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What Will They Do To Us?

"Welcome to my humble abode Ay. It's been awhile." He gave a small smile. "Although, I'd rather you used the door. That will cost a pretty penny." He nodded toward the glass.

"Ah, Gaara. So the rumors are true," He stood up straight. "You have really come to the main land. May I ask why you own such a large house just for yourself?"

The red head gave another curious look then answered. "I happen to live alongside my pack. I think very highly of them and we're all very close actually."

"Always the good man your father wasn't." Ay smiled as Gaara gave a small frown, clearly remembering old memories that weren't welcome. "I've heard that you've matured over the years, my sincerest apologies for the mess I've made." He looked around the room, then back at Gaara who tensed. "Your mind is racing child."

At once Mei stepped forward. "Why are you here Ay? This is none of your concern. We were simply having a gathering."

Ay's fake smile finally fell. "Funny, so many familiar faces that show hate toward me. It's rather..." He paused. "Unsettling actually."

At once Ay turned to look around the room again. His eyes rested on the man caddy cornered from Sakura. "Kakashi's excelling well with his training. I'm quite proud Iruka." He smiled as Iruka's face pained. "Such a shame you've chosen a different path."

A reassuring hand fell upon Iruka's other shoulder and a much older man slowly spoke, "Such a shame you corrupted my son." His face fell as all eyes landed on him.

Ay softly spoke, "Sakumo Hatake, I barely noticed you with all the glitz that covers you. Such a shame I can't have you either. Kakashi knows right from wrong, and he's quickly rising through my ranks."

At once Gaara took another step forward. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave Ay. You're not welcome." His face once again unreadable.

The white haired man gave a pouted smile. "Such a shame, I've been so nice and you're already kicking me out." He smiled and stared into Gaara's eyes. Quickly Gaara turned away. "Afraid to look into my gaze boy? Afraid I'll read someone you don't want me to?" Sakura's heart ached at the realization. "It's already been done... boy." He quietly finished.

At once he looked around the room, eyes facing everyone. Suddenly his eyes falling on Shikamaru, then the pinkette in his arm. Slowly he walked toward the two, the line in front of him slowly backing away. Sakura's eyes met Gaara's and his face went cold.

At once Ay firmly spoke, "If you know what's good for you, you'll let the girl go." His gaze met Shikamaru's.

The pineapple haired man tightened his grip, and Sakura tensed against it. "I'm following my orders sir. I refuse to let go." Shikamaru smiled. "I'm a man of my word."

Ay simply smiled, "As am I." At once Shikamaru let out a blood curdling scream as he fell to the ground, into a coughing fit.

At once Sakura froze. Her gaze met Ay's torso, and her whole body tensed. At once Ay lifted a hand to her chin, forcing her to look at him. She resisted, but he used force. The man looked into her eyes, and from the corner of her eye, he saw Iruka tense, ready to attack. Slowly Ay smiled. "So beautiful, so pure and innocent." The man slowly inhaled and licked his lips still holding Sakura's chin. "A newborn as well." He smiled. "You're the girl that took Gaara boy's heart. I must say, you smell divine." At once he removed his hand and ran a calloused finger along Sakura's chin. She flinched, and he stopped. "Gaara sure is protective of you."

From the distance a deep voice boomed. "Ay, don't touch her." All eyes landed on Gaara who's eye were aflame.

The man simply sighed. "I mean no harm Gaara, just a mere inspection of your pet." He smiled locking eyes with Sakura. "Although, Gaara you're no stupid and you know why I'm here..." He trailed off and Sakura's eyes grew wide.

"No." Was all she managed.

At once Ay erupted in a roar of laughter. He turned and spoke, "Oh yes honey!" His laughs took over the room. He then pointed a large finger at Gaara who's eyes were dark. "Gaara you will join my army, maybe not now but eventually you will cir cum to me." He walked forward. "I will have you, whether it's under want or now." Sakura stood frozen in place as Ay retreated toward the glass.

At once an older man and a familiar female appeared on either side of him. Both people had long blonde hair that fell to their knees, and they were both nicely dressed. A wave of gasps filled the room as all eyes landed upon the young female to Ay's right. Slowly Gaara turned, "Ino...?" He was dumbfounded.

"Inoichi," Mei spat. "Back from the dead." Her eyes narrowed. "Or faked death I presume."

"In the flesh and blood." The blonde man smiled.

At once Ay turned to the blonde female and caressed her cheek. "You've done well child." He spoke.

At once the blonde met eyes with Gaara. His expression said it all. At once she spoke, "I did what I had to do Gaara. He's my father, what else was there to do?" She questioned, knowing he wouldn't respond.

He dropped his head and at once Ay turned to Ino's father. "Shall we go?" He nodded, and with that the three vanished without a trace. Leaving the remaining vampires lost in their thoughts, standing still in an empty room it seemed.

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