What Have They Done To You?

An xxKaaat Original

Chapter Four

It'd been two full days since Gaara had come out of his room. No one knew what he was doing in there. Weather he was sulking, researching, meditating, or escaping the world. He wouldn't talk to Shino, Kiba, Shikamaru either. It even shocked Ino when we ignored her call for help. He kept his door locked, he kept his balcony doors covered and locked as well. They all knew he had to have been dying of thirst, and for all they knew he couldn't have already been dead. But as they all knew, they could smell him and sense his presence so he was still alive in there.

It killed Shino to not know what the man was going through. After all, the most important part of the search was left to him. And for that he was grateful, yet also stressed. He we were to fail, he'd be letting down Gaara. He'd be letting down everyone including himself, and that was something he just couldn't do.

It was one in the morning now. The moon shown through the windows in the mans room, and his computer screen shined bright through the room. Upon the screen were various pictures, lists, family trees, bank statements, surveillance footage, addresses, phone numbers, phone recordings, text messages, even credit card records. They all seemed perfectly logical, except for one thing. Sasuke hadn't had contact with anyone for months, except one person. He had no idea who the number was, or who the named belonged too. Although, the mysterious person sent him thousands of dollars every month, met with him numerous times, and shared many phone calls with him.

But whoever this person was, they didn't want anyone knowing what Sasuke and them talked about. There was no sign of them ever appearing in public together, no finger prints, no phone records, because they'd all been erased or shut out. Whoever this person was, they knew what they were doing. And the more Shino found contact between the two, the more he became convinced that this person knew what had happened with Sakura.

That's when the idea hit him. It took a few minutes, but Shino found a way to track Sasuke's email. The only problem was he had no idea how to hack an email account without making security go haywire. If he breached the circuit, then the whole vampire group would be found in a matter of mere minutes. It was something he just couldn't risk. So he didn't.

It took a matter of three hours for Shino to find something different though. Something that would make him change his mind. It was nearly four-thirty when Shino found a bank statement that shocked him. A mere five years ago, the checks stopped appearing every month and Sasuke found the need to close his bank account. Then he opened another with a more secure bank. The first deposit he made, one million dollars. The next after that, fifty thousand dollars. After that, it was thousands after thousands.

It then dawned on Shino that Sasuke wasn't an only child. Perhaps the man had regained contact with his brother after his late parents, and he gave Sasuke half the money. After all, they were brothers and most brothers got along as older men. Most. But the farther Shino looked into it, the more fishy things got. Around the same time Sasuke started gaining money, Itachi started losing money. Not the right amounts to mean that he was giving Sasuke the money, but enough to show that Itachi was losing his money somehow.

After that, the spiky headed man began to look through all of Itachi's bank statements. He didn't make a pay check, and he was running out of money quick. The only thing that didn't make sense? His parents had passed away at the same time, same day, and Sasuke got money, when Itachi didn't. How would that work if Sasuke's parents "hated him"? If he separated from the family, that would means grounds for never being given money, or even the fact that he wouldn't receive any of the willed money. Right...?

That's when it hit the man. In every e-mail he'd intercepted, it was always from the father of the house, Fugaku, but never the mother... Mikoto. When Sasuke separated from the family, the nurses of the hospital reported that Fugaku was the one to tell them that Sasuke was no longer allowed near them. It was always him.

In an instant, Shino began to do his work on Mikoto. And sure enough, he found what he was looking for. The number that stayed in contact with Sasuke the whole time belonged to no one other than his mother. It was the hospital number, which meant that she'd have to call when her husband was either asleep, or no.. he'd have to be away. So once again, the man looked into the hospital records, and sure enough... every phone call that was made to Sasuke, was made when Fugaku had checked himself out to the cafe, or out to have a smoke.

The man also found out why he hadn't been able to tap into the phone conversations before as well. They went through the hospital, which meant that they were stuck in security. Although, for a hospital, it would be much easier to hack. And so he did. It took a matter of minutes to tap into the system, and in minutes he had all the audio he needed.

