A/N: A little poem :-) Please be kind!

Your great expectations,

Are wearing me down.

It hurts whenever,

I have to let you down.

Your high standards are some,

I simply cannot reach,

The wall of hurt goes up between us,

And it's one I don't even try to breach.

I don't expect you to know,

Just how much I miss you.

I know you're right here,

But I never speak to you.

And I keep quiet,

Even though I'm burning inside,

I fall flat on my face,

And then I run and hide.

And now, I'm doing something,

Of which I know you wouldn't approve,

But it's me right here, right now,

And not you.

And this helps me on,

My earlier quest,

To become a great dragon killer,

Just like the rest.

But I'm not killing,

Instead, I'm training,

I'm surprised at myself,

I thought I was way past caring.

I thought I couldn't care,

I thought I couldn't anymore,

But apparently, I can,

Because it hurts as you walk out the door.

I know you're proud,

Yes, I know you're real proud of me,

But prepare yourself,

Cuz' you're about to not be.

And once you realize I'm not a has-been,

Once you realize I'm a never-was,

You're gonna yell, you're gonna scream,

And I know I'm the cause.

I hate making you angry,

But this I've got to do.

Haven't you noticed,

How little I stand up to you?

And you're walking out of my life,

Why are you walking out?

Leaving me where,

Your great expectations have worn me down.