Honeymoon in Hawaii

January, 2013

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[Hilo, HI – Two days after "A Titan Wedding"]

Edward Barnes writes…

It's been two days since Rae and I were married and since then, well, as newlyweds are wont to do, we haven't even left the suite to hit the warm Pacific waters or for anything else for that matter. As we left our Titan communicators at the Tower, I don't see the team calling us. Besides, I doubt that Nightwing would let the privacy of our honeymoon be disturbed.

Raven has wanted to go swimming, though. I know I've been feeling the lure of the ocean as well. But, we have a lot of other plans. She wants to also do some mountain climbing and other sightseeing.

But, we're still heroes and, well, people still need us, vacation or not.

Chapter 1

Edward woke up that morning with his new wife snuggled by his side, sleeping peacefully. He lay there, looking at her lithe form knowing that she was in her birthday suit and comfortable.

He moved gently to get up as he needed to answer a call of nature and covered her up in the process. He grabbed the robe and put that on as well. He was also hungry as the last couple of days, Edward was educating Raven in, well, post-wedding activities. He smiled down at Raven's sleeping form. She was exhausted from the last couple of days and as he moved away, the link fired up.

[Morning, Edward!] Happy chimed up.

[Shh! Rae's still sleeping,] Edward whispered back.

[I know,] Happy said, [She's worn out from the…]

[I was there, remember?] Edward asked.

Happy just laughed. She was in a really good mood.

[Where are the others?] he asked.

[Timid's resting, Brave is looking for some action, Love has little hearts floating above her head, Anger is off somewhere, Rage is grumbling as usual, Knowledge is wanting to get some different books, Wisdom is relaxing.] Happy said, [Raven is really sleeping.]

[She looked really worn out last night,] Edward commented, [I wonder if the smell of waffles will wake her?]

[Oh, it might,] Happy said.

[What about that new emoticlone I've been sensing?] Edward said. He had picked up the presence of another emoticlone during their sessions.

[He's sleeping,] Happy said.

[A male emoticlone?] Edward asked.

[Ooops!] Happy said.

[Happy! What is going on in there? Raven doesn't have any male emoticlones,] Edward said, alarmed.

[Easy, big guy,] Happy said, [He's you.]

[Raven formed an emoticlone of me?] he asked.

[Your mental image formed itself, actually a few weeks ago,] she explained, [He's pretty nice, like you are.]

[As long as Rae's cool with it, I will be as well,] Edward said after a moment.

[She loves it, actually,] Happy replied, [He's really good with Timid. She adores him when you're not visiting. We've waited for a long time for someone to come along that loves Raven for who she is, not what her heritage brings. And, you and your avatar are so careful with Timid, she finally feels safe. When you healed Timid's arm, she was thrilled that you did that for her.]

[Timid's as much Raven as you are. I was furious that she had been injured. But, I think Starfire did a lot more than I did that day. I have a feeling that Star will be a good mom. She really got Timid to calm down and faster than I could,] Edward replied.

[I'm not surprised,] Happy said after a moment, [Star's always pretty cheery and Timid responds to that better. You were pretty frightening that day.]

Edward sighed, [What was I supposed to do? My love was being viciously attacked, again. You were there, Happy. I wasn't going to just stand back and allow Trigon to destroy Rachel. Had she fallen, she would have destroyed you all. Trigon didn't learn until his final moments how dangerous a provoked Dragon really can be. He underestimated again how Raven cares about her friends and especially her lover. When she saw her powers shattered and the hurt and anger when I thought all was lost, that snapped her out of Trigon's corruption.

[Happy…had she fallen to him. I would have had to kill her to protect the planet I call home. Can you understand what that would have done to me?]

[It probably would have destroyed you,] she responded, [You've never been forced to destroy someone you care about and, from what we know, when your Callisto died, it was like a knife driven into your heart. Same when Paula passed on, especially since you thought she was an immortal like you. We remember before the Tamaranian adventure you were missing her. So, something that happened 200 years ago still hurts. Your sadness really got to several of us that day. Including Raven. She didn't want to bother you with it, though. You were having a rough day.]

[It wasn't that it was a rough day, Happy,] Edward explained, [Paula was a very dear person to me. She was one of several people that were, for whatever reason, removed from the present and tossed into my lap in the fall of 1750. They showed me the light at the end of a very long tunnel and when I showed them my true form, they accepted me without fear, without wanting to kill me as a sorcerer. They showed me that humanity would accept a dragon in their midst. Sure, there are several countries where I'd still have to be extremely cautious, but, most of the countries know what I am and are, for the most part, OK with it. But, Paula was special in her own way. You know that David is my biological son, correct? That's because Paula was another shapeshifter. Like now, we married within a year of meeting. But, she also helped me get through a very rough time. She helped me get over one of the problems with being immortal and that is the loss of a loved one. In this case, my first love.]