Of course, he started from the beginning. But what he found seemed to lead to a hopeless fail. Little did he know, he found more than he was bargaining for.

The boy sounded shaky. "Moth-" He took a minute to breathe then started again. "You mean, it is true.. The letters.. everything.."

"That's right. Everything I said in the letter was true. Sasuke, I entrust it to you. Itachi wouldn't handle the truth due to how your father has corrupted him." The woman grew hesitant. "The business deals with those you see as a myth. Vampires Sasuke. Their real, and we've got proof."

"What proof?"

The woman gave a small laugh. "It'll come in time Sasuke. It'll come in time. Although, things are more complicated then they seem right now. The more we talk about, the more it'll fall into place. Just make sure that every time you get a call from this number, you answer. You hear me?"

The boy swallowed. "Y-yes. Where is the shelter?"

"That's my boy. In my room, in the closet, there is a vent that is on the floor. Click the knob, and the handle will appear and you'll be able to make your way in. Make sure to shut it once inside, we can't risk anything."

"Alright mother."

The man stared at the screen in front of him. All this digging into looking for Sakura, he'd come to find that the woman, the real criminal of this family.. knew vampires existed. She had a shelter, and that meant one thing and one thing only.

Every set of eyes busted open as the sound of a door slamming echoed through the loft. Footsteps echoed as well, and everyone was now staring into Gaara's room. Everyone's eyes landed upon a spiky haired man as he was straddling a red head, and shaking hum furiously. "GAARA. MIKOTO WAS A VAMPIRE HUNTER."

The red heads face showed hate, his voice showed anger. "Get the hell off of me Shino."

"No, Gaara. You've got to listen to me. Mikoto Uchiha was a vampire hunter. She had a shelter hidden in her house, that would be the only reason the house was torn down after her death! She told Sasuke! Sasuke knows and he took her place as a hunter!" He was frantic, but his face held a smile.

The red head finally gave up and stared at the man atop him. "I don't understand."

A blonde then broke in, "Shino how is this relevant to anything?" Her voice was groggy, her eyes red.

The spiky haired man stood up, holding a hand to Gaara who accepted it. "Okay listen to me. Mikoto was a vampire hunter. She knew we existed, and she was an Uchiha. The letter to Haruno was signed from an Uchiha. That means it had to be her because Haruno hated vampires. He loathed the ground we walked on, and to think the technology we made on the island, we developed ways to contact the mainland." He looked around at the clueless faces once more. "Don't you understand!? Haruno wouldn't want his daughter in danger of being with any vampires, so he sent her away to the main land after contacting Mikoto. Then to keep us from finding her, she brought Sakura all the way back to the west, leading us on a chase. With Sakura nowhere to be found! It makes sense!"

Shikamaru peered at the man. "How would Sakura just willingly go? It makes no sense. She wouldn't have just left openly Shino. That's what doesn't make sense."

Shino grew angry now. "The human vampire hunters have such advanced technology that they can fight us off now. That means they have the technology to brainwash someone, or even erase their mind." He looked Gaara in the eyes. "Sakura is out there, right now this very moment. We don't know where, but we know quite a few things." He walked to the middle of the group the vampires were forming. "We know that after Fugaku and his wife died, the house they lived in was destroyed, burned, then rebuilt. That means that the shelter she had would have never been found. That means that if she was holding Sakura for Haruno, the girl would be clueless to the truth that vampires were real. That means no one would find the lab, and the only people who knew were Mikoto and Sasuke." The man paused. "There is no doubt in my mind that Sakura is with Sasuke right now. And the more calls we listen to, the more we'll learn about this."


"While Mikoto was sick in the hospital, she made calls to Sasuke after he split from the family. Itachi hated his mother, Sasuke hated his father. So Mikoto sided with Sasuke and shared her secrets, that means that Itachi doesn't know anything except the fact that his mother was a crazy basket case."

"How do you come to the conclusion that they hated their parents Shino?" Asked Neji.

