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Tucker was looking at his PDA when he was at home by himself. Sam had to try on PINK dresses for her mom, or she couldn't go to the movies with Danny and himself. Danny was at home probably sleeping or ghost fighting. It was just him and his PDA. It reminded him of the good old times.

Everyone thought that Tucker had an odd obsession with his PDA because he always had it with him and treated it like a person. Tucker thought of it as payment for what his PDA had done for him. Before Tucker met Danny and Sam, he was alone almost all the time. His PDA was his first friend. He had his PDA and it kept him company when he was at recess or if he was at home alone. He watched cartoons with it and talked to it because it would never say anything mean to him, no matter how weird or annoying he could be. His PDA reminded him to do his homework or to go to bed. His PDA helped him with things even his parents couldn't help him with.

Even when he met Danny and Sam, he still had his PDA at his side. Tucker would never give his PDA up. He became good friends with Danny and Sam, not only because they shared common interests, but because they never made him get rid of his PDA. His PDA would always be his first friend.

Tucker then charged his PDA so it wouldn't die.

"There old friend, hope you charge soon so I can tell you about my day. I had to keep you in my backpack so you wouldn't get destroyed by Dash." Tucker said as he placed the PDA on his nightstand.

People may think Tucker is weird for keeping his PDA with him all the time, but he knows that his PDA makes a better friend then all the fake friends a person could have. His PDA has stuck with him through thick and thin. Tucker will always care for his precious PDA as you would a person because it was there for him when no person was there for him.

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