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Chapter Fifteen: Into Shadows

The light was blinding as Touya stepped into the brilliant glow of Nimbasa well after dark. Roggs squirmed in his arms, picking up on the overwhelming sense of energy that the very air seemed to be emitting. If Castellia had interesting lights and signs, Nimbasa's own grabbed one's attention by the ear, yanked it towards them, slapped it across the face and glued its eyelids open to keep it staring at the signs. Molly, on the other hand, having just been released not five minutes earlier, flew straight into the signs, giggling to herself as the electricity flowed through her, snapping her to awareness and yet creating a sense of pleasure not unlike that of lying in a warm bed. This curious contradiction was like a drug to most electric types, and Molly was no exception. However, Shirley had raised the Emolga well, and she knew better than to stay glued to the signs too long, instead returning to her perch atop Touya's shoulder, noticing that Lily and the newcomer had also been released. The newcomer looked particularly nervous, likely because he was afraid of the electricity. Molly was slightly offended by this; electricity was a wondrous thing for both people and electric type Pokémon, though in different ways. Still, Molly understood where the newcomer was coming from; he was a water type after all.

Turning her attention to her trainer, Molly studied his face for a moment. After that incident with the green haired human in the last city, her trainer had had some sort of breakdown. What had happened between the two? Molly was starting to grow somewhat fond of the boy, especially after he had fully conversed with her in her own language. She had been surprised; it was unheard of for a human to speak in any Pokémon's tongue. Still, for some reason Touya was now rejecting N, as if N was another male competing with him for the same mate. Such an action puzzled Molly. As far as she knew, N wanted Touya as his mate, even if neither of them understood it yet. Perhaps that was the source of the issue. Having trouble communicating, somehow Touya had arrived at the conclusion that N desired the same mate Touya did, though who that was Molly could not determine for the life of her. Regardless, Touya had then proceeded to block the other out of his life and moved on.

Not entirely confident in her assessment, but unable to reach a more likely conclusion, Molly turned her attention back to the city around her. The whole area was alive with electricity and excitement, the streets illuminated as brightly as they would have been in the daytime. People ran through the streets in costumes, laughing and playing with each other. In the distance, Molly could make out a massive wheel turning slowly, along with a set of rails along which a set of fast moving boxes would occasionally dash. On occasion, someone would pass them dressed in the likeness of the legendary Trainer Red, or sometimes his greatest rival and occasionally rumored to be his mate Green. At least, Shirley had been convinced that Green was Red's mate. Whether or not that was true mattered little to Molly, who didn't understand the hype surrounding the two, along with the third member of their trio, the female human Blue. Curiously enough, Molly saw no one dressed up as Blue. Wasn't Blue the one that had managed to bend the three Greater Birds to her will? Surely an accomplishment like that was more impressive than whatever it was Red and Green were known for.

A sudden commotion caught Molly's attention as someone dressed like one of those Knights Touya had battled ran past them, followed by a teen shouting something at the Knight. Touya turned and ran after the Knight, shouting his commands to Molly to stop the Knight. Uncertain of what was going on, but trusting her Trainer's judgment, Molly took to the skies, trying to locate the man dressed as a Knight. After a moment, she spotted the man several streets ahead of Touya, and swooped in to slow the man down long enough for Touya to arrive with Roggs and the rest of the team. Gliding low over the crowd's heads, she took aim at the man before firing an Electro Ball at him. The orb flew true, striking the man in the back of the head and throwing him to the ground. Molly giggled at the direct hit, but stayed on guard. She had deliberately held back for the sake of her Trainer, and so it was no surprise when the man stood up and looked around for his attacked, his eyes settling on Molly hovering not one hundred feet away. Snarling, the man released a Swoobat and a Sandile, the Flying and Psychic type Pokémon immediately charging Molly with the intent of ramming her out of the sky and making her vulnerable to the man's Sandile's attacks. Molly rolled her eyes, annoyed with the obvious tactic and barely bothered to move aside enough to cause the Swoobat to slam into the nearby building. Not giving the Swoobat a chance to recover, she absent mindedly hit the Pokémon with a ThunderShock before flying back over to the man, trying to deliver another Electro Ball to his face. Unfortunately, the man's Sandile leapt up at the last second, absorbing the attack and attempting to Bite her. Molly barely had enough time to twist out of the way to avoid getting hit, but she needn't have bothered. A sudden blue and black blur slammed into the Sandile, releasing a torrent of water as it did so.