"Neji it's simple. The emails from Itachi and the bank statements he and Sasuke have. Mikoto was a sly criminal, that means she change their wills to make sure that Sasuke got all the money to keep HER business up and running. And since Itachi didn't believe her, he wouldn't get a penny to his name."

The room remained silent. Gaara turned to Shino after tension began to fill the room. "Shino, I entrusted this to you." He paused and sighed. "I believe you. If you can find proof that Sasuke has Sakura, then we can make our move." He gave the man a smile. "Thank you." He choked on his last word.

The group left one by one with reassurance in their hearts. Although, Gaara struck one of them. It was Ino. When everyone left, Ino stayed behind to talk to the man alone. Once everyone was gone, she took a long hard look at him. He was paler than normal, and his green eyes were beginning to fade. He had a sickly cough and he looked lost. Ino had seen his symptoms before, and she knew what he was hiding.

"Gaara." The woman said sympathetically.

"Hmm?" The man gave her a stern look.

The vampiress walked to the mans side and ran a finer along his jaw line. Her eyes grew sympathetic as she softly spoke, "You're thirst is killing you isn't it..." When he didn't reply, the woman looked down. "You're hurting yourself Gaara."

"My dear," He gave a fake smile, "I'm fine." Another sickly cough.

The blonde stared at him with disgust. "I know you better than this and I won't have it. You're in pain, that's why you've locked yourself in here Gaara. I know it's hard, but you can't forget about yourself anymore..." The girl paused as the man walked past her. She grabbed his arm and refused to let go. "You're sick. Gaara, listen to me." Her tone became stern as the man shot a glare, but her gaze cut through him like a knife.

The woman pulled him her way and she glared at him. She gave one tug, and his face was placed at her neck. In an instant he pushed her away, "I can't Ino."

The woman grew even more angry. "Fine, you leave me no choice." At that moment the girl used her teeth to rip a hole into her skin. "I'll force you."

Years ago back in Shore Line, vampires would often drink from each other. In those times, Ino always counted on Gaara, and Gaara always counted on Ino. That was until Shikamaru was bitten, and he instantly fell in love with Ino.

The blonde had seen Gaara at his worst, at his best. She knew him better than anyone, Shino included. She was the only person in their group who had never been afraid of the man, and she was the only person in the group who could calm him. Deep down, it did honestly bother Shikamaru because he became jealous. Yes he loved Gaara as a brother, but the thought that deep down, Gaara was there first, actually bothered him. Yes, Gaara clearly loved Sakura, but it still hurt.

The red heads throat closed up and he began to hyperventilate at the smell of fresh blood. The man tried to make himself resist, and that caused his knees to buckle and he fell to the ground. He was shaking violently, and he couldn't stop himself.

The blonde walked closer. "S-S-Stay a-away Ino... P-please." The man begged. His growls of pain and fury still had no effect on the women. She still came closer. "D-Damnit." Was all he could manage to say.

Before he could resist anymore, Ino grabbed the man and held his face to her neck. When he didn't start, the woman tightened her grip, hurting the mans shoulder. In an instant, he bit into the woman's glassy skin, and he began to drink. Gulping down large amounts of blood. When you drink another beings blood, you could feel their emotions, and you can taste their innocence. It's like a sea of someone. It leaves them vulnerable.

Deep down, Ino missed Gaara. She wouldn't admit it, but she knew he could read her feelings. She was an open book, every feeling she had, he felt. The problems she and Shikamaru were having, how much she hated the fact that she wanted Gaara sometimes. And to be honest it shocked him to know her feelings. He had never thought of her like that, and he most certainly wouldn't start now. It was wrong, she was a sister to him. He could never love her the way she loved him.

When he was fully quenched, he pulled away. He couldn't help but sit there. Across from Ino, for she wouldn't lift her gaze. "Ino-"

"Don't start Gaara." He could feel her holding in her emotions. "You know and that's all I wanted. I hope you're better now... I just couldn't stand to watch you wither away anymore..." That was the last thing she said before standing up and walking out of the room, not even closing the door behind her.