I am very, very sorry for A) not updating last week and B) for the shortness of this chapter. I honestly think this is the smallest thing I have ever written. EVER. Well, anywho, I have a good excuse. Google Docs flipped out last Friday and deleted everything I had saved on there. Which is why I had to take three hours and get all my master copies back. L&F was a huge pain in the ass, I tell you that :)

So, here is my dinky little piece of meh. Sorry...

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When the lights cleared, I was standing in a small apartment. The walls were black and white, the furniture was sleek, black and clean, the floors were wood and everything had no personality at all. And the worst thing was that my memories were telling me that this was my home. Dear lord, was I boring. Well, who I transformed into. Hell, I don't even know anymore.

That's a good issue, though? Who am I? My brain gives me two answers, which is really weird. One half of me says I'm Molly O'Malley, I was born December 19th, 1987 and I work two jobs, both of which I hate. The other half says my name is Janice Jones, I was born April 10th, 1938 and I work at a newspaper. What the hell?

And then it makes sense. Janice Jones was assigned to follow the Beatles around for a long-term assignment. Okay, good excuse. I give them that. But still. I'm basically an employed groupie. Brilliant. Fantastic. Molto bene. Wait a minute...okay, they had Doctor Who in the 60s. I'm okay.

Then the gravity of the situation hits me. I'm supposed to save the lives of the greatest band of all time. The Beatles. I'm going to meet the Beatles.

I collapse onto the couch and cradle my head in my hands. This cannot be happening. I belong in the 21st century. Not the freaking 60s. I'm not ready to do this. It's going too fast. God, I need a beer. Or something stronger. I've never been much of a drinker, but this is a damn good reason to start.

Unfortunately, Janice Jones apparently doesn't keep alcohol in her house. Great. This is just brilliant. Muttering a few curse words, I walk over to the little box people called a TV in these days and try to turn it on. Key word being try. It takes half an hour to get the thing on. A Hard Day's Night blares through the speakers. Okay, I can live with this.

One of the beauties of A Hard Day's Night is that you don't need to pay any attention to the actual movie to get what's going on, so I let my mind wander. Where were the others? What did Lucy mean, last time?

That question got to me in a big way. Someone had gone before us and failed. The look on Lucy's face when she said that honestly scares me, in a big way. That was the thought that was in my head as I fell asleep. What happens if we fail.

Yay shortness. So, reviewers get cupcakes. Flames are used to cook the cupcakes on. Yummy! Anyway, love ya'll and bye!