A second later, the blur bounced back to Touya, revealing itself to be the newcomer. In the same second, Lily sprang into action, jumping past the dazed Sandile and hitting the man with a Take Down. The man fell over, stunned, as the newcomer sprang forth again in another Aqua Jet attack, knocking the Sandile out.

In the heat of the battle, Molly hadn't realized how silent the street had gotten until she saw Touya walking over to the man. Picking the man up by the front of his costume, he shoved him against the wall, growling, "Alright, you fucker, you've gotten your ass handed to you, now give us back the Pokémon you stole." Behind him, the violet eyed teen from earlier stood expectantly, his own Charmander standing next to him.

The man sneered. "You think I'd just give it back to some wimp like you?" he spat venomously, and it was only then that Molly realized the man really was one of the Knights from earlier. She felt electricity course through her body, preparing to attack the Knight again, but was stopped by Lily.

"Let our Trainer handle this," Lily growled, watching as Touya lost control and punched the Knight across the face. Blood flew from the Knight's nose as Touya followed with another punch, this one to the man's stomach before letting the Knight double over so he could slam his elbow into the poor fool's neck. The Knight fell to his hands and knees, coughing violently.

"I'm not going to ask again. Give. It. Back," Touya growled, and for the first time since meeting him, Molly grew afraid. Not of him, but of what he was about to do. The look of absolute hatred in his eyes, the cold emptiness of a man who has lost control. Touya was different now, where he had once stayed neutral in most issues, his mind searching for the correct answer and the proper compromise, he had become passionately infused with rage over this issue. He no longer passively stayed to the side, content to watch the world turn as he pondered the greater moralities and truths to life. Now, he freely passed his judgment on the world, and punished anyone who disagreed with him.

Touya was becoming a monster.

N had to be behind this, Molly rationalized. N had been a stabilizing force for Touya, someone he could rely on in the short time they had known each other. Yes, Touko and Bianca, and to a rather limited extent Cheren had all served the same purpose for Touya, but N had been a potential mate to Touya. Whatever it was N had done, it had destabilized Touya, and so Touya was losing himself in darkness. If this kept up, Touya would lose everything he stood for - his compassion, his friendliness, his search for truth, his desire for a peaceful world - everything.

Fortunately, the Knight had enough sense to pull a Pokéball from his belt and drop it before staggering to his feet. "There you are. Take it. It wasn't worth the trouble anyways," he spat before recalling his Pokémon and staggering off.

Touya picked up the Pokéball and walked over to the other teen, holding out the Pokéball. The teen accepted the ball gratefully, before saying something Molly didn't catch. Touya nodded and said something else, then motioned for the team to follow him.

Touko sat on the roof with Suzaku and Shirley, listening to the two of them tell stories of their adventures during their time as Ashford students. Numerous stories included Lelouch and, surprisingly, that Milly character she had run into while passing through Nacrene city.

"Oh hey, remember that one time Milly tried to make the world's largest pizza?" Suzaku asked, and Shirley burst out laughing.

