What Have They Done To You?

An xxKaaat Original

Chapter Five

A group of fifteen men sat around the oval shaped table. Each of them showed no emotion on their face. They all wore suits, and they all had stacks of papers and pens in front of them. Each of them sat staring at the man who sat head. He had shaggy black hair, and his eyes were dark red.

The man gave a small chuckle as he softly spoke, "We've caught another one."

The blonde to his right got up, left the room, and returned with a body bag. He showed no signs of the body being too heavy, and his eyes were icy. Slowly the man unzipped the top of the bag, and pulled it down to reveal a feminine face. The person had dark curly hair and she was pale. The lips let in a small petite line, and the thin neck was bruised. This creature was completely beautiful.

The head man spoke once more, "This vampire was caught yesterday in the forest just outside Golden Rod." His face showed disgust. "This is a female, full fledged vampire. See how beautiful she is?" The men all looked toward the females face. "This creature is deadly. And we've killed one more, which means we are one step closer to peace for humans." In an instant, all the men cheered.

Murmur filled the room as a content smile filled the mans lips. At once, his eyes fell upon the person who sat in the last chair. This person has very different features and they gave him a small smile back. The man them boomed, "GENTLEMEN. We have a very special guest joining us tonight." He slowly made his way around the table, and stopped behind the last chair.

The person sitting stood up, and turned their head to the group. Is was visible that the person was wearing a mask, and no one had realized it until now. Slowly the person pulled the mask from their face, to reveal short purple hair and thin lips.

The person stood next to Sasuke, and shot a glare at the men. Slowly the woman spoke. "My name is Konan. I've come to join your organization because I'm very much so against vampires. They corrupt the minds of innocent bystanders, then they kill them as soon as the chance comes." She stood staring at the group.

Each man was in shock. So see this young beautiful woman standing here, speaking of how she believes in their cause. It was almost unbelievable until their leader spoke once more.

"Konan is a good friend of mine, and I think she'll do us some good. She knows more than you all think." The leader stared at his blonde headed best friend across the table who looked back in content. "This is a good move for us men.

In an instant, the men cheered in approval. The woman then turned to him and put a hand to his chest. "You won't regret this Sasuke." The woman smiled and turned away.

Together a red headed man and a blonde female stood at the end of a drive way. They both wore professional wear and they both wore a fake pair of glasses. Each of them were wired, and they both held briefcases, and both were armed with fake ids.

"Gaara, I don't think this is a good idea." The woman spoke, her voice shaking.

The man looked at her, "This will work. This is a fool proof plan Ino, just stay in character." Once he was finished, the two walked side by side up the drive way, along a side walk and up to the door. The young vampire took a deep breath, and slowly knocked.

The few seconds it took seemed like hours, then the door handle turned, and the door opened. In the doorway stood a man who had to be at least six foot four. He had long black hair and he wore a long sleeved black t-shirt that hugged his frame tight. He also wore red sweatpants. He looked confused as he slowly spoke, "May I help you?" His voice was deep.

The red head softly spoke, "Hello, my name is Gaara and this is my partner Ino. We're with the local detective bureau and we'd like to ask you a few questions about something."

The man warmly smiled, "About what?"

The blonde answered, "Sasuke Uchiha." In an instant, the mans face became blank.

"I-I won't be much help, but I can try." Upon that he opened the door and welcomed the two inside.

The man used regular manners. He asked if the two wanted refreshments, but they politely declined. It was only minutes before he led them to a living room for a place to sit on the couch, and he sat across from them on a small love seat. Once he was comfortable, he gave the signal to begin.

Ino spoke, "Can you tell us your name first please?"

The man gave a small chuckle. "Itachi, Itachi Uchiha."

The red head smiled and started. "Alright, can you tell us about your and Sasuke's relationship. Anything you have, we need to know."

The man sighed. "I always wondered how long it would be until they were after him." He intertwined his fingers in his lap. "We've never had a good relationship, you know as brothers... but it all started with our mother. She was always gone at work. She wasted her live looking for vampires." He looked up. "Stupid right? Everyone knows vampires don't exist. But she always went on and on saying how I'd take over her business. Still to this day, I have no idea what she was talking about."

The blonde slowly asked, "How did your father feel about this Itachi?"

"Well, he took it the same way I did. He thought she was crazy. She was always contacting different people about it, and he got sick and tired of it. They often thought about it." The man sighed and closed his eyes. "T-There was this one time... they were fighting over this man..." He covered his face. "I don't remember his name, but dad thought she was having an affair with him. She was always talking to him about some girl but I don't know who she was."

Gaara's eyes perked up. "Can you tell me what happened toward the end of their lives?"

Itachi opened his eyes once more. "Mom and dad were in the hospital. At that point, mom had corrupted Sasuke's mind into thinking that vampires were real and shit. She was always talking to him and giving him money. It pissed dad off real good, he'd always yell at her. But somehow she stayed in touch with him I guess." He looked down once again. "Right before they died, she had the whole will rewritten and she gave Sasuke everything. I got nothing." He looked up with hate in his eyes. "After their funeral, Sasuke showed up with a letter from mom. He told me that she hated me, Sasuke was always her favorite. And he tried to tell me that it was never too late to join him in the quest to kill off vampires."

"Was there anything.. off about him?" The red head asked.

"Well, he had this girl on his arm. She seemed different. She had this real bright pink hair and these huge green eyes." Itachi scrunched his eyes. "But... he did send her back to the car before he started talking about vampires again..."

Gaara stood up. "Itachi, was that the last time you spoke to Sasuke?"


Ino stood up and gave a warm smile to the man. "Itachi, you are a great man. We are both very sorry for your family troubles. But, you've helped us more than enough. Thank you." Her voice was heavenly.

Once again, Itachi led them through the house. It was mere seconds before they found themselves on the front porch again. As the two turned to leave, Itachi burst through the door once more, "Gaara!"

The red head turned and gave him a look. "Yeah?"

"Haruno. The name was Haruno!"