his. "After all this time, it's like nothing was ever out of place." He paused, letting the words sink in. "It was worth everything. We found a way back to each other and that's all that matters." He leaned down and pushed his forehead against hers, a small smile on his face.

"Gaara, I love you. We all fall down sometimes, but in the end... it's worth everything." Sakura pulled away and reached for her glass of wine that was sitting on the ledge. Gaara did the same. "To happy endings, and to forever." Upon those words, the two drank the last of the wine.

"To happy endings." Gaara repeated before kissing Sakura.

Author's Note -

Hello all! Well, this complete one chapter of this series. What did you think? Well, if you liked it I'd like to inform you that I'm in the process of writing the sequel, What Will They Do To Us? With more action, drama and romance. Not to mention, if you liked this... well I hope you'll like that too! Also, I'd like to thank SkellingtonZero for being an awesome beta and just for being here through this story. As well, I'd like to thank everyone who's stuck through it until the end. I'm grateful for you all, and I hope you'll enjoy more of my stories. - kat