"Oh my goodness, that was hilarious! So what basically happened was that Milly decided to try and make the world's biggest pizza at one of the festivals our school puts on. So she goes out and arranges for all the stuff we'll need, and we realize that we don't have anything big enough to get things rolling on time. So we're running around trying to figure out what to do when Suzaku notices Lulu's gone missing. Suddenly this giant robot comes rolling around the corner with Lulu in it, and he tells us he's gonna use the robot to help create the pizza. So we're all too relieved to question where he really got it from until we're actually about to make the pizza when this little baby Blitzle runs out and rams itself against the robot. You know what happened? The robot short circuited. Took us an hour to get Lulu out, and then only with the headmaster's Bisharp! Turns out the robot was a Knightmare frame," Shirley explained.

"Knightmare frame?" Touko asked, puzzled.

Suzaku nodded. "A few years back Striaton's government got working on a project to create robot frames to help us out with everyday life stuff. Not sure how they'd help us, but that was the goal. Anyways, the project was called Project Knightmare, but they got shut down early on because they couldn't get past this one fatal flaw in that any electric Pokémon could instantly short circuit them. That Knightmare Lelouch was using was one of the Ganymede models, the last generation they got to before shutting down the project."

"Well," Shirley yawned, stretching, "it's getting late and I have classes tomorrow. Goodnight you two," she said, heading back inside the dorms.

"She has a point. I'm sure you're still feeling exhausted. I know what it's like to be in danger of someone slipping from your life. How about we head back to the Student Council room?" Suzaku asked. Touko nodded.

"Yeah, I'm kinda starting to fa –" she began, only to be interrupted by the ringing of Suzaku's cell phone. Suzaku checked to see who it was, then picked up.

"Yes?" he asked, listening to the response on the other side. His eyes suddenly went wide. "Understood. We'll be right down," he said, hanging up. "Something's happening with Dewott, let's go," he said, rushing past Touko and down the stairs, Touko following close behind him.

In the medical office, nurses and doctors rushed around, a hive of frenzied activity, checking monitors and calibrating instruments as the anguished cries of Dewott drowned out all other sounds. In Dewott's room, nurses struggled to restrain him as he howled in agony, thrashing and threatening to injure the people around him.

This was the scene that Touko found when she ran into his room, terrified but determined to help in whatever way she could. Running over, she attempted to get through to Dewott, only to be restrained by a doctor. She was, however, close enough to make eye contact with Dewott, and the moment they did so, Dewott ceased his struggles. The eerie quiet that followed lasted for only a few seconds before Dewott began glowing white, an invisible force pushing the nurses back as he changed in form. His arms and legs elongated, and his head expanded in size, adding a fair sized horn to the top of his head as well. His overall body structure changed to match that of a quadruped, and though the light obscured it, Touko realized his skin was darkening as well. As the glowing ceased and the room grew still once more, Dewott, now a Samurott, stood atop his bed. Jumping down, he ran over to Touko, who knelt down to embrace her companion.

"Well, if we'd known he was waiting to evolve, we would've dragged you down here a lot faster. Your Samurott must love you a lot to want to wait until you're with him to evolve. Even so, Samurott isn't fully healed yet, so you'll have to wait a few weeks while we get him back in shape," commented Dr. Stein, who was in charge of Samurott's recovery. As if to prove his point, the brunt of Samurott's weight fell against Touko, catching her by surprise and almost throwing her to the ground. Dr. Stein moved to pick up the unconscious Samurott, and Touko allowed him to. "Now, I believe it is dark out, you would do well to get some sleep," the doctor commented. Touko nodded, allowing the doctor to tend to Samurott as she returned to her temporary residence.

Anya watched as the rest of the crew left the house to return to the castle. Marianne stood next to her as she watched them from the window. "We should be able to head back to the ruins tomorrow. I have a feeling that's where we should start searching. If nothing else, their bodies will have been deposited outside the ruins by now," she said. Anya shuddered, remembering how the maw of the chasm in which the ruins rested had stretched so far down they couldn't see the bottom. The cold dread she had felt when she had first descended, and the way she could hear the chasm laughing as they left, as if mocking them for their failure to protect two of their own. The way the Pokémon in the area stayed just beyond the range of their lamps, taunting them with shadows and glimpses.

