What Have They Done To You?

An xxKaaat Original

Chapter Nine

Winter had finally peaked in the city of Golden Rod. The streets were filled with snow and the sky rained ice crystals. Couples shared small Eskimo kisses, and others strayed from them weary of heartbreak and lies. It'd been years since the city had this much snow, but then again.. the people looked at it as a beautiful thing. It was this time of year that people set up hot chocolate trucks, people called off, and school was canceled for the youngsters.

A young adult pinkette sat on a bench in the heart of the city. Her cheeks were rosy, they almost matched her hat. Around her neck was a scarf. Her body lined by a long black coat, her legs covered by thick pantyhose. Around her ankles were short high heeled boots. The woman sat reading a book, a cup of coffee in her hand. Winter was the girls favorite season.

From behind her book two pale legs appeared. The woman looked up to spot a tall purple headed female. She wore a black coat and knee high boots. She looked rather aggravated.

Sakura spoke with annoyance in her voice. "Can I help you ma'am?" The pinkette bobbed her head.

The purple haired woman rolled her eyes. "This is from Sasuke. I'm his.." She paused. "Co-worker." She held out a small envelope. "Call me Konan."

Quickly the girl reached for the letter. She practically yanked it from the woman's hand. Quietly she ripped it open and read the messy hand writing. "Home late again..." Her voice had lost its annoyance. "Oh."

The purple headed woman inhaled. Through her enhanced nostrils she smelled the faint mark of a vampire. The smell was sweet, yes sickening. It was only seconds before she noticed the smell coming from no one else but the girl in front of her.

The woman's eyes grew as she softly spoke. "Good day Sakura." Then she turned on her heels.

When the woman was far away from the girl, she made her way into a nearby alley. She opened her phone and pressed a few buttons. From the other side came a deep voice. "Konan?"

The girl closed her eyes as she leaned against the brick wall. "Sasuke, we've got a problem."

"What's happening!?"

The woman checked both ways before speaking again. "I've delivered the letter." Silence. "Sakura wreaks of vampires."

From the other end there was no sound.

"Sasuke.. answer me." The woman grew frantic. But when no sound came back through, she pulled her phone from her ear to reveal the home screen. In anger she forcefully threw her phone to the ground and watched it shatter. "Damn it."

Sounds of screams filled the night air. In every direction there were dead bodies and piles of fire. The smell of rotten, burning flesh made the girl sick. Sweat trickled down her forehead as she slowly fell to her knees. Where was this place? What was happening? Where was anybody?

Slowly the girl looked up with a tear streaked face. The sky was a dark orange color, and the sound of crashing waves filled the distance. Shots, crackling flames and more screaming then made their way to her ears.

"Help me."

"Ah, it hurts."

"Please no!"

Suddenly the woman felt her own self shaking, screaming from fear. Her cries filled the air.

It was only seconds before strong arms entangled her, holding her small frame while she screamed. Once again she looked up. Above her was a tall man with a dirty face and purple war paint. Blood fell from his lips, and his front teeth here sharp. He screamed unfamiliar words that soon became clear.

"Sakura! Sakura listen to me. We've got to get you away from here. Do you know of any secluded places here?" The man was sympathetic. The girl violently shook her head. Who was this man? Why did he know her name?

Instantly another voice spoke. This time the voice was more friendly, more caring. A female. "Sakura honey, please stand up and come with me. I'll save you." Sakura looked up to reveal large green eyes staring at her. This woman had blonde hair pulled into four pig tails on her scalp. She smiled, another set of sharp teeth, no blood though.

But as the comfort came, it vanished. After mere seconds, the blondes face became drenched in horror. "KANKURO!" She screamed. Tears fell from her eyes. The girl turned her head to see the man once so caring for her, now in a heap of fire screaming for help. Each second, he grew more faint until his body fell limp and he burned to ash.

Once again, Sakura's body fell limp as she watched a long gun barrel aim at the woman's forehead, and in seconds a shot rang through the air. The blondes body fell limp to the ground. She spoke no words, she too was dead.

Another pair of strong arms entangled the girl, but they were not gentle like Kankuro's. Whoever had the girl now was squeezing her tight, holding her in his stiff arm. She laid like that, not knowing weather she was dead or alive for what seemed like hours.

Suddenly, she fell to the ground. Her whole body ached, her eyes watered. A rough hand reached down and yanked the girls face to meet his. This man was tan, his hair a light shade of pink. His eyes were bloodshot, he looked almost evil. He was covered in sweat, his odor she almost couldn't bear. "Sakura, this is what happens when humans live alongside vampires. We die, we hate. This isn't the life you need, and I won't allow you to live like this. I don't care is this is the life you want to choose, this isn't what I want for you." Her eye lids began to fall as he spoke one final word. "Goodbye darling."

She felt someone pick her up, and then a pinch in her spine. Within seconds a burning sensation filled her body. Heat, followed by ice, then a vicious poison raced through her veins. Her screams of anguish and pain filled the air, yet her vision was black.

Voices filled her ears. A female, "She'll be sealed away, she'll awake in a few weeks. She will remember nothing."

A man. "That damned vampire has corrupted her mind.

A female. "U...ch..i..ha"

A male. "Thank you."

The pinkette's eyes shot opened. Quickly she shot up from her bed. Her whole body was wet, the bed soaked from her sweat. Tears filled her eyes and her head ached. The girl violently shook. Quietly she pulled her knees to her chest as she began to cry. What was that? Who were the people talking? Vampires?

After a number of minutes, Sakura looked to her alarm clock. Three thirty a.m. She was the only person in the bed, once again. Tears fell harder now, "Sasuke where are you?" Her words were soft.

Shino sat in front of his computer once again overlooking all the files he'd found. He'd spent every night for the last week listening to phone call after phone call from Mikoto and her son. The things she kept hidden, it was almost unrealistic.

The boys voice shook. "She's beautiful mom. But, I don't think she's right for me." He clearly felt guilty.

The woman sighed. "Sasuke listen to me. This isn't about love. This is about the deal we've kept with Haruno. Her father is dead! They killed him, and we can't risk letting her go." The voice paused. "Sasuke, you have got to keep her. If Itachi found out, he'd report us. If your father found out, he'd have me sent to the home. Don't you understand what you're doing...?"

The boy slowly spoke once more. "I got the check in the mail yesterday. Yet, she still hasn't woken up. It's been months. Is she dead? And what am I supposed to do when she wakes up?"

The woman laughed. "I warned you from the beginning Sasuke. It'd take time for the solution to work. It could take anywhere from a few days to a year for it to completely engulf her body. When she wakes up she won't remember anything regarding Shore Line. Play it off as her fiance, or boyfriend. I don't know. You're playing the part now honey." She chuckled once more then stopped and took in a large breath. "You know I'm dying Sasuke..."

"I know ma."

"You know the plan right? The letter." The woman took a deep breath.

Sasuke began, "Yeah. Once you and dad die, deposit all the money into a new account. Then tear the house down and let it grow over. Find a new place to live, and that will get rid of any suspicion. You don't talk to Itachi, I get everything. It's fool proof. Right?"

The woman took a minute before answering. "Exactly." Her voice was cold.

The more conversations Shino uncovered, the more he found out. And at this point, his theory he'd found from the beginning was right. Mikoto sided with Sasuke and screwed over Itachi. Her secret lab was hidden under the old Uchiha place. That meant that as soon as she did pass away, Sasuke really did have the place torn down and let it grow over.

There was only one question circulating through Shino's mind. Was Sasuke smart enough to tear down the lab too? Or was it still there buried under the old earth.?