Happy didn't say anything, though, it was the longest that Edward had been able to talk to her. Raven stirred in her sleep, though. Edward sensed that she was going to wake up pretty soon.

[You still think about both?] Happy asked a few moments later.

[Of course I do. You have to realize that I thought Callisto had died a couple thousand years ago. When I found out that she had somehow gained not just immortality, but, that she had become a Greek goddess, I wanted to help her if she would let me. But, I never got the chance as she killed herself that day. But, it didn't matter after all. Her evil died with her and God sent her back. You see, Paula had been killed in battle, but, Cally, as an angel, said it was not time for Paula to die and brought her back to life, fully healed. That paved the way for my first official marriage.]

[You said that Callisto should have died centuries ago, though,] Happy said.

[True, she was my true first love and, well, we had adopted a child as a favor for a dear friend. Sadly, I was working in my metal shop when a severe thunderstorm hit the village. Lightning struck a tree, the tree crushed my house with the precious child there. Callisto went insane with grief and left me,] he explained sadly.

[Hey, it's OK,] Happy said, [I can't imagine how you got through that, but, come on! You're here and your Rae-Rae's husband. We all got your back.]

Edward smiled, [I know, and, that's never going to change if I can help it. I fell for her almost immediately and I know she feels the same.]

Edward called room service after going through the breakfast menu and ordered some blueberry waffles with blueberry syrup and whipped cream, some bacon and eggs and toast. He also ordered some orange juice and Raven's favorite herbal tea.

He and Happy talked until the meal was brought up and Edward gently shook Raven awake.

Her beautiful violet eyes blinked open and focused on him.

"Morning, my love," he said, "I've got some breakfast for us."

She reached up and pulled Edward into a morning embrace which almost turned into a love making session, but, Raven's stomach betrayed her by grumbling.

"Waffles?" she asked, taking a deep breath.

"Blueberry," Edward said, "Also, some eggs, bacon and toast. I got us some herbal tea and OJ as well."

She smiled and sat up. As the curtains were closed, she had no problem with Edward seeing *all* of her. Then again, all pretenses of modesty went out the window on their wedding night.

She went to the bathroom to take care of some personal business and came back out wearing her new robe.

They sat down and enjoyed their breakfast.

"Happy tells me that you had a nice chat," Raven said with a smile.

"We did, Rae," Edward replied and spent the next few minutes relaying the chat.

"It looks like it's going to be a nice day," Raven said after they finished eating, "We really should hit the beach."

"Working on your tan, eh?" Edward jabbed.

"Yuk it up," Raven said, "We can't spend the entire honeymoon in bed."

Edward smiled, "I know. I've been wanting to hit the beach as well and today is a good day for it."

Edward was puzzled, in a way, though. He knew it was really difficult to get Raven to go out and enjoy herself from the others, but, this was a new Raven as well. She still liked to stay in their room at the Tower and the last two days she hadn't wanted to emerge. Now, she was off to put on a bathing suit and get other things ready for a day at the beach.

Needless to say, both were happy regardless. Edward hadn't felt complete like this in a long time and it felt wonderful. He was on a much needed vacation from the stress of life and being considered a hero to the folks back in Jump City.

[1 hour later]

Edward and Raven had finally made their way to the sand and surf. In fact, Edward had already gone into the warm waters and was floating on his back in the waves.

It was a good thing, too. His hearing picked up the sounds of a swimmer in trouble. He looked around and saw the person flailing in the water.

[Rae! Alert the lifeguards, swimmer in trouble!] he called through the link as he headed off towards the person. As he swam, he realized he needed a more streamlined form and morphed to a porpoise. That enabled him to eat up the distance with powerful strokes of his tail.

The person was panicking, and as Edward approached, he morphed back to human and called out, "You're going to be all right! I'm here to help you."

He got around to the back of the person and grabbed him with one arm around the chest and said, "You're all right, calm down. I'm Edward and I'll take you back to shore."

The man thrashed and hit Edward in the head, stunning him for a second.

He shook it off and started a side stroke to shore. It took a little while, but, the lifeguards met Edward halfway and helped pull the man into the boat.

"You need a lift to shore?" the lifeguard asked.

