Once again I found myself unable to enjoy the simple pleasure of sleeping in.

Didn't I make myself clear the other day? I thought, pulling the white sheets off of myself and swinging my legs over the side of the bed. I stayed like that for a moment with my head hanging down, my hair falling into my face. I listened to them converse amongst themselves, but I was unable to make much out. Shortly after, a grimace formed upon my face.

I stepped down from my bed onto the cream colored carpet and marched over to my closet, fist at my sides. Oh, they're going to get it. I don't care if there from the shitty government, they could be from the queen of England for all I care.

After opening the closet door, I scanned the floor for something to quickly slip on. I snatched my old navy sweater from the far corner and placed it over my white tank top. Then, after rummaging through a few piles of tee shirts, I pulled out my sweat pants. Feeling satisfied with my change of attire, I headed to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and pulled back my thick hair into a messy bun.

Due to my rushing, I managed to snap the hair band in half more than just once. I grumbled once for the sharp pain that spread through my hand and another while pulling open draws to pick out a new hair band, one that was thicker this time. With my hair up and out of my face, I sped through the house, straight to the front door. I didn't even bother to put on any damn shoes.

I stood in the doorway for a moment, scanning the area. White vans were lined up and down the street in front of my house, but no men were in sight. Frowning, I closed the door behind me before breaking into a light job to the back of my house.

Voices became clearer as I neared the back, but I still couldn't make out much of what they were saying to one another. Well, other than the occasion, "Isn't it odd how. . ."

Making my way into their view, I slowed my pace down a notch and began to head over to the only one not dressed in a white lab coat. Last time I came out to speak with these guys, he was the one who pulled me away and informed me of the current situation. He hardly informed me of anything. All he said was that people in the area have been calling in about some suspicious moment and what not out in the woods.

So, if that were the case, was it really necessary to bring out a whole goddamn army? And why not just get the local police to check it out?

Their boss, who was graying around the temples, and a young looking blond coworker were looking over some files on a clipboard when their attention was drawn over to me. The boss leaned towards his coworker for a quick moment, whispering something into his ear. The blond gave a firm nod before stepping away and heading closer to the woods.

I took a few more steps forward before planting myself a foot away, arms crossed.

He gave a small nod before saying, "Ah, miss Kylie, nice to see you again. Is everything alright?" He folded his hands behind his back, waiting for my reply.

I scoffed. "Just dandy, except that I had asked you and your men to leave yesterday. But, here you are, still walking all over my property! What do I have to do to get you guys to leave? Throw a goddamn stick?"

"Miss, I know this is-"

I shook my head. "No! I am so done with all this shit. You and your men have no fucking right to be searching here. Where the hell is your permit?" My voice was beginning to rise.

The blond guy came back to his boss's side. He whispered something to him before both men turned to me.

The boss spoke up, raising his hands in defense. "Young lady, please, calm down. As I said before, we are here to-"

"I know why you're here! You already explained it to me yesterday, like, five fucking hundred times. And I told you each and every time that, no, I don't give a shit if you saw suspicious movement back there!" I motioned to the woods before continuing. "I want you and your men to move your sorry asses off of my property in less than an hour, or I'll do it myself!"

My face twisted into a deeper scowl when the boss shook his head. I dropped my fist down to my sides, knuckles white.

He sighed. "Young lady, I already told you, we-" After that, he had difficult forming his words. Muffled shrieks and curses sounded as he fell to his knees, cupping his crotch.

"Young lady my ass!" I snarled, watching his curled up form.

The blond kept shifting his gaze between me and his boss, mumbling something under his breath. He took a hesitant step back, his eyes locked in with mine.

Oh, no you don't. I am not done with you either, blondie. When he took another step back, I began to march up to him, fist curled at my side, ready for the swing. However, when I raised my hand, it never made it close to his face; a force was holding me back.

I looked to my side, and saw another guy in a lab coat was holding me back, his grip viselike.

I wiggled around, trying to break his hold. "Let me go! You have no right. No right!" The guy now held both of my arms behind my back, preventing me from escaping. "This is my property and I want you bitches out!" More struggling followed after that, but the man kept his ground.

A soft voice sounded from behind. "Please, miss, if I let go, will you calm down? We will be leaving in an hour, alright? Just try to control yourself. We're only doing our job. We're only looking out for the safety of the community and yourself."


It is too fucking late to let you guys off the hook. After all this pointless crap you've put me through, you think it's alright to just walk away? And what's with this shit about safety? If it was about safety, you wouldn't even be here, snooping around.

After one deep, calm breath, I placed a dainty smile on my lips. Since he couldn't see my face and the blond (with the help of a few more men) was busy, I took advantage of the opportunity.

I kept my voice low as I gave out a weak reply to the man. "Fine, I guess I. . ." I paused, taking in a deep breath. "kinda overreacted back there. . ."

The grip holding my arms back was gone, and a hand patted my shoulder before a, "Thank you," sounded.