The despair of the ruins.

She felt a hand on her shoulder, and looked up to see Marianne smiling down at her.

"Hey, it's alright," she said. "Gino and Jeremiah are alive, I know it. We'll find them. Don't worry," she said. "They wouldn't let a little water finish them. They probably found a secret chamber or something. For all we know, they could've found another way out by now. This will work out. You'll see," she promised. Anya shrugged.

"Ghetsis has given us our orders. We are to carry them out to the best of our abilities." was all she said in reply.

A/N: I am terribly sorry my friends! It has been far too long since my last update. I blame school and marching band. And Attack on Titan. Anyways, as a bit of an apology, I'm throwing in a little drabble I wrote to deal with writer's block. This isn't really anything that will become canon (if a fanfic can have canon), but it was fun to write nonetheless.

Touya let himself float away in the power again, letting Reshiram's remnant soul fragment merge with his own as his body began to change again. The familiar weight of the legendary dragon's wings settled upon his back once more, and he felt his legs transform as well, the TurboBlaze engine turning into boosters to aid in flight or hand to hand combat. His clothes changed, replaced with the white armor modeled after Reshiram's body. A helmet, resembling the skull of Reshiram, appeared, and in his hand the longsword made of fire materialized.

He took in the enemy before him. Neo Plasma had definitely improved the quality of their Ice Golems. This one stood at least fifteen meters, clad in what appeared to be plate armor crafted from NevermeltIce. An oversized claymore was strapped to the creature's back, and its armor bore spikes on the gauntlets, elbows, shoulders, and knees. The creatures weren't even Pokémon, just abominations that Touya could unleash his powers on without fear of repercussions. His mind empty, Touya shot forward, accelerating on the TurboThrusters towards the Golem, who drew its massive claymore in response. As the behemoth swung Touya shot upwards, dodging the cleaving sweep with a good six or seven feet between himself and the weapon. What Touya wasn't prepared for, however, was the Golem's impossible speed. It whipped the blade around and smacked Touya with the flat impossibly fast, sending him sprawling into the snow. Touya staggered to his feet, the Golem approaching all the while.

Twenty meters.

With a shake of his head, Touya took to the air, his wings flapping steadily to get him eye level with the Golem. He charged energy into his palms, preparing an attack to unleash on the Golem.

Fifteen meters.

Touya increased his focus, drawing in as much power as he could as the behemoth drew closer.

Ten meters.

Not enough. Still, Touya had to increase his focus.

Five meters.

Come on, damn it! Touya thought, desperately drawing on as much as he could safely handle.

Striking distance.

With a yell, Touya unleashed a massive blast of fire, easily ten times as strong as a Fusion Flare would have been. The attack struck the Golem straight on, destroying much of its armor.

Touya shot forward, using his thrusters to move erratically and confuse the Golem, darting in and out of range with his sword. Every time he got close enough, he lashed out, slashing at the more vulnerable ice flesh underneath the armor as the Golem got increasingly agitated by Touya's dogged persistence. Finally, Touya shot behind him, spotting the vital concentration of nerves in the back of the Golem's head. Dashing forward, he drew in energy, increasing the size of his sword until it nearly rivaled the Golem's own, weight as constant as ever. As he neared the weak spot, Touya began to spin, rotating faster and faster and becoming a blur of white and fire, before cleaving straight through the Golem's head. Touya landed on the ground reverted to his natural state in a crouch with one hand on the ground and the other extended outwards to balance himself. Behind him, the Golem crashed to the ground, throwing up a massive amount of snow and creating a loud, resounding thud.

A/N: Again, I'm really sorry for not updating sooner. I promise this fic will get back on track eventually. Yes, that was Dr. Stein from Soul Eater, and yes, I did draw inspiration for that drabble from the RWBY "White" Trailer from RoosterTeeth.