"I'm good," Edward said, "I'll meet you there." He started back in using long powerful strokes to head in. The lifeguards waited until they were a distance away before firing up their engines for the 45 second burst to get onshore.

Edward arrived a few minutes later and met up with the lifeguards.

The victim was sitting up, though and said, "Sorry about decking you."

Edward waved it off, "No harm done. I'm tougher than I look. It was a small price to pay for helping you. What happened, though?"

"Legs cramped up something fierce," he said, "Don't know what happened. I felt a sting and then, my legs cramped up and went numb."

"Let me take a look," Edward said. The man nodded as Raven came up.

"Everything OK?" she asked.

"I'll know more in a moment, dear," Edward said.

Edward saw where the man had been stung by what looked like a man-o-war and said, "Rae, can you remove this tentacle, please?"

The tentacle was covered in her dark aura a moment later and levitated off.

"You're the Dragon?" the man asked, pain in his voice.

"Correct," Edward replied with a smile, "This is my new wife, Raven."

"I read about your wedding," the lifeguard piped up, "It was an excellent story. Congrats to you both." He grabbed a specimen jar and Raven put the tentacle in there.

"Thanks," Edward said.

Raven looked like she wanted to heal the guy and Edward shook his head, "Not sure if that's a good idea, hon. The doctors will want to know what happened and if this is a man-o-war tentacle. I'm 95% certain it is, but, assuming that it is, there's more than one out there. Also, this venom isn't going to kill the guy. The salt water here actually would have helped. He'll be fine."

The ambulance had arrived and the paramedics were informed what had happened. They hooked up an IV to the patient and he was "packaged" within a few minutes.

"Give me a call at the hotel over there if you'd like," Edward said, "We're in suite 2501."

"I will," the guy said, "Thanks for the rescue."

"You're welcome," Edward replied with a smile as the man was lifted into the back of the ambulance and departed.

"That was interesting," Edward said, "I wasn't expecting someone to get stung. I'm going to have to do an underwater check and see how many of those jellyfish are floating around. Hopefully, it was just the one, but, more than likely, there's more. I'll know in a little bit."

"Is the water safe to go into?" Raven asked.

"It should be," Edward replied hopefully. He headed back into the surf and swam past where the waves were breaking. He morphed to a porpoise and swam underwater, looking for the jellyfish that caused the problem.

It didn't take long to ascertain that there were a few hundred of the beasties floating along. Edward gave it some thought for a moment and morphed to his dragon form. Underwater, his wings would act more like giant flippers and thus would create a temporary current to move the jellyfish further out to sea.

His head, above water barely was enough to allow him to breathe. He started to flap his wings gently as he could. That started to create the temporary current needed to move the jellyfish further away from land, so, he kept that up for a while, ducking his head to check the effects every few minutes.

Eventually, though, there was too much sand stirred up to see. He had to hope that the jellyfish would drift away. He also had to be careful due to the tourists that were also enjoying the tropical waters, he certainly did not want to drag them out to sea.

[Having fun?] Raven asked.

[If you call having to create a new current fun, then, yeah,] Edward groused, [But, it beats having to take part in a recovery operation. Not fun at all as it represents failure. I've had to help on those and, it's always sad to pull a loved one out of the sea, knowing that they are beyond help.]

[No kidding,] Rae said, sensing his sadness, [I take it you pulled bodies from the ocean.]

[Too many times,] he said, [it's so demoralizing when that happens, knowing that the person's lungs are flooded and that even with all your powers, all your abilities, you're unable to save them. Sometimes, you are lucky and get the person out a moment or two after they were forced to inhale. Other times, you're way too late. That's when even I wonder if it's really worth it.]

As they were talking, Edward made his way back to land and morphed to his mini-Dragon form at the same time. He certainly did not want to come on the beach looking like a Japanese kaiju and scaring the folks by accident.

He waded ashore and walked towards Raven. She jogged over and gave him a hug after he morphed back to human.

A senior lifeguard came over and asked, "Any more of those man-o-wars out there?"

"I created a gentle current to move them farther out to sea," Edward said, "Hopefully, there won't be any more incidents today."

"Well, I hope that's true," the guy said, "If not, we have to close the beach."

"I couldn't risk creating the kind of current that would have sucked swimmers out to sea," Edward replied.

"We appreciate that," the lifeguard said, watching the ocean slowly returning to normal and the sand returning to the bottom.

"Give that about 15 minutes," Edward said, "the sand will settle on its own."

