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By everyday standards, I'm nobody. A starving artist, a guitar player with virtually no future. Working two jobs. Living in a dinky apartment with two cats and my music. No one had any hopes for me.

At least, until I met the Sergeant. And everything changed.

He appeared in a rainbow of light as I was closing the café I worked at.

"Hello, my dear," he smiled and hung up his engineer cap on the stand sitting by the door. His suit was dark blue. When paired with his mustache, I immediately associated him with my beloved Sergeant Pepper vinyl record, which hung framed in my room.

"Hello...?" I still don't know why I didn't scream, or call the police or something. The man just...radiated safety and security.

"It's a good thing you know me. We can cut to the chase, then," I noticed the man's Liverpudlian accent and it all clicked.

"Sergeant Pepper?" I guessed. He nodded, seeming very pleased with me.

"I need your help," he sat down. I grabbed a pot of coffee and poured both him and myself a cup. I had the feeling that I would need to stay awake for this.

"What do you need?" I asked as I added cream and sugar to the black liquid, mixing it in and appreciating the swirls as the pale liquid mixed with the coffee, creating a beautiful tan.

"There is a band, my last Lonely Heart's Club Band. I believe you are familiar with them?"

"The Beatles."

"Good. They are a magnificent group of people. But, at some point in their time stream, something went wrong. I do not know what, nor do my compatriots. The point is that history was changed. And I need your help. You and three other people. My new band," Sergeant Pepper smiled at me. I blinked, in a bit of shock.

"You mean history is wrong?" I clarified.


"And I'm supposed to help fix it."


"Well, how the hell am I supposed to do that?"

"That is up to you. Will you do it?"

I sat there thinking for a second. I could save the best band of all time. My heroes. I could save John Lennon. I could save George Harrison. It wasn't even a choice. I didn't have anything here.

"Yes. I'll do it."

And with those words, my world turned upside-down.

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