Silver The Hedgehog and Toadette were in the middle of Station Square, advertising their best as they looked for the potential customers they never saw in the Pizza Hut. Of course, the two started out with something quite simple: Word of mouth.

"Are you positive that this will work out?" Silver asked Toadette as he moved his arms about.

Toadette nodded, pumping her arms as she winked. "Trust me, Silver, spreading the news around about it will give it good publicity and draw people in!" She then cleared her throat as she called out as loud as she could, "Come to the Station Square Pizza Hut! We got great food, nice atmosphere, and friendly service!"

The random bystanders all seemed interested in this as they all headed towards the Station Square Pizza Hut, most of them already customers, with some of the non customers following them out of curiosity. Toadette giggled as she placed her hands behind her back, with Silver nodding his head as he widened his eyes, quite impressed.

"Wow. Word of mouth does work," Silver commented as he gave Toadette a thumbs up. "Let's see if we can try some more."

Back at the Station Square Pizza Hut, Sonic The Hedgehog got a grand idea to get in more customers as he placed free samples signs outside of the Pizza Hut. Suddenly, a huge line of people appeared, all of them willing to try out the free pizzas as Sonic handed them bite sized versions of them. Meanwhile, from atop one of the buildings, the pesky robotic duo Scratch and Grounder, who were working in a not so successful Taco Bell nearby, were snooping as usual, spying on the Pizza Hut as they always attempted plans to sabotage it in order to steal its customers.

"Ba ha, ha ha!" Scratch squawked as he pointed at the line of customers. "Look at that, Grounder! Sonic suckered these people into trying out free samples!"

Grounder gasped as he turned his attention away, facing Scratch. "Free samples! I want some!" He then hovered down, rolling towards it. "Free samples!"

"No, you idiot!" Scratch exclaimed as he slapped his forehead, sighing as he shook his head. "D'oh, why did I agree to be paired with this green moron?"