"We're not concerned with that," the lifeguard said, "We've gotten word from the hospital already. The swimmer you helped rescue will be admitted overnight for observation, but, you were correct in not letting Raven use her powers. The man had a moderate sting and several vials of anti-venom to counteract the poison, but, he should be fine in a few days."

"That's good to hear," Raven said, "I've been waiting to go in."

Edward's eyes narrowed and started glowing yellow.

"What's wrong?" Raven asked.

"Paparazzi," Edward growled angrily, "Gonna teach them a lesson."

"Sure they just aren't tourists?" Raven wondered.

Edward walked towards what he saw and as he approached the photographers he said, "Y'all best be tourists getting pictures. Cause if you're not, you best start running."

"What if we're not?" one photographer asked.

"My wife and I are on our honeymoon, and, I would strongly advise you to respect our privacy. I will not allow this to be violated by scum working for the tabloids," Edward said, "Now, I will ask you again: Are you tourists or Paparazzi?"

"We're with the Enqui….HEY!" Edward had grabbed the man by the shirt and lifted him into the air.

"Tell your bosses that if I see you again, I won't be as gentle. I remember what your kind did to Princess Diana – hounded her to death. I know what your kind did to Prince William and his wife and invaded their privacy," Edward snarled, "I'm not going to allow this to continue, understand. You can use whatever shots you've already taken, I will be nice and allow that. But, from here on out, my honeymoon is off limits. Next time, this will happen to your equipment."

He picked up a stone and crushed it to gravel before setting the photographer down.

"Understood?" Edward asked. Not getting an answer, his eyes went from yellow to red and he roared, "AM I UNDERSTOOD?"

"You're not chasing us off that easily," the photographer said.

By then, Raven had calmly walked up and said, "You guys can leave or I'll teleport you to some place where it would be very hard to return from. Maybe another dimension perhaps? Maybe Barrow, Alaska?"

"I dare you to …" They were suddenly encased on Raven's powers and disappeared.

"Hope they like Barrow," Raven said. Edward's eyes faded back to normal. He laughed aloud.

"No hitching a ride from there," Edward said. Barrow only had roads within their village limits, maybe for a few miles out of town, but, the only way in or out was by plane. Those guys would eventually get out of the area, but, it would depend on a bush pilot giving them a flight to someplace warmer and with a way out of the state.

"I'll get hold of your mom later on," Edward said, "Obviously, some folks did not get the hint earlier, so, it's probably a good idea to remind the media to respect our privacy. I don't mind a tourist snapping some shots, but, that's it."

Well, they both headed back to the water and both dove in to the warm waters of the Pacific.

They took advantage of the salt water to float around once they were beyond the breaking surf and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

[This is fun!] Happy commented.

[Sure is!] Edward agreed.

[Raven's a good swimmer,] Brave said.

[You think?] Raven commented back.

[At least we're not rescuing one of the kids. That reminds me. Do your powers work underwater?] Edward asked.

[They do,] Raven replied, [That time with Melvin, I was frightened and that disrupted my abilities.]

[Ahh,] Edward said, [It's somewhat like Starfire. But, I heard that you watched a film and your powers went out of your control.]

[That's when I learned that if I suppress too much fear, that my powers will react. Even now, they are finicky. I can be overly scared and they lash out or panicking and they don't work,] she said.

[We'll work on that then when we get back to the Tower,] Edward said, [This is our time, though. I want to keep the hero stuff to a minimum, unless there's no other choice.]

[Agreed, hon,] Raven said, [Hungry?]

[A little bit,] he said, [Want to eat in or find someplace to eat?]

[Let's find someplace to eat,] she said after a moment.

The happy couple swam back to shore a while later and dried off in the tropical sun before heading back to the hotel.

They caught the concierge and got directions to a nearby restaurant. Then, they went up to their suite and got changed into something less revealing and to retrieve Edward's credit card (the one Bruce gave him).

The restaurant was within walking distance so, they went back downstairs and headed out.

As they walked, though, a scream was heard from an alley, quickly cut off.

"What the hell?" Edward said, reaching out with his own empathic abilities as Raven did the same. She broke into a run and Edward quickly caught up.

Edward turned into the alleyway and his eyes went to red instantly. There was a woman on the ground with several men standing over her with a gun in their hands.

"Beat it," one robber said, "And you won't get hurt."

"Too late for that," Edward snarled, allowing himself to morph to his mini-dragon form.

"CRAP!" one said, "It's that damned Dragon!"

They turned to run, but, ran smack into a ebon black wall.

They turned and fired on Edward and Raven, who reacted by raising a shield around herself and Edward.