My lips curled up into a smug smirk before I spun around, fist at the ready. He jumped, but didn't manage to cover his face before I knocked him square in the jaw. A wave of pain surged through my arm, but I kept going. I kicked him in the gut, causing him to tumble over. He fell down to all fours, but gripped his side with one hand, grunting.

I stepped over to him, leaned down, and placed a single kiss upon his cheek before making my way back to the front yard. "Next time you, or anyone else, touches me, your guts won't be the only thing kicked."

As I passed by any other men in lab coats, I narrowed my eyes. "I want all of you off of my property in less than an hour, or they," I motioned towards the two fallen men, "won't be the only ones getting hurt!"

Once I made it around the corner, I jogged up to the front of the house, to the door, and paused. I let out a single sigh of content before letting myself into to the house, slamming the door behind.

Not so far away from all the commotion, a ship settled onto the forest floor. The being driving the ship was more than just pleased with the thought of being able to get up and out to stretch.

At last, this pauk-de ship landed, he thought with a click.

It has been about a week, in ooman time to be specific, since his journey started and already was he beginning to feel restless. He hastily rose from his seat, cloaked the ship, and headed out the control room, grabbing his awu'asa and taun'dcha along the way. He turned the ship off and opened the entrance, and stepped out into the shaded space. The automatic lazily doors close behind him after he take another step out into the woods.

He carefully took in his surroundings, head cocked to the side, breathing in a deep breath of cool, damp air, before placing a metallic mask on. After setting it on to infrared, he could make out a faint living red aura a few yards from where he stood.

He kept walking, looking around for signs of movement, be it animal or man. As he got closer to the source, he could make out screaming and yelling from an ooman. Quickly cloaking himself, he sprinted towards the noise, stopping about ten yards away from the scene, a growl threatening to form in his throat.

An ooman female approached two males, her movement tense and quick. It seems like she was arguing about something with the older of the two males once she reached them. With a few adjustments on his helmet, he heightened his hearing to better hear what was going on between the pair, but just as he looked back, he saw her swing back her leg and ram it into the males. . .

Even he felt himself flinch at the sight, knowing very well how unpleasant the sensation was.

"Young lady my ass!" she snarled.

The being couldn't hold back a trill that built up inside his chest. Never before had he seen such a hostile ooman female. He could already see that this was going to be an excellent challenge.

"Let me go! You have no right. No right!"

A male, much larger than her, joined the fight, taking hold of her fist before she had the chance to attack the younger male. The male then held her back, pinning her arms behind her, leaving her unable to defend herself.

Mandibles flared, the being growled at the sight. No female should ever be left unable to defend herself, he thought. It was an outrage to even hear of such an event. That male should have already been left in two.

Just as he was about to step into the fight, the female punched the male in the jaw and kicked him in his side. A few clicks followed shortly after from the creature. Two males down in less than five minutes, he noted. Not bad.

So far from what he has gathered, he decided that she was an aggressive, humorous, outspoken female. And with her fighting skills she sounded similar to a Yautja female. She was, without a doubt, going to make a fine mate indeed.

He found himself having to wait until the fallen ooman males and their companions left before making himself known to the female. After the area was cleared, he made his way to the back of the house and scanned it, looking for an entrance inside. It had a backdoor and a window.


He took a look inside through the window and saw the female walk down a hallway before disappearing from his view. After taking a step back from the window and walking up to the back door, he quickly took out his wrist blades and slammed through the door knob. Seeing that his attempt was a success, he puffed out his chest before opening the door and stepping inside.

From the hallway he saw her walk down moments before, the sound of running water hit his senses. He deliberately made his way to her bedroom, checking to see what she was up to. Once having scanned the space to see where she was and what she was doing, his mandibles twisted into what almost seemed like a smirked. She was in the bathroom, cleaning herself from after the brawl.

He went back to where he had entered the house and looked around at the surroundings, head tilted to the side and the occasion trill sounding. The room next to the one he currently stood in had various seating and a small table, what he would guess to be an ooman living room. What he was in appeared to be some sort of kitchen, with its various supplies here and there and a lone basket of round, plump red produce in a far corner.

The being took out his wrist blades and went over to what he assumed to be the main entrance of the house. He raised my arm and, in one quick motion, slammed the door knob off from its place. He tried opening the door but founded it nearly impossible to even imagine a human being able to opening it.

Once that was done with, he made sure all windows in the kitchen, living room, and any other rooms were closed, leaving the backdoor as the only exit.

He made his way into her bedroom, taking note of the one door inside that was opened. He stepped closer to it, realizing it was just a small storage space. He quickly slipped inside the small space and closed the door behind him, clicking while doing so. A grin slowly grew upon his face.

This was going to be fun.


Ooman - Human (Slang)

Pauk-de - Fucking

Awu'asa - Armor

Taun'dcha - Pistol/Gun