They saw Edward's spine light up a nice bright white.

"Drop the guns," Raven said, "You really do not want to continue this."

They aimed again and that would be the last thing they remembered for a while as Edward uncorked a blast of lightning that struck the gunmen and knocked them out cold.

Edward morphed back to human and saw that the woman had a cell phone. He picked it up and called 911. After identifying himself, he requested the police as well as a couple of ambulances.

Raven used her powers to disarm the gunmen, knowing that her fingerprints would invalidate the evidence while Edward was on the phone.

She checked the woman and found that she was merely out cold.

"She's got a bump on her head," Raven reported, "It's not severe."

Edward relayed that to the dispatcher as well.

The woman groaned and Raven said, "Easy there, miss. You've got a nasty bump, but, you'll be OK."

The woman tried to sit up, only to have Raven gently restrain her, "That's not a good idea."

"You look familiar," the woman said, "Like I've seen you on TV or on the newspaper recently."

"I'm Raven," she said, "This is my husband, Edward."

"You're the newlyweds I read about?" the woman asked.

"Probably," Edward said, kneeling down, "Mind if I take a look at that bump?"

She nodded her assent.

Edward carefully felt the injury, being careful not to apply too much pressure or to move her neck.

A few moments later he said, "You're going to feel this for a few days, but, you should be fine. Actually, Raven and I can deal with this for you. But, I'd like to use your cell's camera to document the injury first. You'll need that to file charges."

"Did they get away?" she asked.

"Nope," Raven said, "Edward knocked them out."

"You're that Dragon?" the woman asked.

Edward smiled, "Guilty as charged, Miss. Don't be frightened, though. I mean you no harm."

"I've read about you and Raven. I trust you," she said.

Edward took a couple of pictures of the injury as the police, sirens blaring, pulled in. The paramedics pulled in as well a few minutes later.

"What's going on?" the first officer asked, looking at the gunmen still out cold.

Edward told them what had happened, as did the young woman.

"We've been looking for these guys for a while," the sarge said, "Thanks for capturing them for us. They jumped bail a while ago and the folks at Da Kine were starting to look for these folks, I think."

"Dog and Beth?" Edward asked.

"Yep," the officer said.

"Damn, had I known that, I would have allowed them to make the collar," Edward groused. He had a healthy respect for Dwayne 'Dog' Chapman and his family as they were in a dangerous line of work as well.

He felt as if he had cheated them out of the bounty and made a decision, "Officer, please make sure that any bounty to be paid goes to Dog, with my compliments. This was their collar, their bounty to collect. I certainly don't need the money."

"You sure?" the officer asked.

"He's sure," Raven replied, "We're not going to miss the money."

"I know that they will be happy regardless," the officer said, "They had bonded these creeps out a while back and they skipped court dates."

By then, the crooks had been packaged for the hospital to make sure that they'd be fit to return to jail after recovering from Edward's low powered attack and the woman was in the back of a police car as she would have to give a statement. Then again, so would Edward and Raven later on. For that, they would allow 5-0 to stop in later on.

Raven had levitated the guns into waiting plastic evidence bags as well as the few bullets that she had blocked.

It also meant a return trip for any hearings/trial, but, with their teleportation, that wouldn't be a problem at all.

After that delay, Edward and Raven finally were able to head over to their chosen restaurant and enjoyed a late lunch. Edward was in the mood for some good Hawaiian laulau with some Pepsi and the restaurant was glad to oblige Edward's tastes. Raven opted for a "loco moto" with some Dr. Pepper.

A short while later, the meal eaten and another good conversation, they headed back to the hotel to catch a nap.

Hi, everyone!

Well, as you can see, Edward and Raven are enjoying their honeymoon in Hawaii. But, as Robin said, a hero doesn't take a real vacation, so, there will be bits of action mixed with the fluff stuff.

A couple of side notes: I'm not going to include Edward-Raven sex scenes. I want to keep this at the "T" level if at all possible. You may assume that they get it on though.

Next is in the second to last paragraph...For those unfamiliar with Hawaiian cuisine: LauLau is a pork and cod wrapped in luau and ti leaves dish and steamed until extremely tender. The Loco Moto is two hamburger patties with two fried eggs, served with brown gravy over a bed of white rice. I know...it's not the healthiest of meals for the empath, but, she'll need the calories...LOL!

Fun in the sun time as well as some mountain climbing trips (and, the volcanoes, of course). I'm also planning on tossing in a cameo with "Dog, the Bounty Hunter" and family.